West Seattle residents voice concerns about surveillance cameras

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

camerasSEATTLE — Some West Seattle residents expressed anger Wednesday about the police department’s waterfront surveillance cameras.

Mayor Mike McGinn said the cameras will not be turned on until the public has a chance to voice its concerns. And some did just that at a hearing Wednesday.

More public sessions are to be held on the issue.

Watch the video about Wednesday’s hearing below:

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  • Dan

    Who cares. If ya have nothing to hide in public, who cares who is watching ya? I welcome the cameras if they are there for protection and security. The world is a very different place. The police and others who protect us must have whatever they can at their disposal to do the job. When I am in public, I have nothing to hide. If the police really find me that interesting to watch, fill your boots. Don't get upset if I stick my tounge out at ya though.

  • Will B Strong

    Seeing this and hearing such profound distrust of the Seattle PD, really makes me sick to call Washington my home state for which I served to protect as a federal servant. As a police officer one takes on a serious job to assist, protect and defend their community. The risks that police officers face on any given day and for the pay makes one wonder why one would even do it. There are a small number who have disgraced the badge but there are many more that go above and beyond on a daily basis, who go unnoticed, who don’t demand self recognition before their community. We as a community have rules, guidelines and laws to set limits to the use of such tools.

  • Will B Strong

    Seattle PD, I salute you and for having to deal with a public such that shown on the news segment covering this or the one discussing the use of drones. My sincere gratitude goes to you all for having to deal with such grateful citizens I believe the benefit far out weighs the implied intrusion. The use of such tools can save money in the future, crimes can be reduced, footage that can be used as evidence and the psychological effect of such tools. Wake up; criminals are less likely to commit a crime if they fear there is going to be evidence that catches them in the act. There sure is a sense of paranoia going on here, oh that’s right, Washington State voted to approve marijuana, should have known.

  • James R

    It's nice to know that some people are more that willing to trade in thier freedoms and all your rights for the illusion of security. That's why This country is getting so bad,People are scared of thier own shadow. This is a liberal nazi state anyway.

  • Emilie Rensink

    It's pretty disturbing to see these comments. Do you not know about TrapWire? It's not necessarily the cop on the street corner I don't trust; it's more so the Department of Homeland Security that's funding it.

    • Eileen Brunetti

      You got that right, Emilie. Isn't it sad that the people of this country these days are so brainwashed that they actually believe that it's OK for government to intrude ? What is this country going to be like in the next 20 years…a lot of us that believe in the constitution as it's written will not be here to object. I am fearful for my grandchildren.

  • Will B Strong

    Yes, I know TrapWire. I know the false accusations that surround the technology, again paranoia, conspiracy theories and mistrust for authority. I now work in IT security; I understand the principles and technology behind TrapWire. A lot of the same techniques are used in community policing to attempt placing officers in areas at times when crime has historically been evident. It’s much cheaper to use a device than a live officer. In a time when working smarter not harder is more budget wise. Oh but wait we believe in the extreme, there are perverts at the other end of the camera feed. They have nothing better to do than watch me walk the water front, scratch my butt and light up a blunt in public.

  • Phil Mocek

    John Hopperstand of Q13 wrote, "Mayor Mike McGinn said the cameras will not be turned on until the public has a chance to voice its concerns." Elsewhere it has been reported that McGinn said the cameras will not be enabled until they are thoroughly vetted by the public. That guarantee is much more significant that that which Mr. Hoperstand reported.

  • video vigilancia

    West Seattle residents voice concerns about surveillance cameras | Q13 FOX News, me ha parecido muy revelador, me hubiera gustado que fuese más amplio pero ya saeis si lo bueno es breve es dos veces bueno. Enhorabuena por vuestra web. Besotes.

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