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Wrong kind of sugar with that coffee? 3 bikini baristas arrested

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


EVERETT, Wash. — Police arrested three baristas at two Grab-N-Go coffee stands in the city Wednesday for allegedly offering more than just lattes to drivers.

The Everett Police Department said in a news release that the employees were putting on “exhibition and exposure” shows.

Police said the arrests were made after a two-month investigation.

“Citizens complained that these locations served more than just coffee,” said Everett police Lt. James Duffy. “Indeed, our investigation uncovered exhibition and exposure which is outside the confines of the law. During the investigation, video surveillance showed that at times coffee or drinks were not served, but shows were paid for and given.”

Just after 1 p.m. Wednesday, Everett detectives arrested three baristas at two separate Grab-N-Go locations for allegedly violating Everett’s Adult Cabaret law.

Four years ago, when there was a similar complaint, one parent described the problem like this: “Twenty years ago, who would have thought we’d be addressing an issue of women selling, pretending to sell coffee, but not really selling coffee, selling a lot more than coffee. It’s basically a drive-thru strip club.”

Kassi Carlson got a job at one of the Grab-N-Go just a week ago. She said she’s never seen illegal activity but was warned she might be propositioned.

“One of my girls who got me the job here. She was, like, don’t do any of that stuff,” Carlson said. “People might ask, but don’t do any of that.”

Q13 Fox News shot undercover video at Grab-N-Go four years ago. Clearly, baristas were engaged in illegal activity and were later arrested.

Grab-N-Go owner Bill Wheeler said all of his baristas are warned that one strike and they’re out.

“We’re pretty clear on our policy,” he said. “If they break any laws or anything like that, we just let them go on the spot. They know that from the day they are hired. We constantly remind them, no drugs, no lewd acts.”

Everett police say their investigation is ongoing.

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    • Eileen Brunetti

      Considering your lack of proper use of the English language I totally understand why you said what you said. It's ingrates like you that are demeaning our country. Totally clueless.

  • Lisa

    Exactly Eileen. It's actually pathetic, an I was floored when my family an I moved up here last summer. Not coffee shops, slut shops. Very sad. State should stick to strip clubs, not whores in a jack in the box stand. Gee ladies, how do those burns feel. Lol

  • Robin

    I am a wife and mother, I don't appreciate driving down the road and seeing more than half naked women. Or my husband and my little girls seeing it. We teach our girls to dress appropriately and they see these women and ask us why they are dressed that way. I am offended that these coffee stands are now the norm. If they are going to operate the way they do, I think they should have tinted windows so others can't see in. Do these women actually think that the guys come to their stands because the coffee is awesome?

    • kelli

      Robin – Really? No, they do not believe men come here for great coffee and neither do you. Don’t be a moron. These women have total freedom of expression – We live in America. If you don’t like it then just drive on by and get your coffee at Forza. It’s really that simple.

  • Emily

    Tint the windows, problem solved. Sex sells, it’s a marketing method. If guys weren’t such fucking horny idiots it wouldn’t work. But news flash! They are. Everyone’s gotta make a living, what’s truly disgusting is the scum that pulls through these places and I know because I used to work in one. The girls that work in these places are there temporarily, because it’s an easy job and it pays well. NO ONE wants to be there. Whether you’re giving shows or not)


    With all the REAL problems in the world, this would seem to be WAY down the list of things to worry about. If you are 'offended' by scantily clad young women, then by all means don't watch the Miss America pageant.

  • crazyone

    One of the girls arrested was only 16, the owner should be arrested for pandering a minor. He has cameras and watches them so he can't play dumb. No drugs, right just like the coffee is good and I pay all my taxes. This guy is a real scum bag!! Hope he doesn't have a daughter that some scum bag can take advantage of. I heard his father was a real scum bag…the old saying, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! is sure true here. The state ought to audit this guy and shut him down, he is know to be shady.

  • Raven Von Krieger

    So what exactly is illegal activity and prostitution to authorities? To my understanding it is not illegal to show your breasts for money. Strippers do it but they don’t get prosecuted so why are baristas being prosecuted?

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