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Report: City reaches settlement with owners of dog killed by police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


DES MOINES, Wash. — The city of Des Moines has agreed to pay at least $51,000 to a couple whose barking dog, Rosie the Newfoundland, was shot and killed by Des Moines police near its home in 2010, it was reported late Wednesday.

Rosie’s killing generated strong emotions throughout the city at the time.

The settlement between Des Moines and the Rosie’s owners was reached late last month, The Seattle Times said.

The owners, Charles and Dierdre Wright, had filed a federal lawsuit against Des Moines police, claiming their civil rights were violated when officers shot Rosie in November 2010. The Times said the couple claimed the three officers were intent on shooting the 120-pound dog soon after encountering the animal and killed it while it was cowering in fear, according to court papers.

Over the course of about an hour, the officers twice used a Taser on Rosie, chased her for blocks and ultimately shot the dog four times.

The shooting sparked both a community vigil for the dog and an independent review of the officers’ actions. The Des Moines police review found that the officers’ actions were justified.

Although initial police reports were that the dog was acting aggressively when she escaped from her fenced yard and was spotted roaming neighborhood streets, video taken from the patrol car dash-cams cast the shooting in a different light.

The videos, released by Des Moines Police Department, show an officer using a Taser on the dog, which was able to run away.  In another video, an officer can be heard firing his gun and apparently hitting the dog, because another officer then says, “Nice.” One officer says, “Just kill him.”

The Des Moines City Council at the time said it would look into reviewing police procedures so an incident like Rosie’s death does not happen again.

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  • guest

    Ya tipical gestopo training , even use it on a dog. And tipical of the police department of saying no wrong doingThat poor dog was trying to get away from the cops that were abusing her. The money is not enough, Fire every last one of the cops that were involved and take every benifit from them also. Cops and their, we are better than the people they are supposed to be protecting needs to change. The police departments are losing the respect of law enforcement. There lives are not worth one red cent more than anyone elses. I am sick of the things cops get away with. The people don,t hear about all of the things that go in the departments because they cover it up

  • Rev Tim Smith

    We heard about this ABUSE and EXECUTION all the way in North Carolina. Indeed, it is very possibly the most vile and criminally sickest video on YouTube. How do the people of this city live day to day knowing that such evil psychopathic thugs
    are the ones paid to ‘protect them? The only ppl being ‘served’ in that police video were the psychothic cops who were trophy hunting’ a domestic dog on the taxpayers’ dime. Indeed, at least many hunters eat what they kill. These heartless psychopaths were virtually shooting fish in a barrel. How just how did a police review find nothing wrong when its the MOST VILE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE? Makes me want to puke. And how do these psychopaths still have jobs when they should be in jail? There is a Law greater than human law and a Justice much more just than human justice. Jesus said ‘Blessed are the merciful for they shall see mercy.’ Since these vile abusers showed no mercy to this scared cowering creature they risk being treated by an Almighty and genuinely just God in the exact same way.

  • oz13

    I'd be aggressive and try to run away if scary men with tasers and guns were chasing me, too. Poor baby. Glad the family at least got a settlement. What really pisses me off is how every time a pet is killed, the police find that it was "justified.' MY ASS. Half the time they are at the wrong house, and the other times they just need to show what big boys they are. Sickening. RIP Rosie.

    • aeg

      That they are. They are big loveable teddy bears. Such wonderful personalities. I don't understand why not once did the officers try to call the dog to them and see if it was friendly. Scared little babies with guns.

  • catsgolf

    I hope that all 3 officers were fired!! This is going on all over this country. We don't need police officers like these people who would kill innocent animals because they bark, that is what they do!

  • aeg

    This happened here is Surfside Beach, SC. The police shot a mixed pitbull that was running the neighborhood with his friend. Those of us who know the dog know he is friendly and a good dog. They had chased him for so long and scared him so bad the dog was crouched in a corner in fear when he was shot. All they had to do was be friendly to him and call him over he would have listened. He was a good dog that happened to find a way out of his yard and a friend to run with.

  • Rev Tim Smith

    Re: the person above who said he/she would be running and cowering in fear if he/she had been tazered by scary unreasonable sociopaths: I bet if a ‘police review’ could’ve lied and rationalized about your cowering in fear sadistic target practice ‘nice’ death they wldve done the same to you. Why not?

  • Mr Holmes

    Gestapo Training! Its going to their fricken heads, its obvious happening all ove the country. Well the Gustapo had to pay for this one and im glad they did but it doesnt bring back the dog and it doesnt mean it wont happen again. Now if they came out of the weinie cops pay he might not do it again actually we the tax payers paid for it and the murderer didnt cost him a dime . He should be fired and the the integrity bill put in use on this jack wagon of a cop. $51,000 out of tax dollars paid for Gustapo Cop's mistake, he should pay for it!!!!!!!

  • Mr Holmes

    He Should pay for it! If that came out of tax dollars. Then My Vote is FIRE HIM and NEVER LET HIM WORK AS AN ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. I know he had more important things to do then animal control or should i say target practice. This officer shows that he enjoys killing. BRING OUR TROOPS BACK LEAVE THEM HERE AND SEND JACK WAGONS LIKE HIM TO FIGHT AND KILL!! and never bring him back!

  • woody

    Newfoundland Temperament

    The Newfoundland has an excellent temperament, and is loyal, loving, brave and devoted. This breed is very attached to his owner and very protective, but will resort to warning off danger rather than launching in to an attack. The Newfoundland is excellent with children and good with other household pets. The temperament of the Newfoundland has been described as sweet, calm and gentle, making them ideal family pets. These dogs love to play and swim, and adore company and attention. They can prove a little difficult to train as they do have a very independent streak, but they do respond well to tone of voice so shouting is unnecessary during training, and in fact a calmer approach is recommended.

  • sher

    I'm sorry. I needed to add this.This story makes me upset!
    I have already used my upstanding citizenship and my amendment rights, by being able to acheive a concealed weapons permit, and own a gun. This is in case I find a police officer cowering in a bush at my home after being tassed two times. lol

  • Jason

    The officers involved should have been terminated. They are here to serve the community and actions like this should be taken very seriously. My thoughts go out to the owners.

  • ash

    sorry excuse my language but newfoundlands are soft as the bigger the dog normally they are soft send the fucking prick what shot this poor dog to fucking hell!!!! once again pls excuse my language police with guns are killing machines why do you think here in the uk are not allowed guns cos most cops here are retards excuse my french

  • Blue

    "The Des Moines City Council at the time said it would look into reviewing police procedures so an incident like Rosie’s death does not happen again" REALLY – reviewing police procedures is a step but the real issue are the 3 psychopathic cops who would do such an act. Scary
    SIGNED: a police officer who is disgusted and ashamed of what they did

    • woody

      yes, it is unfortunate that the 3 psychopathic police officers did what they did. many people are disgusted with their actions. who hired them? what qualifications did they have to handle any animal? i could do a better job then they did. someone is going to a place that they are not going to like. i am glad it has gone federal. and thank you for the apology from your department. hopefully your department gets help!

  • sher

    I would like to thank Q13 FOX news for keeping this issue going. Last night I was watching your station at 5pm. All segments were coming in just fine. Then when the segment of Rosie came on, it black out on and off. I was unable to see them complete segment. After the blacking out of that segment, all other segments were fine. Department of Justice? Control?

  • blink2013

    This is one fine example of what they do. As you watch the video, you will see the dog was on a leash and bowing down. Then they taunted it with their tool. Shame on the police officers. It is a felony to do what they did. The dog was harmless. Go to pound me in the ass prison!

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