Bremerton man burned 2-year-old with lighter, police say

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

abuse-rape-violence310x177BREMERTON, Wash. — Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Bremerton man Saturday for allegedly beating and burning 2-year-old boy to near death, the Kitsap Sun reported.

According to the Sun, the man was arrested on suspicion of child abuse after a Harrison Medical Center nurse discovered a boy staying at the man’s house had life-threatening injuries.

The boy’s mother reportedly took the baby to the hospital Sunday morning because he was violently throwing up. Doctors determined the boy had internal injuries, and he was taken to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma for surgery on his intestines and liver, the Sun reported.

Doctors told the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office the boy would have died if he was not taken to the hospital.

According to the Sun, the man’s 6-year-old daughter said she saw the man burn the 2-year-old with a lighter and hit the boy over the head. However, the boy’s mother denied the boyfriend’s involvement, saying the boy bruised his head when he fell from a bed.

The man was arrested and is expected to be charged with first degree child abuse. This is the second case of child abuse investigated by the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Department in less than a month, the Sun reported.

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  • outraged citizen

    burn that SOB and beat him and see how he likes it, for gods sake dont put him in a cell let us citizens have a hold of him…

    • Seabeck

      to Matt and the outraged citizen, Hopefully the guy is put into jail population and someone like an Officer leaks out what he did, Maybe a father with some unpaid parking tickets gives him a little
      butt kicking.
      God be with this child, and I hope this child is removed from this situation and put into or adopted into a family full off love.

  • P-O-ed Momma

    What the hell!?!?! The mother doesn't believe her own daughter seeing what happened?!!? Mother of the year right there! Bet you she had something to do with it too. This just sickens me to death! That poor boy probably did nothing but want attention and have some food. Some parents just are not cut out for the job. Screw both of them. My blood is BOILING!

  • Donald

    Okay. Yopu people need to understand what you read. It was not the mothers daughter that said that she saw the man burn the child it was his daughter. Either way this mother needs to be checked for drug abuse by CPS before even seeing her child again in my opinion.

    • amber

      the 2 year old child is mine and FYI it was my exs brother and law and sister who commited to abuse…. no substance abuse on my part thank you very much. search david shane weatherly on google and look for the kitsap sun link… that is the most accurate on what happened.

  • me

    Please get your story correct before posting. Mom of the 2 year old took him to er on Saturday and was sent home. He threw up Sunday which is when they returned to the hospital

  • truth seeker

    You people don't even have a clue! Your opinions are based on hearsay. The mother of the hurt child is no gem! She has a police record, and a history of treating her children poorly. How about looking into her? Maybe SHE hurt the child and blamed it on the the boys aunt and uncle. Yep the SUN didn't add that little tid bit to the story. Oh and by the way, the little boys mother is also a smoker. So before you are ready to burn and beat this father, how about we get some more facts. I truly feel so sorry for the accused family. His wife (the mother of the year-poed momma) has a life threating disease, can't even life her own child, but agrees to babysit for the young mother of two so she can work or go party with her friends! This is such a sad and unfortunate situation for both the boy and accused family. My prayers go out to find the truth!

    • Buddy

      Ok so where are you getting your information. If the mother was even under suspicion there would be doubt but if you read the sun article you would realize that the man in question was charged. Instead of mud slinging on any party involved get the facts straight. The man has a police record as his name was published so it wasn’t hard to find him. As for his wife and the mother of the 2 yr old who can say without looking into it however this is for the police to do. Either way no matter how you look at it they had sufficient evidence to arrest and charge the man- his daughter was a witness, what child would say that about a parent if it was not true. Again we can all be mad, sad, upset or feel we need to bash all involved but we are forgetting that a defenseless child was harmed here and I’m sure our legal system with evidence gathered can do more than the words spoken here.

    • the facts

      truth seeker…
      please check what you are saying… the mother has no police record. and did everything to save her child. I think you must be part of the accused mans family and its a shame you would stand up for such a monster !

  • Missy

    This story has the facts all wrong! It was NOT the mothers boyfriend who did this. The monster and his wife were babysitting him while the mom was at work. The mans own 6 year old daughter said her daddy did it….he’s not just accused he has been charged. This man is nothing but a monster and needs to pay for what he has done. NO child ever deserves to have this happen.

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