2 children removed from Tacoma home due to ‘unfit’ living conditions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Tacoma momTACOMA – Two children were removed from an apartment after police found them living in unfit conditions.

A neighbor said around 11: 30 p.m. Monday he heard screaming and then called police. Authorities arrived and found two children, ages five and 14 inside the home alone. Police said there was cat and dog feces and urine in several places and they felt it was unhealthy for the children to be there; the family owns three cats and one dog.

The children were handed over Child Protective Services and police said the children’s mother was located. She told police has been working at a friends home to earn money to buy food and supplies for the pets.

The mother said she cleaned up the mess in her apartment and is contacting Child Services to get her children back.

Police said it is unlikely the woman will be charged and the children will most likely be returned to her custody.

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    • Charles McKenzie Jr

      KTY what kind of piece of shit worthless person are you? It’s 5 years later and wow the kids are still alive. Parents have to make a living and sometimes leave their oldest in charge and that’s normal. And where the hell did you come up with the crazy ass idea that the kids would come up dead from an abusive boyfriend? You are seriously a rare kind of ignorant. The kind that even developmentally disabled people can’t stand you and call you fucking stupid. Reason I’m saying that is because I’m the boyfriend and I’m also an Army veteran and I would never lay a hand on a child. So put that in your crack pipe and smoke it!!!

  • T-Tink

    The oldest was 14 years old; really???? A 14 year can babysit. The parent is a working parent and she's trying. For goodness sakes. Help her out instead of making things worse for her. Granted, they might want to keep up with the cleaning….

  • Nichole

    While there is no excuse for neglect..I must say, I see nothing neglectful in what I have seen or read regarding this so far…she is a mother that was out trying to earn money. Her 14 year old could babysit the younger, and perhaps, should be helping out cleaning up after the pets. I have children and pets, I work, and yet, still I struggle to get my 13 year old to clean up anything. When I was a kid, we had chores and consequences if we didn't get them done. Today, as parents, we cannot even spank our children without the threat of going through exactly what this mother is going through now. Sometimes, it seems as though we are in a lose-lose situation.

  • anonymous

    From what i was told by a family member this is not a working parent , she is on disability the work was for a friend , or so she said, and she was supposedly buying food for the animals . What about the fact that there was no food in the house for the kids that was not mentioned . Along with some other facts such as the older children possibly being abused by boyfriends.

    • Charles McKenzie Jr

      Bitch please you aren’t a family anything. You and everyone else talking about something you don’t know anything about should just keep your mouth shut. How about all you finger pointers try worrying about your own life.

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