Teacher allegedly tells students Muslims, Arabs are ‘just like Hitler’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Sign1CONCRETE, Wash. — A local civil rights organization is asking the Department of Justice to conduct an investigation in to anti-Muslim comments allegedly made by a Skagit County Middle School teacher in the classroom.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said it tried to work with the Concrete School District after getting a tip from a student, but said the response they got was “inadequate and unresponsive.”

In October 2012, the student who alerted CAIR said a science teacher was having a discussion about an anti-bullying program, but then suddenly changed topics. According to a letter CAIR sent to the district superintendent, the teacher stated that “just like Hitler” Arabs and Muslims train their children from birth to give their lives to Allah and are raised to be martyrs. The teacher also allegedly said that Arabs and Muslims are raised and taught to kill innocent people.

Parents who have kids in the district said that if this did happen, they are concerned about it.

“Teachers in general should be really careful. They’re there for an educational reason and they have an outline on what to teach and I think they should stick to that and keep their personal views to themselves,” Craig Wenrick said.

CAIR is concerned several state laws may have been violated, including one that prohibits discrimination in schools on the basis of religion. The organization is also concerned that, if the allegations are true, the teacher’s alleged comments could encourage bullying.

On Monday, Concrete School District Superintendent Barbara Hawkings released a statement that said:

“This allegation of unlawful or inappropriate discrimination based on religion is false. The allegation is based upon false information that is taken out of context. The teacher involved is an experienced and outstanding educator who treats every student with dignity and respect. She is a teacher students go to when they are having problems. The parent and/or student involved have never met with the teacher or school district to file a complaint or express a concern. We find this allegation to be irresponsible concerning an issue of great importance to our district and staff. We strive to treat every student with dignity and respect and do not discriminate against any individual because of his/her religious beliefs.”

The teacher who reportedly made the comments also released a statement and in it she explained that she was talking about extreme terrorist groups like Hamas and the Taliban. not Muslims in general. and that this student took what she was saying out of context.

CAIR is holding a news conference on the DOJ investigation request at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

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  • JeepRex

    Its OK that they ram the sharia law down the throats of the children, but its the end of the world if anyone speaks out against it.

    • kybo61

      Nowhere in the U.S. has sharia law ever been in effect. Your paranoia is showing. Bigotry is not synonymous with being opposed to sharia law.

      • Kelly Kafir

        YOU are wrong… 50 cases in 23 states… 4 here in WA. Shariah is imposed everytime we have to watch what we say in case we offend the religion of perpetual outrage, or foot baths are installed at tax payer expense, or children get taken out of class in a public school to say Muslim prayers while other students can't even say Merry Christmas, or gyms or pools are closed to allow Muslimas to swim… etc etc etc… Get your taqiyya spewing head out of the sand!!!

    • Blah

      i just told people on my fb that if they support islam i don't want to be their friends & to kindly remove themselves from my list… it started wwiii on my page. lol it was surprising to see how many people would sit there & defend a tyrannical, abusive, violent, racist, sexist, homophobic religion that is hellbent on world domination… a religion who supports the beheading, stoning & hanging of little kids, women who have been raped & the abuse, torture & violent deaths of animals… and they totally don't acknowledge that if you're a christian or athiest or jew or any other religion except for muslim and you're in a muslim country, you can be walking down the street, minding your own business & a group of muslims can gang rape you, stone you to death or etc.. and they'll just be video taping it with their phones, chanting 'allah hu akbar' and laughing about it… then post it on the internet… and nothing would happen to those involved. islam is some scary stuff, man… and you're right.. how dare anyone speak against islam… what has our society become????….. it's insane!

  • Peggy Wilson

    Are these the same friendly Arabs that threatened to annihilate the state of Israel and destroy the United States the great satan?

    • kybo61

      Mmmm… not the ones I know. I know quite a few Muslims from different countries who live in the Kansas City metro. I'm not Muslim myself, but they have have been unfailingly polite and willing to share their various cultures and be friendly, all it takes is a smile and a kind word. Many go to school with my grandchildren and their parents are neighbors of my daughter. Many are merchants in our communities and work in the stores we shop in. I've never once had a conversation with anyone Muslim where Israel came up nor where bad things were said about the U.S., nor the name of Satan was ever mentioned. Perhaps you are confusing al-Qaeda with ordinary people.

      • blah

        perhaps you don't realize that they'd kill you in a heartbeat if they were told to.. and wouldn't feel bad about it at all.

  • Creative Metaphor

    It's unfortunate that people seem unable or unwilling to separate terrorist groups and governments from ordinary people simply because the ordinary people can't help that their religion is also claimed by those same groups.

    You are only responsible for your own actions, to pretend as if it's okay to hate an entire ethnic group or religion is exactly the same as suggesting Christians are inseparable from the KKK and that the actions of the KKK should reflect upon every Christian in every country of the world, that the claim of common religion has any bearing on the beliefs or actions of either group.

    Sharing one common trait never implies sharing all traits. Just keep that in mind next time you feel the urge to yell "terrorist" at a woman with her head covered.

    • Lauren

      You are the one who needs to research what Muslims believe. And if you are going to say that Muslims aren't an innocent group/religion then you must extend the same generalizations to Christians and read the bible. There's a lot of not-so-innocent stuff in there, but you don't assume that all Christians are violent and murderous people do you? Is it because they are white or because they are the majority religious group in the U.S.? Is it because YOU are Christian and you aren't willing to extend the same benefit of the doubt to people who look and pray differently than you do?

      Creative Metaphor, you are the only sane one on this thread so far.

    • Ammar

      As a Muslim I need to say you should also not believe everything negative you hear about Muslims. Have you ever met or work with or have Muslims as friends? Clearly you may consider me biased but I can assure you Muslims are normal people. They are people who happen to have a faith. They earn a living, pay taxes, tend their lawns, raise and protect their families, hold open doors to allow others through. That's what most Muslims are like. Unfortunately extremists are more vocal and tend to generate a stereotype that others extend to cover all Muslims. We don't all hate "the West" or want to convert others. You can still be Muslim and not be/do those things.

      • Luther

        Thank you for your calm reply. Have you thought of the Idea this may be an attempt to drive a wedge between Muslims and non Muslims. I know this teacher and can assure you she did not speak against Muslims. Seems odd that this was not even brought up by the family to the school system. If you can make teachers afraid to talk about terrorism our children will not get the education they need to deal with our turbulent world. Concrete is a small school in a rural area. Someone might think you could use this for political gain.

      • Lauren

        I think most people know that. For some reason this thread is FILLED with these stereotypes that I never see or hear from sane people in regular life. Hopefully you don't face that kind of hatred from others in your daily life.

    • Creative Metaphor

      I know what most Muslims believe. I know that most Muslims go to work, go to school, want their children to be happy, want to live in peace, and they have friends just like you and me. They live here for the same reason we do, because there was a promise of freedom and prosperity for those who didn't want the oppression of religion: the origin of which was the oppressiveness of the Christian and Catholics of Europe.

      I refuse to ascribe the false claim of 'majority' to the vocal minority, no matter how violent or unsavory those minority may seem to me.

    • Juliett

      These "ordinary people" you speak of are the same "ordinary people" who danced in the streets celebrating the deaths of western invalids on 9/11. Keep that in mind next time you defend the actions of these so called "ordinary people".

      • Creative Metaphor

        Yeah, I totally saw the videos of all 2 *Billion* Muslims dancing and celebrating. Oh wait, no I didn't, I saw a few hundred.

        Try again for that indicative 'majority'.

    • Cassandra

      Here’s some passages from their “holy” book which proves ALL Muslims believe (or at least are taught) to force Islam onto non-Muslims, to not be friends with non-Muslims & to kill non-Muslims or any Muslims who leave the CULT. This is what their prophet Mohammed teaches them:

      Qur’an (4:89) – “They wish that you should disbelieve as they disbelieve, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of God; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper.”

      Bukhari (83:37) – “Allah’s Apostle never killed anyone except in one of the following three situations: (1) A person who killed somebody unjustly, was killed (in Qisas,) (2) a married person who committed illegal sexual intercourse and (3) a man who fought against Allah and His Apostle and deserted Islam and became an apostate.”

      Quaran 2:216 “Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, ye know not.”

      You cannot read that & still believe only a minority of “extreme” Muslims support jihad & terrorism.

      Oh and also, Muslims are allowed to deceive non-Muslims if it helps to spread Islam throughout the world, which is their goal. Which why Muslims deny being involved or supporting terrorism & try to pretend they are different to the “radicals” we see on the news.

      “Bukhari (49:857) – “He who makes peace between the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar.” 

      Qur’an (66:2) – “Allah has already ordained for you, (O men), the dissolution of your oaths”

      Qur’an (9:3) – “…Allah and His Messenger are free from liability to the idolaters(non-Muslims)”

      • Creative Metaphor

        And I can do exactly the same thing with the bible to prove all christians are terrorists and monsters and out to kill us all.

        You're still the one blindly wallowing in ignorance and prejudice.

        • Cassandra

          Yes that’s true. The bible has a lot of terrible teachings in it as well but the difference is Christians don’t follow those teachings. We don’t see Christian countries stoning people for adultery or stoning unruly children. Muslim countries DO follow these teachings. And Muslims who move to western countries don’t leave their belief system at the airport. America has had incidents of honor killings committed by fathers because their daughters are becoming too “westernized”.

          • Creative Metaphor

            "We don\'t see Christian countries stoning people for adultery or stoning unruly children"

            No, we see Catholics molesting children and the heads of their churches not only saying nothing, but actively covering it up. But does that mean all Catholics are child molesters? Does that mean all Catholics approve of and support child molestation? Once again, stop equating the visual (made visual by the media!) minority for a majority action.

      • Creative Metaphor

        Oh. Okay. So all democrats are terrorists. That's even better. So if you are a democrat, you clearly are a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism, and all those proper peaceful republicans and independents should rid the country of their blight?

    • pafff

      The question is what the woman with her head covered really thinks. Has she come to your country to live in freedom and accepts our democratic values? Or maybe she too wants to impose her strict religious law on people who offered their hospitality and accepted them? I have never seen Muslims protesting against terrorists or extremists. I have never seen or heard a Muslim saying "I am against killing for apostasy, against killing non-believers, against stoning unfaithful women, against trying to impose sick Sharia law on the whole world. I have only seen Muslims yelling at people who are not as fond of Islam as them "they are rascists, we feel offended, they criticize our Religion (and since it is called "religion" then you can't criticize it, even if it encouraged the most cruel crimes). I only see politically correct people defending Islam as a religion of peace. Never Muslims themselves.

      • Creative Metaphor

        You haven't? Maybe you need to get out more. I have. Plenty of times. Just because you've chosen not to see it doesn't mean it isn't there.

  • Bill krause

    I have known and taught with this with this teacher for more than 20 years and it is absolutely inconceivable to me that she would make any kind of racist remark. She is a kind and loving human being who is a credit to the teaching profession. I strongly support her.

  • Lokari

    It's a shame that in your school career you did not learn about spelling, capitalization, grammar and punctuation. As for the drawing contest you won in third grade… no one remembers or cares about that except you. It's time to move on from your elementary school glory days.

  • Daniel

    If she was talking about terrorist groups and not the entire Muslim and Arab population, then she wasn't all that wrong. Statistics don't lie.

    • pafff

      Yes, it"s true. Not all Muslims or Arabs are that bad. You can find those very few good people. Those who risk their lives and opose this sick and cruel "religious" law, which tries to control every aspect of your life. Quite often you can hear about them being beheaded or raped by religious "holy" men…

  • Smiley33

    Its discusting that this is the only opinion that you have to offer on this subject. Being another person that did attend the Concrete School District through most of my school years, will most definitely defend the district and the teachers with in it. Your commenting upon teachers that have not been at the school district for many years, and its unjust to compare them to who is there now. Bullying is a matter at every school and it doesnt just happen in this district.
    Support the teacher who allegedly has done this; knowing her on a level of having her as a teacher myself, she is hands down one of the best teachers in this district. Students are blessed to be taught by an individual that truley cares about every single kid in the way that is needed.

  • Lauren

    Wow, it's disturbing how many of you support racist comments and generalizations by saying "Oh it's true, oh she's so absolutely right. Muslims hate America!"
    You have no evidence to back up your statements that Muslims hate America and Muslim children are trained to kill Americans. Believe it or not, there are 2.6 million Muslims in America. American Muslims. If they hated America, why would they live here? What about Muslims who were born here or Muslims who are American citizens?
    There are violent, racist Muslims and terrorist groups like the Taliban that do exist. That is a fact. If the teacher was describing how the Taliban trains children to think differently than the rest of the people of that religion, then yes, it's just like how Hitler trained children to think differently than the rest of the Germans or Christians who weren't okay with slaughtering people for power. If she said that all Muslims and Arabs train their children to murder innocent people, then she should be fired.

    As a Washington taxpayer I want to pay for teachers who will actually educate children in a curriculum based on facts and science, not fill their heads with lies so they end up like you fucking idiots.

    • Juliett

      I'll say it again for people like Lauren who have no problem with these murderers/child molesters living next to his/her kids…. All of those people dancing in the streets to celebrate the deaths of innocent Americans on 9/11 WERE NOT members of the Taliban. They were everyday average Muslim citizens displaying exactly what the everyday average muslim citizen feels. Muslims don't live here in America because they like us, they preach against everything America stands for. They are here because America caters to them, pays for their education, food, homes even cell phones. And most of all, because they can get away with just about anything here so long as they threaten people with Freedom of Religion every time they are caught doing something wrong. You can keep kissing Muslim ass there friend. But I don't want people who celebrated the deaths of innocent people and who are caught on video laughing at the murder of their own innocent women, not to mention their nice little habit of marrying 12 year old girls so they can excuse their love of child molestation living next door to my children.

      • James

        I shouldn't be qualifying your baseless arguments with a response but I must say at least this: I have a HUGE problem with murderers and child molesters living next to my kids. When you look up sex offender registry in my neighborhood, all the child molesters are white, presumably Christian men.

    • Katie

      Though I agree that these racist comments are disturbing, she is not a teacher who fills our heads with lies. She was my teacher when I was in middle school and I find it absolutely impossible to imagine her saying anything remotely racist. She is one of the sweetest and most caring people I know. More likely than her being racist, she was probably comparing extremist groups to Nazis and some kid misinterpreted it. As a high schooler, I am surrounded by plenty of idiots who would (and do) accidentally or intentionally misinterpret what the teachers are saying so that they can turn around and accuse them of being racist, sexist, or even pedophilic. By knowing all the students and teachers in Concrete, I would suspect that this was just a misunderstanding that was blown way out of proportion and very poorly covered by Fox.

      • Lauren


        I'm glad she is a good teacher who has a lot of support. If she did make a comparison between extremist groups and Nazis then I understand how a student may misinterpret that as racist. If it was taken out of context then I hope that they let her return to work.

        My main frustration with this story is just the pervasiveness of the crazies who are all siding with what she allegedly said, calling all Muslims murderers and child molesters. It's just wrong.

        I also agree with you that it has been blown out of proportion with a headline that reads: "Teacher allegedly tells students Muslims, Arabs are 'just like Hitler'"

        It could have just as easily read: "Student accuses teacher of comparing Muslims to Hitler"

        If she didn't say that, I am truly sorry for her, but it seems she has a whole support system which is good. It's also good to see a Concrete student on here who is being very open-minded and clear. When I said idiots, I was referring to people like the commenters Juliette, freedomfighter, and spicket1971 (whose comments have been deleted) and whoever caused them to think the way they do.

    • freedomfighter

      But your ok with the core curriculum that is being pushed by Obama? The core curriculum written by Bill Ayers a admitted communist and convicted terrorist for bombing the world trade center. He is the guy Bill Clinton pardoned on his last day as president. So do you think its ok for this propaganda and extreme left wing liberal democrat bullshit to be crammed down your children's throat? If you have kids you should be worried and if you don't you should shut your fucking trap. You have MSNBC watcher written all over your story. You are the idiot. I concede that if in fact this is what she said then she ought to lose her job but at the same time it is nice to see someone actually telling what I believe is true. You believe what you want, that is your right but I am sick of hearing about all the left wing propaganda taught in schools. They are not teaching curriculum based on facts. They are filling them with lies so they will end up like you you fucking idiot. How do you like it. You left winging pole smoking tree hugging baby killing scumbags talk shit all day long and we don't complain to much about it but you faggots hear one thing you don't like and you cry to the DOJ and all kinds of federal organizations that do nothing but suck the taxpayers dry. Do us all a favor and kill yourself. Maybe you wipe out a theater full of people or a elementary school first. that's how you cocksuckers roll. You don't know shit. You are ruining our country

    • Bill

      They live here and practice Taqiyya until they have enough people to DEMAND Sharia law.This happens EVERYWHERE they go.Don't believe me,look to each country in Europe that has allowed too many of these vermin into their county.Mass crime,Mass RAPE,child grooming,pedophilia,and nothing but violence.Quit being so BLIND,the future of civilization rests on exposing this disease of a death cult.

  • Luther

    I know this teacher, she is a loving nurturing person who would never try to hurt anyone. What she said has to have been taken out of context. Clair on the other hand has motives that are suspect. Look them up in Wikipedia and see that there have been allegations that Clair founders have ties to terrorist Hamas.

    I'm disturbed the news media has put this story story out without checking the facts. How about giving some information to the readers about Organizations like Clair.

    • ron

      but Luther — that would be racist to investigate Clair, now wouldn't it????? This also disturbs me, Luther — this was either taken out of context or, more likely, mis-stated with the aim of creating an environment of distrust — or perhaps some student that didn't like his last report card grade from her….

    • secret

      Okay first of all , i go to concrete this is my teacher , i was actually in the class room when this was said. My teacher did say this but its not what she was talking about ,she was talking about certain groups. This teacher is a very respected teacher in my middle school and can be strict but never discriminates she is actually very much against discrimination. i honestly think this was taken WAY TO FAR. but she can say stuff that she shouldnt alot!

  • whatev

    Nobody knows for sure the exact comment that was made, kids take what teachers say out of context all the time. I will say its about time Concrete teachers get examined, they have been known to sware in front of students, telling them to shut the hell up. This is not proper teaching. Some of our teachers up here just pass the students along so they no longer have to deal with them. I agree with some of the comments on it all in who you know or what your last name is up here on how you are treated. our teachers dont do much about bulling, I have friends who have taken their children out of school do to this. I believe people get very complaisant living up here that they dont have to follow all the guidlines. Even our super doesnt live in this school district, because she doesnt like the town. things happen all the time that never get reported. But maybe now things will change. Hang on kids, you are worth a good education and you all deserve one.

    • ron

      I could make absolutely no sense what-so-ever out of this "comment" Obviously this person got a "really Good Education" where ever they received their "lurnin" !!!

    • freedomfighter

      Hey did you hear the concrete public library burned down? Yeah they lost all 3 books you idiot. Its obvious you went to school upriver.

    • oldbud

      Sweet Jesus, you must have been absent the days they were teaching the need of proper spelling of words in order to intelligently present a point? Do I sense a bit of martyred victimization here? If you so disdain your town, then why in the hell are you still there? Seek "greener pastures". Perhaps, try Egypt, Syria or any of a host of totalitarian nations who will delight your simplemindedness in their lessons of. "examinations of teachers", you dolt.

  • evrjack

    hey…i was 'sposed to graduate same year as you…I'm from Concrete, too. There were so many bullies, I remember. I quit in Dec '70, senior year, got GED a few days after. Never, not once regretted it. I hated some of those creeps. Teachers and students, too.
    Look what happened to poor S. Justice. Remember him? Poor guy…

  • Gretchen

    This has been completely been blown out of proportion. The way i understand it the discussion was on bullying not religion and the teacher was only trying to explain how groups of bullies exist. She was using Hitler as an example and was suprised that many kids didnt know who Hitler even was. She continued with other known groups that could also be referred to as bullies. I beleive the main focus of the discussion was how bullying is wrong. To say this teacher is racist, a bully or otherwise is completely false! This teacher has taught in this school district for over 20 years and has been a great influence to many young minds. She is a well educated and caring person. ____Is anyone taking into consideration the thought process of a middle-school child? I beleive whatever was said by this teacher was taken out of context by this young individual and then relayed to the parents. Did the parents even try to discuss their issue with the teacher or other students in the class to get the whole actual story before proceeding with the route they have chosen?____This type of investigation or story, even when it turns out to be false, could be costly and detramental to this small school and to the carreer of this great teacher.

    • secret

      Okay first of all , i go to concrete this is my teacher , i was actually in the class room when this was said. My teacher did say this but its not what she was talking about ,she was talking about certain groups. This teacher is a very respected teacher in my middle school and can be strict but never discriminates she is actually very much against discrimination. i honestly think this was taken WAY TO FAR. AND NO I AM NOT THE ONE WHO TOLD……..anyways she says stuff she shouldnt all the time.its good thier finally getting to it and telling her its wrong but she shouldnt be fired

  • jacen

    That is odd teacher is trying to explain bullying and gets bullied by not so (cair) there is no wrong teaching here . But on the other hand concrete does have a bullying problem.

  • CTSX

    Let's see, they (Hitler and Muslims) want to exterminate the Jews…..hmmm.
    A common thread hey?
    Forget not American reprobates we lost an entire zip code in NYC.
    But we, American have killed 55 million beautiful babies, so what is the problem?

  • harry

    I live in a Muslim country. I can tell you with absolute truth and conviction that trying to paint ''all Muslims'' with one big paint brush is not only false but extremely short sighted, ignorant and just plain unfair. How would the average southern American feel being labled as a bunch of ignorant cousin marring rednecks? OK, maybe a few fiy the stereotype but certainly the vast majority of people do not. My experience here has shown me that there are many types of Muslims just like the Christians. Some are very devoute, some are moderate, and some do not have anything to do with the local religion at all.

  • thunder7

    We should learn from history. not punish those that use it as an example. I would be ashamed to be muslim or arab. What those people have been doing for centuries is just barbaric. I would also be ashamed to be an AA. 99.5% of them are raised to hate white people and they degrade theselves with racial slurs 24/7. Not many of them are smart enough to realize how good they have it here in USA instead of being a starving Ethiopian.

  • brandon

    My son goes to this school and it is EXTREMELY racist. Many of the offending teachers are directly related to the superintendent. She covers up all the corrupt crap at this school district. Teachers dleeping with students. Bribery. Racism. Bullying. Total mess

  • Secret

    Okay first of all , i go to concrete this is my teacher , i was actually in the class room when this was said. My teacher did say this but its not what she was talking about ,she was talking about certain groups. This teacher is a very respected teacher in my middle school and can be strict but never discriminates she is actually very much against discrimination. i honestly think this was taken WAY TO FAR. Yes, this teacher is wierd,and only teaches about fish,and recycling but she does not discriminate ,its good they yelled at her but she shouldnt be fired .SHE RETIRING NEXT YEAR this should just be dropped.

  • secret2

    its hard to explain but she said this but didnt mean it like everyone thinks she did! i was in that class rroom its was october in 3rd period.

  • Saliba

    I am of Arab descent & am not one bit offended. The truth is that many many arab groups, including the muslims extremists do teach their children to hate. Especially to hate Americans, the west, Christians & Jews. That has been reported on the news & is easily found to read for yourselves. She stated her opinion & is being held up as a modern day martyr for it. My GOD the justice department, really? Talk about over-zealous over-reacting, over-reaching. Grow some thincker skin. Us Christians have had to.

  • Tom Jones

    All the nice, normal Muslims you or I know cannot change the scripture, teachings and history of Islam. It is still a strict, harsh and violent ideology.

  • Gladys

    Pretty soon people who support Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be saying Hitler and the Holocaust did not exist and challenge teachers who mention it. I think the child misunderstood or the parents of the child took this to another level for their own political purposes. Most people know Arabs that are non muslim. I had a lovely Christian Arab lady from Eygpt babysit my daughter, she was so wonderful. I have known other fine Arab people. Not all Muslims are jihadists. While I disagree with the Muslim faith totally I do not believe that every Muslim believes in Sharia Law or would ever be involved in acts of violence or terror. I believe there are probably liberal Muslims who treat women and children well, although most Muslims I have watched, observed, talked to or heard about are deceitful, doubleminded and live a double life, watching porno, having the appearance of religion but really using their religion for political reasons. We have a small population where I live and when they don't think they are being watched they are and it comes to the surface. But then there are Christians who live a double life too. So let's not paint one religion with such a broad brush and make all the oeople that follow it devils.

  • oldbud

    It is so tragic and pathetic that the vicious, deliberate smearing of this good woman's stellar reputation, who has devoted her life to preparing countless children to become responsible adults in the future, has been decimated by the false accusations of an ignorant and sad child who has been brainwashed and poisoned by an obviously cowardly, self-persecuted parent (s?) who has programed her to await an opportunity to pounce upon any suspect word in order to create controversy in order to celebrate the furthering of an insidious agenda of hatred and REAL bullying? Shame on you for whoring your own child this way, you fool! I am praying especially for this confused young lady to receive help in determining what is truth and the same for her troublemaking, useful idiot-of a father, so he can publicly apologize to this teacher and sever ties with this deceitful army of thugs from C.A.I.R.

  • -

    I am Muslim and proud. Do you really think 1.4 BILLION people are practicing a faith of terror, beheading, and murder? Wake up; we’re human. We cannot “kill” so simply as stated in the verse above; that’s during war, where killings tend to happen.

    Also, imagine if America, the USA, was once an independent country, then stolen by a group, renamed and recultured.

    This is what the Zionists did to Palestine; a stolen country that is now named “Israel”.

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