VIDEO: Maple Valley fire destroys family home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

fireMAPLE VALLEY, Wash. — Ten to 15 fire trucks responded to a large, blazing house fire Sunday night in Maple Valley.

According to the Maple Valley Fire Department, there were no reported injuries, but a family cat was unaccounted for. The fire started in an attached garage when a fuel tank hooked up to a RV ignited.

Maple Valley Fire Department, Eastside Fire and Rescue and Kent Fire Department officers responded to the scene. There were no fire hydrants in the area and firefighters used six water tenders on the fire.

The home was estimated to be a complete loss.

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  • J Welskop

    Why the hell do we pay for expensive fire insurance in Maple valley, All the money they waste on other Bs
    They could have a 20.000 water truck, on hand at all times, Haven't they figured out we are a rural area not down town Seattle. Time for a change in alot of board member's and so called fire chief's. That's the third place over the year's i've lived there that got burned to the ground. All the trucks for what , Didn't do any good. All the did was park in my yard so my family had a time getting into their own house. If they coldn't help put the fire out stay home out of the way. I heard all about the mess clear down in Arizona. Good Luck mike an Barb your battle is just beginning

  • E.ONeill

    This was my In-laws home. First let me state that the fire absolutely was not caused by a fuel line hooked up to an RV. Nothing was attached to the RV. The fire simply started in the corner of the garage near the RV and quickly sparked the RV. Second, I can't tell you how livid I am that the only recourse the fire department has it to simply let it burn. The fire started in the furthest bay of an attached 4 bay garage, the fire was called in immediately by a neighbor and the trucks were on scene with in minutes. When they showed up it was still contained to the garage. My MIL and neighbors were so relieved they would be able to save the house. Until a fire fighter walked up and told her they had to let it burn. No water source and what little was on the trucks was only going to be used to contain and keep it from spreading. She was forced to stand in the neighbors yard for hours just watching her whole life burn to the ground while the fire fighters stood around talking and eating soup!!! This is a level of failure on such an epic level, I can't begin to describe it.

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