Report: 5th graders carried gun, knife to ‘do in’ 11-year-old girl

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

handgunSPOKANE — In one of the most startling cases of intended violence against a classmate in recent memory, the Spokesman-Review reported that two fifth graders snuck a gun and a knife in to school as part of a plot to kill a fellow classmate last week.

According to the Spokesman-Review, a 10 and 11-year-old boy remained in police custody Thursday, days after their alleged plot to kill a 10-year-old female classmate at Fort Colville Elementary School was discovered. The boys face charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, tampering with a witness and conspiracy to possess a firearm.

The boys were arrested Feb. 7 at their elementary school. After they were arrested, they were reportedly overheard saying ‘”I don’t care when I get out of jail, I’m going to come back and kill them,” the Spokesman reported.

The boys’ alleged plot was discovered when a school staff member found a .45-caliber pistol, a full ammunition clip and a knife in one of their backpacks after being tipped off  by another student. Staff members asked the 10-year-old boy why he had the gun. The boy reportedly told staff he was going to “get” an 11-year-old classmate who had been mean to them and “do her in.” The Spokesman reported the two planned to stab the girl with a knife and then keep everyone else a bay with the gun.

The boys admitted to the teacher that there were other students they wanted to kill. They also allegedly admitted to the teacher they were going to kill the girl on the day the weapons were found.

After their plot was discovered, police came to the school and arrested the two. According to court documents, a police detective overheard one of the boys saying he would “find out” who told the teacher “and kill them.”

Under Washington law, children under the age of 12 are deemed not to have the mental capacity to plan a crime. However, the Stevens County Prosecutor’s Office told the Spokesman they believe there is enough evidence to prosecute.

Parents and community members were told of the incident within four hours of the arrests. A meeting was held at the Colville High School auditorium Wendesday to discuss the situation.

One of the boys allegedly obtained the gun from his brother, who had it in a locked case under his bed.

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  • why?

    Everyone keeps saying the poor girl that they were intending to kill did anyone stop to think why she was the target? The boys said she was being mean to them sounds to me like maybe she was bullying them and they just had enough. Hopefully this will teach her and all other kids in that school a lesson about bullying so something like this will not happen again.

  • dontBmean

    Teach your kids not to be mean to others. Teach them to treat other kids the way they want to be treated. Train your child in the way he should be and when he is old he will not depart from it. Be a good role model for your child and not let the TV babysit.

  • Shari

    This is so sad. I hope those children are held accountable for their actions to the fullest extent of the law. However, the parents are just as responsible. What has bothered me, is that when HRS and government has stepped in to STRIP parents of their rights to punish (NOT ABUSE) the children, hold them accountable, and face the consequences of their actions. Then those who took our rights as parents away, turn and say, "what has happened to our children? They have no respect." THEY stopped us, and WE get punished and charged with abuse, assault, etc, because some "upset" child lies about the parents. My children got spanked, grounded, soap in their mouth for cursing, lying, etc. Just like me, and they have respect, and MANNERS. Their little psyche isn't damaged any more than finding out that Santa and the tooth fairy aren't real!!! School principals were allowed to "spank" kids who were disobedient, did not respect the teachers, rules. Parents were allowed to spank thier children and their friends children when appropriate. No more!!! It takes a village, but when the children have MORE rights than their parents, why is anyone SHOCKED by the disgusting, disrespectful, bullying, lying, violent behavior? C'mon parents! Open your eyes and fight for your rights for your children. It really does show you LOVE them. Letting them run you…..please don't act surprised by their disrespect. It is your fault.

  • lover49

    Just another reason to get rid of school as we know it! More parents need to protect their children and consider homeschooling! Too many crazies in this world! We must not trust the school system to protect our children any longer.

  • Glen

    The media's DETAILED coverage of similar events!!! For God's sake! Stop feeding drama junkies and this will fade!! Wake up America! As more coverage is covered about similar events/plots, certain news channels jump on the media hype and popularize them! Others "contemplating" see this as a perfect avenue for "getting popular!"

  • ax2usn

    Preemptive strike on ten year olds? A child's brain is neurologically incomplete. The frontal lobe is critical for Impulse control, moral decision making and reasoning, and it must also interact with limbic sections of the brain in order to make mature decisions. Those. connections. have. not. yet. been. made. and will not be made until the age of twenty or twenty one. Consider, too, the additional harm from environmental toxins (endocrine disruptors) which contribute to violent and unpredictable behavior and complete lack of moral compass exhibited in tens of thousands of television shows and games any child sees in any given year. That said, responsibility for this terrible situation belongs with these children. The *accountability* belongs with adults. Educate yourselves.

  • sandra

    i find it funny that people blame video games… if the box says M for mature what makes you think that game is for a 10 year old… moron parents are to blame for this

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