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Man badly beaten in alleged road rage incident in Spanaway

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

roadrageTACOMA — “It’s very difficult to see your child like that,” Jerry Bradford said of his son, Scott, who was almost beaten to death in an alleged road rage incident earlier this week.

Scott Bradford was on Pacific Avenue South in Spanaway when he pulled in front of a man in a forest green car.

Scott’s dad said the car followed Scott for a mile and that Scott then pulled over to apologize, but the man jumped his son and punched him several times in the face.

The 46-year-old is now recovering at Tacoma General in intensive care.

“If you go in and try to talk to him and see the struggle that he’s going through, you can’t help but think how can someone live through this,” Jerry Bradford said.

The suspect was described as a black man in his 20s, about 5-foot-7, with short black hair and a slender build.

Mike Howard, 62, who lost both his legs in Vietnam, witnessed the incident.

“It was just one quick, solid punch to the face,” Howard said. “Scott went down. This guy grabbed him by the hair, pushed his head to the ground and hit him three more times in the face.”

Howard said he honked his horn and got the attacker’s attention.

Howard said he tried to slash the attacker’s tires and he, too, was jumped.

“He kicked me here (in the head),” Howard said.

Howard’s injuries weren’t nearly as bad as Scott Bradford’s.

“I’ve seen men mangled,” Howard said.  “I’ve never seen a man’s face literally pulverized by somebody hitting.”

Howard is offering a cash reward for the arrest of the attacker. And Crime Stoppers of Tacoma/Pierce County is also offering a reward. Call 1-800-222-TIPS if you know anything about this road rage incident and attack in Spanaway.

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  • Block Watcher

    Isn't this awful? Yeah, I've been mad about the same situation, but smart enough not to confront someone. Are we living in America or Syria? Why the brutality? Reminds me of the crazy old man attacking the gay women in Tacoma a couple of weeks ago. Hope the victim pulls through and mad man is arrested soon.

  • christina denny

    First and foremost, Thk God for Howard, and that God placed hm with Scott that Day,This brought tears to my eyes and anger in my heart. I hope this man is caught and givenhelp, noone sould be this angry. Scott,prayers on a quick rcovery

  • bulldog

    Before you all feel to bad for him, look up his record and see what he has done in the past. Sounds like Karma caught up to him. 2006 he killed a good friend of mine. And that isn't the only indecent in his past.

    The motorist who made an illegal U-turn that killed a motorcyclist on State Route 410 on Saturday was legally drunk, according to court records.

    Scott Edwin Bradford, 39, of the Tacoma suburb of Puyallup had a blood-
    alcohol level of 0.18, more than double the 0.08 threshold for drunken driving, according to an affidavit filed by the Washington State Patrol.

    Bradford's blood alcohol was measured shortly after he caused an accident at about 4:30 p.m. Saturday when he tried to make an illegal U-turn on SR 410, about 27 miles west of Naches.

    The maneuver claimed the life of 30-year-old Zacharey Lee Cox of Bellevue, Wash., who crashed his Ducati street bike into Bradford's car near the centerline. Cox was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Bradford was arrested on suspicion of vehicular homicide and booked into the Yakima County jail. Bail was set at $100,000 pending review by prosecutors.

    Yakima Herald

  • H4MM3R

    You have some nerve Mr. Bulldog.

    I agree that the man is guilty of crimes committed against your so-called good friend but truth is this is still a crime committed against this man. Whether eyewitness testimony of his apology for pulling in front of aman is true or not it does not excuse the crime we now discuss. Despite this man's past or not beating someone to near death is plane wrong.

    You, sir, ma'am, kid should be ashamed of yourself at being so smug regrading what has happened to this man. Sounds to me you are as hateful as so many others today.

    I hope you can wake up and develop some sense of compassion for others even if they were wrong in the past.

    • Melanie

      I suppose child molestation/rape is acceptable because it’s in the past or DV . I don’t wish death on him I hope he lives with that burden on his conscious the rest of his life. He knows who I am and what he did to me and my daughter and he has to live with that the rest of his life. so keep praying for him GOD KNOWS HE NEEDS IT!

  • eon blue apocalypse

    This dude is lucky it wasn't me rather than Scott. I would've gotten the best of him for sure. 5'7" 'lil man will get his if he keeps this up