Lewis County Sheriff: Man protected himself, family by shooting intruder

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

photoLEWIS COUNTY — A Lewis County homeowner shot and injured a man who broke into his home early Sunday morning near Chehalis, Wash, protecting his young family in the process, the Lewis County Sheriff said.

According to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department, the 24-year-old man was asleep with his wife when he overheard someone talking outside his home in the 400 block of State Route 603. The man called 911 and armed himself with a pistol and positioned himself by the bedroom door to wait for police.

Before police could arrive, the 51-year-old suspect entered the home and started down the hallway, police said. The homeowner told the suspect to stop, police said, but the suspect charged him. The 24-year-old fired one shot and hit the suspect in the torso. The suspect continued forward and wrestled for the gun, but the homeowner was able to topple the man and hold him at gunpoint until sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene.

The suspect was transported to the Provide Centralia Hospital and airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in stable condition. He is under police custody and will be arrested for burglary and assault, police said. He allegedly admitted to police that he was smoking meth earlier in the day.

The homeowner was not injured in the incident.

Lewis County Sheriff Steve Mansfield said he was happy the homeowner was prepared to protect his family with a gun.

“Our response times are as fast as we can make them but there may be a time when you are by yourself and you are forced to make a life or death decision to protect yourself and your family, like this man did,” Mansfield said in a statement.

The Lewis County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the scene.

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  • Cynthia

    Good Deal, I too live in a rural area in Lewis County. I Don't blame the man and his right to bare arms and protect his family, That is why we have the 2nd amendment the right to do exactly what he did, In Rural areas Police response time is not fast enough when it is them or yours.. God bless you young man and hopefully your family will heal from enduring that horrible trauma they had to witness. Peace be with you and yours.

  • Guest

    Wow. Sounds like the home owner did everything right. He had the forsite to prepare for defending himself and his family. He called 911 first and waited inside of his "Castle" for help to arrive and took action when he was forced to. Even more suprising and commendible is the Sheriff's prompt and logical statement. Thank you to Q13 for a straight forward report. Now lets wait for the other stations to do the right thing, or will they make this into something that it is not?

  • Matt

    Hey that’s high praise from law enforcement. I live in rural pierce county and we have three deputies for everything between the narrows bridge and port orchard. All of us have a shotgun and pistol.
    More surprising is the meth comment. Most meth heads are impossible to stop with a single shot. This man us a hero.

  • Tom S

    When seconds count….help is ALWAYS minutes away. Liberals and legislators hat want to take away peoples 2nd Ammendment rights will never understand this. Reliance solely on the police when in nearly every case they arrive just in time to begin an investigation and never in time to prevent a crime. Personal responsibility for your own protection is prudent. Get armed, get trained and be proficient and ready to protect yourself. Hopefully one day civil lawsuits from such cases will also be regularly dismissed for individuals making such bad career choices.

  • David

    I'm glad the homeowner is OK, but drug addicts who may be high is exactly why you don't stop shooting with 1 shot. You shoot until he is no longer a threat. Many innocent lives have been lost to drug addicts who have been able to ignore multiple gunshot wounds because they were high when they attacked someone.

  • Guest

    Another reason to have higher capacity clips…I would not have stopped shooting. If I'm only "allowed" to have 5 or 6, the most I would shoot is 4 – 5, always having to keep an extra for someone else…4 shots may not be enough…don't stop shooting!

  • Todd

    While I understand your desire to pump 30 rounds into the intruder, it appears the 1 round did the trick. The homeowner did what needed to be done without resorting to excess force.

    Hopefully, no civil lawsuit will be forthcoming because he left the intruder alive. High capacity clips needed? Not a good example to make your case.

  • james

    The homeowner is a coward. He should have emptied the clip into the guy. Now, when he gets out of jail he will come back armed and rape and kill an entire family. Nice going, Coward little girl.

  • fargone

    This story is why gun control advocates NEED to listen to gun owners.

    On the other hand, an assault rifle wouldn’t have helped at all in this situation, and owning an arsenal of thirty guns wouldn’t have helped either.

    So tell me, what do gun OWNERS purpose doing to identify the small number of crazies among their ranks who AREN’T responsible gun owners? Nothing. That’s why gun advocates ALSO need to listen to gun control advocates.

    We need to ensure that people like this heroic home owner get the protection they need, while still making it hard for criminals and crazies to build arsenals of death. We need new ideas!

  • Antonio

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