Revive I-5 returns: Northbound I-5 in Seattle closed this weekend

Gun supporters, some carrying weapons, hold rally outside state Capitol

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

guns1OLYMPIA — A pro-gun rally drew about 250 mostly armed people to the state Capitol grounds Friday.

The peaceful event was put on by pro-gun owners, who say they believe it’s important to spread their message about gun ownership in a positive manner.

“People become afraid of guns simply because they don’t understand them very well, and the more exposure that you have to proper and responsible gun ownership, the safer everyone is going to be,”  said gun owner Jason Dupea of Tacoma.

Gun-control supporters hope some legislation can pass the Legislature this year in response to the mass killing of children by a lone gunman in a Connecticut school.

According to The Seattle Times, many speakers at the rally in Olympia Friday focused on President Barack Obama and federal efforts to control gun violence, and some shouted to impeach Obama and accused him of committing treason.

Friday’s gathering follows a rally held two weeks ago that attracted about 2,000 supporters.

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  • RKS

    I fail to see why law abiding citizens are always the ones who have to penalized for the actions of non law abiding people. Current laws and any new proposed laws do nothing to to keep criminals from committing crimes.

    • Mr Holmes

      Not paranoid the word is prepared. You know what makes me sad? YOU DO! Maybe we should chug on over to mamzy pamzy land where MABY we can find you some awareness! You Jack Wagon! Obviously you cant see why we need to be prepared. The government is going against the US constitution that our for fathers fought and died for WITH GUNS. So yes its calls for being prepared not paranoid. Banning guns is paranoid!

    • RKS

      Why have insurance on your car? Paranoid you might be involved in an accident? You're a good driver, you'll never need it right? My gun is my insurance JUST IN CASE the something happens. I truly hope to never have to pull it out just like I hope to never have to use my car insurance.

  • Mr Holmes

    When I was just a boy i didnt agree with guns till i realized the criminals werent going along with the program and they carry guns legal or not, they dont care about rules or law thats when i realized why citizens want to pack a gun. God how many times does this need to be said "IF YOU OUTLAW GUNS ONLY THE OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS!! I saw that bumpersticker when I was 11 years old and i could understand why it is wise to carry a weapon. I would think you adults would be at least as intelligen as an 11yr old boy!

  • Guest

    Who knew there were so many crazy people with guns living among us?
    If you lunatics are claiming that you will protect me, my rights or anyone else I know, please don't, I don't want the liability.

  • Mr. Harrison

    No one seems to mention the large number of legal gun owners that have to use their weapon to protect themselves. Multiple studies have been done since 1994 with the numbers of those between 800,000 and 3 million per year. Everyone seems happy to follow the politicians and focus on personal defense rifles that were per govt. statistics only used 11 times in 2011. Sad, that the leaders of this country and the media have to hype the smallest percentage to push their agenda and people believe it! Do some research on your own. Google will show you. Govt. stats are at

  • Jason Dupea

    To the anonymous guest who posted 5 hours before me, I spent about four hours at that rally with about 150 openly carried firearms. Last month I spent about 6 hours at the rally where probably 1,000 firearms were openly carried. There was not one single instance of violence on either day, the only people shooting anything were camera men/women.

    If those are crazy people, then I would love to be surrounded by crazy people with semiautomatic rifles every day.