Woman accuses Auburn cop of sexual assault

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thompson1AUBURN — A veteran Auburn police officer is off the job and under investigation for allegedly groping a woman during a traffic stop.

The alleged victim, Hannah Thompson, said in an interview Thursday night that the incident began at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 26, when she was pulling out of the parking lot of The Sports Page restaurant bar in Auburn.

“I had seen a cop and we kind of made eye contact and I just kind of got a weird feeling,” Thompson said. “It was like a weird vibe.”

As she drove two blocks to her home, Thompson said, he noticed the officer was following her but he never turned on his lights and didn’t attempt to pull her over until she pulled into her driveway.

Thompson said she told the officer she was pregnant and only had one glass of wine. He gave her a field sobriety test anyway, she said, and then handcuffed her, put her in his squad car and groped her under the guise of a pat-down.

“He put it (his hand) directly down my shirt and, like, underneath the (bra) wire,” she said. “He didn’t grope each (breast) one, but he touched both. And then when he went down the pants, he started from the left side, probably had his hand up to his knuckles and then went from the front to the right side and then back from the right side and down to the front again … he never searched, I had a jacket on, he didn’t search the pockets. He didn’t search my jean pockets, and then I just started crying when he did that,” Thompson said.

The officer then took off the handcuffs and let her go, she said.

She reported the incident to another police department and a criminal investigation is under way.

“Puyallup is doing the criminal investigation and then, as soon as they’re done with that, they will present what they find to the King County prosecutor and we’ll take it from there,” Auburn police Cmdr. Mike Hirman said.

Thompson said she wants the officer punished so no other woman has to go through what she says she was forced to endure.

“Like the whole time, when he was, like, touching me and stuff, he had, like, this smirk on his face and a look in his eyes like he was comfortable with it, like he had done it before, like he knew he could get away with it,” Thompson said.

“I don’t think he should be allowed to be a police officer,” she added. “I feel like, if he does this kind of stuff, who knows what else he could be involved in?”

The Puyallup Police Department’s criminal investigation is expected to be finished by sometime next week, after which Auburn police will conduct its own internal investigation.

The officer is not being named because he is not currently charged with a crime.

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  • jermy jones

    WOW ! Yes he has done it before. Hopefully your his last victim! That little smile he gave you is what he wakes up with drunk with power!

  • Guest

    I don't believe this woman at all….also, notice the bad editing 'As she drove two blocks to her home, Thompson said, he noticed the officer was following her' He? lol

    • bobby jones

      Are you serious? They search everyone they arrest or detain. Officer safety.
      The search she's describing doesn't sound kosher but, if you're put in hand cuffs, expect to be searched.

  • Rayne

    I lived on that street and regularly notice Auburn PD sitting down the street at the park, waiting for patrons of the Sports Bar to leave, then pull them over. They are breaking the law by lying in wait down the street.

  • Justice

    Hmmmm Male cops are not allowed to search female suspects! They have to call for back up/female officer, in order to complete the arrest. Trust me, I know~ I hope there are more women out there that if they HAVE been a victim, they will come forward because of this brave woman's story~Definitely need to take his ability to abuse others, his badge, away on this one~

    • bob

      You "Know"? Really, why, bc once when you were arrested they did that for you? If they have the option and they think you are the type to fish to find a way out of the arrest by accusing them of wrong doing they may call a woman, if there is one, to perform the search.
      I'm not saying she's lying, it sounds a little weird, the investigation is in progress so we'll see but, you don't know what you're talking about.

  • scott

    police think there untouchable down there for some reason, i live snohomish , and i have to say they are the best police i have ever encountered very fair, honest, sorry to hear about that crap in auburn. there not all the same trust me i know you already know that . but its good to keep always keep in mind

  • WOWSERS...

    Oh "Justice" how funny you are thinking only women cops can search women suspects. Tell me where there is a law that states that? I know for a fact that often times there are no female cops working in a city, specifically Auburn; thereby making it impossible. How about a city like Pacific, Black Diamond or Algona where they only have one male cop working at a given time? I know that at least one of these cities has no female police officers working…. Get your facts straight. Also to "Rayne" there is no way a cop can see a person leaving from even the 900 block of 28th ST NE and know for certain that someone is leaving Sports Page. Impossible. Especially at 130 in the morning. And this woman was pregnant and drinking…WOW. Sounds like a credible source.

    • Dave

      Binoculars in the dark, from that park? Ha Ha There 2 neighborhoods between Brannan Park and the Sportspage….you're a moron

  • Bren

    Working on interrogatories now, but THIS is my next Blog Miss Kimberly Schurman. Facebook-ed you this a bit ago. AUBURN Kim! Promise- I won't give up! "Hanna said she want's the Officer Punished, so no other woman has to go through what she says she had to endure! "He had this smirk on his face, and this look in his eyes like he was comfortable with it, like he's DONE IT BEFORE- like he knew he could GET AWAY WITH IT. I just don't feel like he should be able to be a Police Officer. If he does this kind of stuff, who knows what else he could be involved in." That's right Miss Hanna- FIGHT BACK! Good for you Sweetie- and Thank You!

    Woman accuses Auburn cop of sexual assault

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