Homeowners find live grenade in their grass

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

grenadeBONNEY LAKE, Wash. — A couple unexpectedly found a live hand grenade in their backyard Sunday afternoon in Bonney Lake, Wash., officials with the Bonney Lake Police Department said.

The couple was strolling their backyard when they found the grenade “just sitting in the grass,” police said. The couple immediately called police, and the Pierce County Bomb Squad was called to the scene to dispose of the grenade.

Police did not give the exact address of the home Sunday. Officials said the couple living at the home was unsure when they stepped through the backyard last, and it was unknown how long the grenade was in the grass.

No one was injured and no homes were evacuated in the incident.

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  • Mr Holmes

    That just doesnt make any sense, why would somebody throw a grenade without pulling the pin? AAhhh unless they were running from the cops! Any other ideas?

  • Buddy

    Authorities probably planted it there to further spread the "anti dangerous things" propaganda that they are so obsessed with lately.

  • Commenter876543

    This is hilariously untrue. It was in someone's back yard, but not that of a 'couple' and they didn't find it while 'strolling'. The man was trying to help a neighbor and found the grenade when trying to get to the water heater.

    Some tweaker scrappers lived there for awhile and it's a good guess that's where it came from.

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