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15-year-old felon arrested in connection with Parkland McDonald’s gang fight

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

shootingPARKLAND, Wash. — Police arrested a 15-year-old felon in connection with a gang shooting at a McDonald’a in Parkland, Wash., the Tacoma News Tribune reported.

According to the News Tribune, the 15-year-old arrested Tuesday was believed to be part of the gang shooting that injured one teen Monday. A .22 caliber rifle believed to be used in the shooting was also recovered.

The suspect is a felon with weapons charges, the News Tribune reported.

At least ten people were involved and one person was shot during the gang fight involving 13-to-16 year olds, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Detective Ed Troyer said.

The fight broke out when one gang ambushed another rival gang around 12 p.m. Monday at the  restaurant in the 11000 block of Pacific Avenue South, Troyer said.

Two guns were used in the melee and a third was displayed. A 15-year-old was shot in the hand during the fight, but not seriously injured, officials said.

Several witnesses spotted men running from the McDonald’s, with one person carrying a handgun, police scanner reports indicated. Ten to 12 cop cars responded to the scene, and a canine unit was dispatched to look for the suspects.

The Titus Will Chevrolet of Parkland dealership across the street was damaged by gunfire. Luckily, no one was injured.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department’s Gang Unit recovered eight shell casings. The gang unit is investigating the incident.

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  • DDD

    Sure hope they find the people involved soon. Shame on them for putting other people's lives in jeopardy. Catch them and throw them in the slammer for a very long time. They were lucky no one was killed because of their stupidity.

  • KellyO

    And probably becuase of their age there will be little consequence even if they are caught and that is exactly why this keeps happening. 13 year old with guns?? The parents should be prosecuted and the kids locked up for a very long time! They endangered everyone in the vicinity with their stupidity and recklessness.

    • Corinne

      You can't always blame the parents. We can only teach our children and hope they listen to us. The Colorado High School shooters of a few years ago came from a nice family, nice home, so you just never know. At what age do gang bangers take responsibility for their own actions? I too live down the road from this incident and have kids in the FP school district.

  • DDD

    They are youngins and won't be able to keep their big traps shut and will blab and brag about what went down and will get caught. Come on stupid kids.. open your mouths.. let it all out. We are waiting !!! Yes, I agree the parents are also to blame for their childs actions.

  • Gerri

    I was in the QFC parking lot which was on lock-down. No WAY was there only 10 -12 cops – It was wayyyy more than that! Talk to a crying grandma in the parking lot whose daughter and granddaughter were in McDonalds and we was awaiting word if she was okay.

  • Buck Fever

    Ouch, bad news. That is near Franklin Pierce high school, so there could be some snitching tomorrow at school. Does the McD have security cameras?

  • Chey

    I was there seen the whole thing that went on outside. They did catch one of the shooters by being ID by a couple of us, they better not have let him go. This shooting was scary, but to those of you that think we need tougher gun laws NO we don't why punish the law abiding citizens? Figure out how these gang bangers keep getting guns and punish them instead. Punish the people that are selling them. Spend our hard earned tax dollars you take to really protect our gun rights, not take them.

      • Matt

        That good guy with the gun left it home cause of people like you. Why should we draw our weapon to protect people who, once the shooting stops will turn us into the police for waving a gun? Your at be one of them who thinks Obama is allowed to idiot proof America and make us all
        Safe. Go NRA

    • Buck Fever

      I see you've got the gun issue backwards, so you must believe the NRA propaganda. Oh, and where was the good guy with a gun to protect us in this case?

  • Sad Mac

    Somehow, young people need to realize these small-time rivalries within your peer group aren't worth dying for. There are a lot of good things to look forward to – if you live past the age of 15. Don't be another victim.

  • cntryby

    Need to go back to but whoopings/spankings, whatever you want to call it. If the kids try to cry child abuse, spank them again and let them know more where that came from.

    • Someone's Mama

      So very true, spare the rod and spoil the child! And to all the snitch patrol, you obviously THINK people should be afraid to report wrong doings. Maybe if more "snitches" if that's what you want to call them came forward, the little thug wanna be's around Tacoma, Parkland, and Spanaway or wait don't let me forget University Place, Fircrest, Lakewood, and Puyallup would wake up. There is more to life than who claims what block. Get an education, get a life, let me say it again GET A WORTHY LIFE.

    • witness

      I was in the parking lot and I think the last commentor may be correct. The kid with the rifle was really scared- he was about 20 feet directly in front of me and I did not see him shoot- I believe his gun malfunctioned by the time he and I stared at eah other. He did not immediately run off versus the shooter with the pistol. He also seemd to know the young girls (at least one) from the gang that was "ambushed" ….which buy the way was a mix of teens, adults and at least two toddlers- Imagine the life those two toddlers will face with parents openly involved with gangs—and we wonder why violence is perpetuated

      • person

        no those to toddlers were the little sisters of this 14 year old kid nobody there was over 15 and there was no parents i know aboubt half the people involved

  • RKS

    Comment deleted by the administrator because it made a good point about gun laws and the fact that they didn't stop this felon from having a gun.

    Gee Q13, did the comment go against your anti-gun supporting agenda?