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Oregon sheriff tells V.P. Biden he will not enforce new gun regulations

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

portlandLINN COUNTY, Ore. — The sheriff of Linn County sent a letter to Vice President Joe Biden informing him he will not enforce any gun laws he deems unconstitutional.

In a letter dated Jan. 14 and sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington D.C., Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller wrote politicians are attempting to exploit the deaths of innocent victims in recent criminal events.

He wrote honest and law-abiding people should not be prevented from owning certain types of guns or ammunition magazines.

For more on this KPTV story, click here.

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  • David

    Now there is an honest honorable Officer of the law that deserves the wole country's respect. He actually knows what and who he vowed to protect.that is We The People and The Constitution of The United States. I just knew there were some law enforcement that would do the right thing. Tim Mueller knows he
    has us citizens to back him up 100% X a billion people. Thoes that try to disarm us think they are safe. A mental patitent killed 20 children with an assault weapon, intelligent man could kill 20 without a gun. President and whoever is backing him including bad propaganda to scare the old folks has already threatened TREASON to go against the Constitution. Obama YOU DISSAPOINT ME! Good Job Sherrif Tim Mullen!! Hope the bad cops (can't call them officers) catch a clue bout whats happenning

    • Elliot

      The Supreme Court has already ruled (very recently in 1997) that the local county sheriff HAS the last word on the enforcement of federal laws in HIS jurisdiction.….

      It is actually one of the checks and balances to prevent unconstitutional laws from being enforced, as the local county sheriff is elected it is a very democratic protection.

      As to this "Law of The Land" you speak of, according to The Supreme Court it IS the law of the land for him to make a decision on weather or not a Federal law is constitutional or not, and then either enforce it if HE deems it constitutional, or NOT enforce it if he deems it unconstitutional.

  • Logic

    One of the few people in a position of authority who is using logic and reason to defend the rights of law abiding citizens. Although a officer of the law cannot pick and choose which laws to uphold the same can be said for the use of an executive order to circumvent the legislative process.

    In the end using facts and data to make decisions to help protect people will be far more productive than reacting to emotion.

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