58,000-acre brush fire closes I-90

More teachers refuse to give MAP standardized test

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

By Kate Burgess

Q13 FOX News reporter

SEATTLE — There’s a fight over testing in Seattle Public Schools.

Teachers at Seattle’s Garfield High School announced Thursday that they will refuse to administer a standardized test that students in other high schools across the district take in January. Now, some teachers at Ballard High School and teachers at the Orca K-through-8 school are joining Garfield High School educators in refusing to administer the Measure of Academic Progress, or MAP, standardized test, given to evaluate student progress and skill in reading and math.

Jonathan Knapp, the president of the Seattle Educators Association, said educators have good reason to refuse giving the test. The test wastes time and money, he said.

“The kids don’t take it seriously,” Knapp said. “They don’t find that it aligns with their curriculum, they don’t think it aligns with state standards, it uses a tremendous amount of resources in the district.”

Max Davis, a Ballard High School sophomore called the test little more than “practice” for other standardized tests.

“It’s pretty much just practice,” Davis said. “And it shows how well you can do testing-wise.”

But Seattle Public Schools administrators disagree that the test is a waste of time. In a letter to all district staff, Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Jose Banda supported the goals of MAP testing. And until further notice, all schools and teachers are required to give the test as planned.

“The test provides assessment data that is useful for screening and analyzing student achievement to inform instruction and measure growth over time,” Banda said.

Some students agreed with Banda and preferred the test to other standardized tests they have taken. William Steenstra, a Ballard High School sophomore liked that the test gets harder as students progress.

“I like how it gets progressively harder and it builds a test for your level,” Steenstra said.

Banda said the district will evaluate the usefullness of the MAP test later this year. Until then, teachers will be required to give the test.


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  • Bob Valiant

    No one has provided data to show MAP improves student learning because there is no data to show MAP improves student learning. It is just one more way to drain dollars from the public schools into the hands of private interests.

    • jwoodward

      Bob, Hello! Come on over and join us at the rally on jan.23 before the school board meeting. It will make you proud to be a former bulldog! This is what the Broad Foundation brought us and now their lackeys are all gone but as you say, MAP company cashes in. Good to hear from you!

  • james burtt

    WAY TO GO SETTLE TEACHERS. As a retired teacher after 43 years. I wasted 26/180 days testing students on Standardized Test. I also wasted 20 additional days of instruction time to prepare students to do better on the test. This was 1/4 of the school year on test and test prep.and since the test was so slanted to prove we were not doing a good job of getting students prepared for the "REAL" world.

    • Kzcatluvr

      US education sucks already as it is, if kids don't get tested?!? When I was in school we had every week some kind of tests or quizzes, which shows teachers how students learning. Here on the other hand students not tested enough so there is not learning. My daughter is in 9th grade and what they learning makes me cry, the level of 9th grade here is like 5-6th grade in Europe. Come one, people, you talking about future leaders of America are they all going to be customer service people at Walmart???
      I also understand its not only schools or teachers, it's school districts and futher US Dept. of Education,but I still think that teachers can do more go around curriculum.

  • Nina

    How about 'dis' Banda for not supporting his teachers! Loser. Standardized testing is a money wasting joke that only pads the pockets of test makers and their cohort politician buddies. I support the mutiny!

  • Amanda

    I'm from Ohio and my childrens school district gives this test. We had a 1st grade teacher tell us that she doesn't even look at the MAP scores to help in her evaluation of the students and we continue to here comments like this yearly. My daughter has been identified as gifted by the OAA and other national standardized test but scores above average, average and even below average at times on the MAP test, crazy I know. I think this test is just a big waste of class time and money! Thank you Seattle teachers for standing up for your students!!
    Support from Ohio

  • Julie

    This is something that Mothers Against WASL (aka MAW) has been telling everyone for the past 9 years–that state testing in any form (be it Terry Bergeson's beloved WASL or the MAPS test) is a total waste of students' & teachers' time & resources!! It has ZERO EDUCATIONAL VALUE! It is time to return to actual teaching for students to actually LEARN (a big problem of mine is that kids as young as 6 are being taught basic geometry–yep, dimensions of squares, triangles, cubes, etc.–& 5th graders do not even know the multiplication table, which was something that was REQUIRED to be known before being allowed to move up to the 6th grade). We need to return to the Original "3 R's" of "Reading, 'riting & 'rythmetic!"

    Kudos to the teachers for standing up for what is right–JUST SAY "NO" TO STANDARDIZED TESTING!