Revive I-5 returns: Northbound I-5 in Seattle closed this weekend

$10 million bail set for alleged road rage killer

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NollSEATTLE — The man accused of killing a beloved local wine steward during a road rage incident in August will be held on $10 million bail, a King County judge declared Monday.

Dinh Bowman, 30,  had his bail set after a short hearing Monday.

Bowman is charged with first degree murder in the death of Yancy Noll. Noll, a wine steward at the Capitol Hill QFC, was reportedly driving home from work when he stopped at NE 75th Street and 15th Avenue NE. Prosecutors contend Bowman was driving southbound — Noll was facing northbound — in a silver BMW Z4 when he pulled alongside Noll’s car and opened fire.

Court documents said multiple shots were fired and Noll was struck in the head three times. Witnesses to the shooting attempted to provide aid to Noll. Police said Bowman allegedly then sped away from the scene, running the red light at the intersection. He was arrested in September.

Bowman was previously held without bail. According to the Seattle Times, friends of Bowman sent letters to the court to push for his release, describing him as thoughtful and generous.

Noll’s friends packed the courtroom Monday. Annie Jacobsen, a longtime friend of Noll, spoke through tears after the hearing.

“Honestly, I was hoping for no bail,” Jacobsen said. “But I understand his (the judges) assement of new laws and I’m afraid he will make bail.”

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  • Banana Clip

    Bring on the trial, what the delay? This suspect and his wife should both stand trial, be convicted and sent to the nearest prison. This has to be one of the most senseless murders we've heard of. What drugs was the shooter on? Another gun nut out of control.

  • The Law

    The problem with our society is that the public has the tendency to judge and convict without knowing the full truth. The truth comes out via a trial. Truth can never be brought out in the media. Once the media taints the truth, then it becomes almost impossible to render a fair, impartial trial. There is no due process. I believe in a system where all accused have the right to a fair trial. So far, in this particular case, Mr. Bowman is not being given any consideration especially by the judge, who set an unprecedented bail of $10M. The judge needs to be removed as they are already too close to this case. They have to be impartial.

  • arandomreader


    How would we know O.J. Simpsons was innocent if it hadn't been for the trial that cleared his good name? And, on a different scale, I'm also withholding judgment on Stalin and Hitler — they never got their day in court.

    As I'm sure you'd agree if you think about it, due process is a compromise from start to finish, packed with restrictions and conditions. Among other things, facts whose facticity isn't in doubt by anyone can't be considered if they're uncovered in certain ways. If scientific questions or historical questions were to receive their final resolution in the courtroom, we'd still be arguing whether the Holocaust happened or the Earth was round.