Stolen tandem bike returned with note: ‘I am truly sorry’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Photo: KPTV/Portland)

VANCOUVER, Wash. — A bike stolen from a developmentally disabled couple in Vancouver was returned to the family’s home Wednesday along with a note.

“I bring this back 2 you because I am truly sorry and hope you can forgive me. I am trying to do the right thing. – Guilty,” the note said.

The bike was stolen Monday from Courtney and Harley Forbes. It had been tucked away on the front porch they share with Forbes’ mother, Kimberlee Turner, on V Street in Vancouver.

The couple can’t drive, but the bicycle allows them to run errands, go shopping and attend Courtney Forbes’ doctor’s appointments. Surveillance cameras were rolling when the theft happened.

After FOX 12 and other media in Portland shared the Forbes’ story, many people in the community stepped up to offer help.

“The widespread attention to these crime victims may have contributed to the momentary activation of the suspect’s conscience; however the goal of the Vancouver Police Department is to make an arrest in this case,” a police statement said.

The suspect was not seen when he or she returned the bike Wednesday.

— FOX12 Oregon

To read the full KPTV article, click here.

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  • Paul M. Hofgaard

    It's not often a criminal has a change of heart. I'm not saying what they did was OK now that it's returned but let's reward 'good behavior' as it were. It seems these days that the police operate under the policy of 'We have the right to do it so that makes it the right thing to do…"

    Forgive and forget…

  • gohawks

    im glad the bike thief got scared and returned the bike. maybe theres hope for this one yet. as for comments saying the cops are just hungry to abuse the badge….come on now thats just silly talk, i do plenty of things that are wrong, and when i do encounter the law officer/s i comply and am respectful and 9 times out of 10 i dont get hurt/harassed/called names etc i get treated with respect and we have a nice calm discussion about why they are at my door or pulling me over or whatever the reason is they are contacting me…… but its hip and cool to be a dick to the cops, has not a decade of that very show cops taught our youth nothing? they need to make some cops reality shows and show them to kids in grade school, nothing dramatic or nightmarish just clips of people getting arrested and jailed for stealing candy, bikes, cars w/e and how those kids cry on the clips and how scary that jail shit is, instead of how cool it is to flaunt the man and fk da poleece , theres definitely a problem with our youth of today….i blame the internet…..think about it……

    but good on the dude for retuning the bike and now he should call the cops and have a chat. relax folks, teach your kids right and to respect others as they want to be respected.

    • David

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there are some bad cops wth bad attitudes, Go to youtube and type in police brutality and or excessive force. There is lots of video PROOF that they are violent with no cause, beating people without cause, then lying about it to cover up but the video dont lie! So if you want to see why amreicans are loosing respect for cops that dont deserve to be called officers or wear a badg view the vids and wake up!. I know there is good cops out there but i think they are out numbered by the bad or they wouldnt be getting away with it. So reward the good and push real hard for removing BAD COPS. At least a criminal you know hes a criminal, but when a criminal stands behind a badge EVERYONE's safety is at risk, and remember this! When the LAW Breaks the Law THERE IS NO LAW! VIDEO PROOF ON YOUTUBE

  • April Dawn

    If the thief says he (let's assume it's a dude) is truly sorry and asks for forgiveness, then I believe it takes the cops out of the picture. If he chooses to be unrepentant and steal again, then the punishment will undoubtedly be much more severe because of his backsliding. Call it what you will, but if you pay attention to people's personal actions, this kind of thing happens all the time – most just won't/can't correlate the action with the consequence.

    The police would better serve their community by arresting impaired drivers and responding to home invasions and getting rid of meth in their areas; going after a former bike thief just seems so silly by comparison.

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