Report: Olympia judge refuses to perform gay weddings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GaryOLYMPIA — A Thurston County Superior Court Judge won’t perform same-sex marriages, citing “philosophical and religious reasons,” the Olympian reported Wednesday.

Judge Gary Tabor told the Olympian that he will not make himself available to perform gay marriages, and said he is not legally required to perform the ceremonies. According to the Olympian, Tabor also said he did not intended for his choice to be a political or legal statement, and added that many other judges are available to perform same-sex marriages.

Tabor has previously refused to perform marriages in the Thurston County Jail, the Olympian reported.

Tabor has served as a Thurston County Superior Court judge since 1996. He is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian Colleg. The school’s website said the school “honors God’s plan that sexual relations be a part of a marriage between a man and a woman.”

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  • GCar

    I think it's great, that he is standing by his beliefs. How hypocritical would it be to force someone to do something that they don't believe in.

    • just thinking

      Isn't marrying people legally part of what he takes our taxpayer money to do? How about he stop taking a government paycheck?

  • Meghan

    Agreed! Good for him!

    I for one, will never recognize same-sex couples partnership as a true marriage. It’s like children playing house

  • David

    will this judge recuse himself from ruling on all cases that involve LGBT family law criminal law excetera he obviously shows a prejudice.

    • Marco Luxe

      Exactly. The judge didn't say he would remain neutral in the marriage issue by declining to officiate at any marriages. He took a stand against civil equality under the law, and a stand against the law itself. That invites a claim of bias from any gay citizen before him.

  • jeremy

    This induhvidual should not be allowed to preside over any case involving gays, gender variant or female people since his religious views are likely to color his decisions. As for his claim that he didn't wish to make this some public statement of his bias against gay people, if that were so he could have kept it to himself and just happened to not be available. I am so tired of the religious people who seem to wish we could return to the cruel ignorant biblical times. How depressing that would be. I wish this society would make social progress faster than it has. What is social progress? Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone. Each person given equal OPPORTUNITY to do their best unencumbered by virulent sexist, racist, gay hating people.

  • Ash

    Regardless of your beliefs part of our society is that we may not infringe upon another person's religious beliefs. And while I may not agree with this judges decision he has a legal right to decline to do the ceremonies based upon his religious and moral beliefs. To force him to perform the ceremony's would be just like telling military members that they have to belong to a specific religion in order to collect their pay. So stating that he shouldn't collect a paycheck is really just an inflammatory statement that has no bearing on the judge's decision.

  • Tiredofit!!

    No, perfoming marriages IS NOT a duty of the judge that is required by law!! Most judges simply do it as a courtesy!! How ignorant people are.

    Funny how the LGBT side preaches "inclusion" but it their proclamation of what they say are their rightrs they are "excluding" those of faith that truly believe this is a sin! It is a sin and a true abomination against God.

    And to Jeremy's comments….ahh, it doesn't even deserve an intelligent response!

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