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Soldier warns women about expansive dating scam

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SoldierJOINT BASE LEWIS-McCHORD — A local soldier has received thousands of emails from love interests around the world.

There’s only one problem:

He’s not looking for love.

Major Gordon Hannett, stationed at JBLM, said online fraudsters are posing as the Major and soliciting money on his behalf. Hannett said someone claiming to be him scammed more than 300 woman into thinking they were talking to the major, and would get the women to send money on his behalf. The woman send the scammers money, Hannet said, and then contact him asking him what went wrong with their transaction.

“Women will send $2,000, $3,000, $10,000,” Hannet said. “I’ve heard of women cleaning out their entire retirement accounts to send to these guys, these scammers.”

Hannet said scammers use fake dating profiles and pictures to trick women into sending money for the chance to meet. A quick search for Hannett shows two false Facebook accounts featuring his real picture. Hannet has no idea how the accounts were set up.

Shannon Smith is senior council at the Attorney General’s Office. Several scams involving wire transfers to men claiming to be soldiers occur each year, Smith said. Though it’s a well known problem, little can be done to stop them.

“Often times when you send your money overseas, there’s nothing anybody can do to get your money back because our office doesn’t have the ability to chase people down overseas,” Smith said.

Major Hannett is now making it his mission to fight the scams and warn others about the crooks.

“They’re the lowest of the low,” he said.  “They’ve preyed on retirees and widows. They take their money. It’s just awful.”

The FBI is aware of many online dating scams and features online resources for those hoping to fight the fraud.

Visit these sites for more information on how to fight scams:

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  • Sheri

    I will never understand, as a woman, how women can be so stupid! Lack of commen sense will get your bank account cleaned out fast…wake up ladies….

  • Nancy

    I talked to the scammer on It was obvious to me that the guy was a scammer, but I played along….told him that I'd send him money…only to change my story…and tell him I was in Haiti helping victims of an earthquake, and needed some money to get home , and then would wire him the cash he asked for…he disappeared quickly….never to be heard from again…be SMART ladies…if a soldier asks you for money give him the boot!!!

  • sheila

    I was contacted by a James Krol Hannet on he told me he was a in the 75th Rangers in Syria he then told me is was a sergeant major his email is the photos he showed me look nothing like a man in the Rangers he told me he has lost his wife 15 years ago and was just now looking for love again that he was going to retire in 3 months he never asked me for money but he did ask for ode things like cookies and candy t-shirts and boxers and a towel I thought ok that’s harmless until I ask him for a address to the base he was at he then told me I had to email a delivery man michael hammond who will tell me the name of a diplomat that would take the box’s to james by this time I’m thinking yeah scam but I email this michael he emails me right back with an address to this so called diplomat Julius kisseh who happens to be in Accra Ghana on business and he would be happy to take the box to james I blocked all the emails and the fake james and gave the cookies and candy to my grandkids lol

  • Steph

    These people are still doing this. I have been speaking to someone who uses gordon hannett photos for the last 3 months and they still insisting they are the guy in the photos. Only the name they are using with me is MIKE DAVIS. They don’t give up even when you tell them you know they are not the person in the photos.
    I hope one day someone can stop them hurting people like they do. They never got so far as to getting money from me, they just wanted my account details, to transfer money into or so called money!!

  • Cecilia Carranza

    I received a friend request from a person named Wilson Harold, on March 10, 2016. I chatted with that person for 2 months. He started asking me to send money to his son in Valencia, Spain. Then he told me he was coming back to the States . He asked me if a could received a box with a personal belongings . A Diplomat supposed to contact me for delivery., this person contacted me asking me for money. The real person in the pictures is Mayor Gordon Hannett.

  • nati

    conosciuto un Richard Hannett !Lui a 60 anni adesso in Siria.Fa la missione di pace!che vive in Portland Oregon,ha figlio di 13 anni,e perso moglie 2009. vorrei sapere la verità!

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