Trooper charged with failing to report child abuse pleads not guilty

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

hamrick child abuseTACOMA — Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist has charged Washington State Trooper Justin Hamrick with two counts of failure to report child abuse. State law requires that any law enforcement officer that has knowledge of child abuse report it immediately.

“Our mandatory reporting laws exist to help protect our children,” Lindquist said in a statement released Wednesday. “Law enforcement officers in particular are expected to follow our laws.”

On. Dec. 27, Hamrick appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was released on his own recognizance.

In 2011, Hamrick allegedly learned that his father, Scott Hamrick, had been molesting his two stepsisters for five years. He reportedly asked his mother, Drew Ann Hamrick, to report the incident to police, but she did not and she was charged in August 2011 with trying to cover up her husband’s alleged crimes. She pleaded guilty to three counts of tampering with a witness and one count of unlawful imprisonment and was sentenced to one year in prison.

After he allegedly learned of the abuse, Justin Hamrick spoke with his brothers about the incident and after a few weeks, his older brother told him to report the abuse or he would call the police, Lindquist said. At that point, Justin finally contacted police.

During an investigation, the two girls, then 12 and 14 years old, told police that Scott Hamrick began abusing them when they were five or six years old. They also told investigators that Drew Ann Hamrick physically abused them. Scott Hamrick’s other two daughters told police they had been abused by him when they were younger.

Before the investigation was completed, Scott Hamrick, a former Pierce County firefighter, killed himself.

Justin Hamrick is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 24. He has been placed on administrative leave with pay.


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    • Dean Fuller

      Standard. The man is presumed innocent and entitled to due process. He should not be punished in any way (including suspending his salary) until he's convicted.

  • marie

    Monday evening you showed a story about some items being stolen from Microsoft stores some head phones made by Beats by DRE.You also had some photos of people of intrest I would like to see it again may can id one of two of the people.

  • Frank

    This is ridiculous, I wish the news still strived to provide accurate accounts of what happened instead of demonizing this man before the truth was even heard.

  • Jacob

    Strange hearing about this, I met this young trooper earlier this year in Feb. I’m very sad, hearing about his family being shattered this way. I’ll be praying for them all.

  • A real man

    Dont stick up for him cuz he was a cop any one who knows bout kids being touched should tell someone or take matters in there hands dont ask anyone what you should do if it was my dad i would of killed him sick people should die so yeah dont pay dat trooper and lock him up he sick as his dad by not saving them girls asap why wait . .

  • mune

    I know this man. Known him since he was a kid. He was in a very emotional position. Please do not condemn him for not immediately notifying authorities. He did the right thing, before he was charged.
    I knew Scott and DrewAnne too, and am sick over this. I wish the best for Justin and DrewAnne. These are good people!!!

  • Truth Seeker

    I find it both sickening and disturbing that we have bad cop apologist dominating the comment section. Do any of these people ever stop to wonder what it was like for the victims of these monsters (both Scott and Drew) while this Justin trooper “sworn to protect and serve” was covering up for his predatory monster parents. For those that would like to know: It appears that former state trooper Justin Hamrick was able to pull off some sort of sweet heart plea deal with Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist withoutever going to trial. That police blue code of cover up and favoritism appears to extent into the DA’s office also.

    This story should be updated as Drew Ann Hamrick did plead guilty to multiple felony charges and went to prison.

    Justin Hamrick is currently a police officer in the town of Steilacoom WA; where he appears to be targeting state employee’s going to and from work on McNeil Island with dubious and predatory traffic tickets/violations.

    How this bad apple and stain upon the public trust is still working in law enforcement is beyond mind boggling and with out doubt constitutes a colossal disgrace. Afterall, this kind of horrific and ongoing abuse does not go on for decades in some sort of secret vacuum, Justin Hamrick surely knows much more than he was and is telling.

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