A look at the most racially diverse high school in state

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

kentKENT — A community in Western Washington is now home to the most racially diverse high school in the state.

Inside are students representing 100 countries. As a result, there are boths challenges and benefits to students and staff at Kent Meridian High School.

Watch the video to see more details.

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    • jewamongyou

      What does the school do to make white students feel good about their heritage? What does it do to help white students achieve a sense of solidarity (which is important when other groups have such solidarity)? In what ways does the school teach about the important contributions whites made in creating our modern world?

        • Weingibz

          Is English one of the new languages you are learning? That would be a good thing, because the way I see it, the comment by 'jewamongyou' made a lot of sense and it certainly was written in English!

        • jewamongyou

          It's impossible to avoid learning about white people. It's impossible to avoid learning about blacks as well. But noteworthy blacks are presented as "noteworthy blacks", not just generic people. This is so that blacks can relate to them and feel good about themselves. But noteworthy whites are presented either as generic, devoid of any racial identity, or as white – but in a negative way. Never is "white" presented as a positive thing. This is child-abuse and a clear sign of oppression. By the way, the only American who has a holiday in his honor was a black man. There are no white Americans who have holidays in their honor.

          • Whitey

            History of white people? Why not start with: white people enslaved black people for 400 years. Oh, the poor oppressed cracker! Lol

          • Silverplate

            I…I can't even explain how ignorant and moronic you are.

            "White people" can be anywhere from the French, the British, the Greeks, the Turkish, the Russians etc.

            Goddamn fool.

            You make a great example on why the Kent School District is such a fail when it comes to it's educational system.

    • Angel Manzano

      Im sorry but your wrong actually How are people getting bullied explain and what wrong with Asians and Blacks im Black and Filipino and i have lots of people who are a different race

    • Mia

      If this is the same Krystal I had class with, you sort of created a problem for me in a class of mine, and you purposely treated me poorly. You had the teacher treat me, and a friend of mine like we made life so hard for you. You hadn’t even tried to converse with me. White people are in fact not the minority at Kent Meridian, there is no minority as the school is completely diversely mixed.

    • quilah

      actually its not because its a great school, i currently enrolled here from kentwood high school and it is way better. who ever says it is a bad school is stupid. we have great sports and acadamics(:

      • AnonymousPitbull

        No, I go there and it's a horrible school. Just because Kent-Meridian has great sports and acadamics doesn't mean it's a total recipe for a 'perfect' school. Hell, we even got restricted rules back in May of 2012 because there were atleast 5 fights in a day plus 2 lockdowns. Let's not forget the bullying, harassment, and the fights the students have to go through. If academic scores are your only prority then I recommend going to another school. This school takes the biscuit for being one of the worst.

        Also, 2 students from this very same school district killed themselves last year. One also tried to kill themselves. All because of the bullying problems this school district fails to take serious.
        The counselors won't help you with your personal problems or bullying problems for that matter, either. Proof? I've experienced it myself and my friends who go here also face the same problems.

    • Angel Manzano

      Shut your mouth cause your cut!!!!
      The main were facing actually is final exams so what u need to do instead of critizing our school question yours first because your academic scores are probably bad at lease were trying to succeed and graduate so shut the hell up!!! ok and class is over and not in session so ur dissmissed.

  • Weingibz

    Most likely the worst school in the state, especially if you are Caucasian. The Tech Academy is bit safer, but don't cross the parking lot because you will get mugged!

  • Anonymous

    You guys need to see what KM actually offers you. Work hard and quit blaming the diversity or "ghettoness" of your school. KM gave me everything that I needed to succeed no matter how many times I screwed up or got behind, the staff worked really hard to get me back on track and to graduate. Graduate on time or not doesn't really matter as long as you finish. You don't want to work at that Mc Donald's across the street trust me. It might be a little intimidating because its not exactly the perfect school, behavior wise, but that all comes down to you the students. Change yourselves and you'll change the school. KM is great and I'll always have fond memories of it.

    • Booth21

      It's true all you other high schools think your so much better but really your high school is worse or even more bad then KM or KMTA. Did you know that KW has the most fights in their school? According to Freakinomics, the more richer the school and less diverse the school is, the more fights that happen. The reason this happens is people are trying to be different then the other guy so they have a "right" to "brag" about how they are different.

  • Anonymous

    You guys need to see what KM actually offers you. Work hard and quit blaming the diversity or the "ghetto-ness" of our school. KM gave me everything that I needed to succeed no matter how many times I screwed up or got behind the staff worked real hard to get me back on track and to finish. Graduate on time, or not, doesn’t really matter as long as you finish in the end. You don't want to work at that Mc Donald's across the street trust me. It might be a little intimidating because of what we hear before coming to KM and it’s not exactly the perfect school, behavior wise, but KM is only what we make it to be. Change your views on KM and you'll change the school. KM is great and I'll always have fond memories. I only have a few more weeks until I finally finish. Thank you KM, forever a Royal!

  • Angel Manzano

    Why are you guys hating on our school!!!!! (=_=!!! Filipino gurl status!!!)
    I'm a freshman at KM and i kinda didn't want to go here because of the rumors about how bad it is i wanted to go to Kent Ridge because thats where most of my friends are. But going here to KM its way better than going to any other school. The teacher acutually have time for you and other students at kr and other school some teachers do really have time to help you. And dont hate all because are school don't discriminate other no matter what race they are. Add me on facebook if you go to KM (sakuraharuno189@yahoo.com)
    Filipinogurl out ~ <33

    • jewamongyou

      It's great that you feel pride about your heritage. Whites deserve to feel the same about theirs. Incidentally, I think you could improve your writing skills just a tad, or maybe just take a bit more time to proofread what you write. It's a skill you will find valuable in life. Just a word of advice :)

  • Jana

    I go to KM and I couldn't be more proud of my school. You tell me there's bullying? I've never seen any. I see friends making jokes about race because it's not a touchy subject here. We have so many different races and cultures it's amazing what kind of people you'll find. You guys give us the bad reputation for something YEARS ago, I'm talking a long time. If you came to our school and saw us you wouldn't believe any of the bad things you've heard. I don't think we've even had any fights. So I would appreciate it if you stop bad talking my school and actually come see what we've created here. It's a community of respect.

  • KM 2011 Grad

    As someone who went to this school and graduated when all this “we’re the best school” excitement started, I can assure you it’s a joke. There is a small group of students who live in this fantasy environment that the teachers there have created that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy and covers up the reality of how the rest of the students actually are. The fact of the matter is, yes the school is diverse. But they are not in any way fair to the races. The African American students are still ghetto, the Caucasian students are split between trying to fit in with the ghetto or just trying to survive the bullies, and all the other “diversities” in the school are taught in their own separate classrooms and keep to their own social groups with the exception of the few “diverse” students who speak very fluent English and are probably in KMTA (which I also was in for a year before I figured out it was just as much of a joke education wise as the rest of the school and moved onto the running start program). The teachers? All of them expect 5 maybe are nothing more than babysitters at this point because the school and it’s students have worn them down to that with their ghetto and delinquent behavior. I don’t blame them for not even trying anymore. Kent meridian is nothing more than a joke. Have you gone and actually talked to the students before writing these reports? And I’m not talking about the student government students or the students in all the fun or athletic extracurricular activities. Talk to the students who sit by themselves at lunch, talk to the students who are hidden away in the detention room, talk to the students who hangout in mcdonalds turning it into ghetto central after school every day begging for quarters from other students for a McChicken. Those are the students who will tell you what the real KM is like, they are the ones who know, but they don’t have the “right” view to fit into the “we’re a model school and so amazingly racially diverse” so they aren’t the ones who’s opinions matter right? If it’s such a great school why are the cops there on a daily basis? Why are the consistently called to the area after school almost every day? You guys have bought into this hype and talked this horrid school up for years but the truth is nothing had changed. It’s still the same typical American high school with bullies, pregnant teens, drugs, and twerking. So go ahead and celebrate it, but the people who actually attend it or have attended it are not fooled.

  • Another KM 2011 Grad

    Going through high school has always been a major moment in any kid's life. It's hyped about, warned about, and reminisced about for seemingly endless periods of time. I went to Kent Meridian, and can say I am proud of my school. It's a school that gives you what you wish to take out of it, plain and simple. It's a school where athletes have gone that competed in Olympic trials, it's a school where students have gotten full ride scholarships to attend their dream school. It's also a school where partying, pregnancy, and dropping out takes place. The school offers everything you need to succeed, and anyone that says they weren't offered a fair chance needs to wake up and realize this. I saw my peers come off their partying stint, stay after school a few hours and make up their studies and graduate, I saw female peers who regretfully fell behind in their classes have access to a program that still allowed them to take classes at home to graduate. Whether you found yourself more tech savvy, and wanted to join the tech academy, or wanted harder classes and participated in International Baccalaureate. It's up to the student to make the decision, To know themselves well enough to pick the right tools to succeed. As an adult now, I can say this is something that prepares you for life like no other. Teaching you to take the opportunities your given, and to work for the things you desire.

    The point of this report is on the diversity of our school, and this school is most certainly the most diverse. It's a school where multiracial couples happen all the time, where Martin Luther King day is a big event, more then just a few pamphlets, but an assembly on how his dream effected more then just African Americans. And let us not forget the Muli-cultural assembly. Where your peers, no matter their race, can join a club to learn about other cultures, and then at this assembly put on a show celebrating that culture. Whether it be Irish River dancing, or the Somoans creating a thunderous boom with their cultural dance.

    Life is what you make it, and at KM your education is what you choose it to be. Push yourself to achieve your goals if you attend this school, and remind yourself of the opportunities you may not of took if your bitterness for this school still exists after graduating. Most of all, for those who never attended and are at the glass door looking in, it's time to clean your lense if you continue to not look past the stains of time.

  • STOP

    Will everyone just stop being so racist- I go to KR and the school district is FINE- Nothing is going to be perfect or the worst. Just be GOD DAMB thankful that you live in the USA- alot of people barely get food let alone education. Stop complaining. They teach us about white and African American heritage at school nothing is perfect. So suck it up!

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