Man who left injured girlfriend after accident gets 14 months in prison

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jessicaTACOMA — A Pierce County man who left his unconscious girlfriend on the side of the road after a motorcycle accident pleaded guilty to two felonies Friday and was sentenced to 14 months in prison.

Philip Mack, 26, pleaded guilty to vehicular assault and leaving the scene of an accident.

Jessica Anderson, 22, was seriously injured July 26 when she was thrown from the back of a motorcycle driven by Mack that crashed in the 1900 block of Marine View Drive in Tacoma.

Anderson, who had numerous broken bones and a concussion, was able to make it to court Friday but did not want to speak to the court.

“I just want to say sorry for everything that happened,” Mack told the court Friday.

Witnesses  to the accident said they saw Mack, check on Anderson’s body and then take off before police and paramedics got there. Jessica’s father rushed to be with his daughter.

“There was a lot of tubes and a lot of machines, Dale Anderson said.  “She was in a coma. The coma was drug-induced at the point due to the amount of injuries and the extent of what they had.”

As a result of the accident, Jessica Anderson had a concussion, broken shoulder and sternum, eight broken ribs, two broken vertebrae and a broken leg.

Her family did want one question answered. Why leave Jessica on the side of the road. The answer made Jessica Anderson’s mother gasp.

“Philip believed that Jessica had died,” his attorney said.

Jessica Anderson hopes to one day be a firefighter and is still working toward that goal, her family said.

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  • Rocky

    So that should make it ok that he left her ther on the side of the road to die… “They weren’t dating” really? What’s you point to that comment.

    • bhbseattle

      I think you misunderstand — people just want to clarify that "left his unconscious girlfriend on the side of the road" is inaccurate, since they were not boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • Saddened Bystander

    The human brain is very complex. When a person goes through the kind of trauma that both Jessica and Philip went through in that accident, a person can end up doing things that they would never normally do. It is so unfortuante what happened to Jessica but people need to remember that Philip had a good amount of physical injuries, as well as emotional and mental injuries. If Philip had been in the right state of mind, I can't imagine for one second that he would have left this girl to die. This one accident will not only affect Jessica for the rest of her life but Philip as well. I am sure he wishes he could take back his reaction that night but unfortunately, he cannot. I wish them both well.

    Matthew 7:1-2 "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judge."

    • Praying4U

      I have two family members who race motorcycles on a track. Both have crashed at high speed while racing. Both didn't even remember the moments right after the crash. Neither one of them was in their "right mind" or able to make reasonable decisions or statements for hours after the crash. Leaving the scene was wrong. Everyone likes to think they would be a hero and do the right thing, but honestly, no one really knows what they would do after hitting their head during a high speed crash.

      I pray that Jessica recovers fully and can forgive and be a better person somehow. Rom: 8:28

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care what state of mind your in, you don’t leave someone dieing on the side of the road because of YOU. Shame on the judicial system this kid should have more like 60 months

  • lamell36


  • Anon

    He made a choice to leave this woman on the side of the road. He made a choice to leave the scene of an accident. I judge an individual by their choices and their actions.

  • WillieBee

    Philip is everything that is wrong with society today. Leaving a human being, a friend, on the side of the road is disgusting and pathetic. It's the "me first" attitude to the extreme. $10 says he has a history if running away from problems. Dating or not , this is not how a friend would act. Think about your friend and then think would you leave them on the side of the road? The answer for most people would be no. You can play the "good guy" role in day to day life, but the true test of who you are shows when under stress or extreme circumstances. I wonder how much of Philip's stress is related to how he changed Jessica's life for the rest of her life and how much he is crying about how he ruined his own life by his bad choices. He has to pay for his crime and deal with it for the rest of his life. I hope he can turn his life around and do something good for society.

  • Jacob Stuart

    I think in the middle of this incident some secret must have. Actually that man was did an irresponsible work by leaving his Girl friend alone after happening accidents. Now he is under prison but I think police should investigate proper reason as soon as they can.

  • Driveway Atlanta

    I'm very angry with this man. He is really a irresponsible person and did a very bad job. It can not be a humanity to leave a person in the middle of danger and I think Govt will investigate this issue very properly. Thanks

  • Hayk S

    I think whenever you are in accident still you don’t have to leave a woman left behind. That’s what I will do in case. Thanks for sharing this blog!

  • Hayk S

    Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if they dated or not. Somebody just lost their right to live and I hope whoever is liable will be dealt with accordingly by the law.

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