Gun sales soar amid talk of assault weapons ban

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ar15SEATTLE — It’s not just a big increase in gun sales in this state — it’s enormous.

One Bellevue gun store is seeing  a 1,000% spike in gun sales since the Newtown, Conn., killings at the elementary school. It’s the AR-15 primarily used in that shooting that is now fueling sales.

Wade’s Eastside Gun had no shortage months ago; now the shelves are bare.

It’s somewhat of a feeding frenzy, said owner Wade Gaughran.

Semiautomatic weapons, specifically the AR-15s, which are the civilian versions of the military’s M-16 assault rifle, are on many people’s Christmas lists as the pressure mounts in Washington, D.C., to ban assault weapons.

“Our distributors are sold out, our manufacturers have kind of been caught with their pants down,” said Gaughran.

Nationwide, many Walmart branches are also sold out of these military-style rifles and a gun store in Charlotte, N.C., raked in more than $1 million in sales in just one day.

“Stocking up when I can and I am standing up for my Second Amendment rights,” said Wade’s Eastside Gun customer Paulson James.

If you ask the Second Amendment Foundation they are already under attack. Phil Watson said his group is dodging death threats and complaints from gun opponents using the Newtown tragedy as ammunition.

“We are open to a meaningful discussion about how to keep dangerous firearms away,” Watson said, adding that the focus should be on mental health and not gun control.

In the meantime, the anti-gun sentiment reaches a fever pitch.

“The Second Amendment doesn’t give us the right to bear every single weapon that we know of,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

Feinstein is vowing to ban assault weapons and close the gun show loophole, with President Obama on her side.

“There is a danger to society but there is no preventing it whatsoever; there is always going to be crazy people out there. If you take guns, there is going to use something else to hurt people,” James said.

“There are so many millions of these guns floating around if some nutter wanted to get his hands on it he is going to get one of these,” said Gaughran.

Gaughran added that  once he is sold out of the AR-15, it could take months to restock because the manufacturers cannot make it fast enough and distributors are having to ration them out to all their different dealers.

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  • mnbbrown1993

    Whats absolutely pityful is that there are people out there that believe that barrel shrouds and pistol grips make a weapon more deadly. I have several rifles that shoot similar ammunition, hold about the same amount of rounds, and do not have features like I mentioned above, and fire just as fast and deadly. You can not legally own a weapon that fires fully automatic unless you are Law Enforcement or are a Federally licensed firearms dealer. Owners that had them before that law was enacted are grandfathered in but there are very few of those. Compare it like this, if we both own a Prius and I put a spoiler and a hood scoop on mine, does that make mine faster? The features that qualify it as an assault weapon have nothing to do with it's firing function. They still shoot EXACTLEY the same way as every other semiautomatic rifle that doesnt fall under their qualifications. And don't even bring up high capacity magazines, its all about the reloading speed.

    • Sean

      I agree with what your saying but you are wrong about fully autos. Many states allow full auto and suppressors. I have both. A $200 tax stamp for class 3 firearms.

      • mnbbrown1993

        Thats true but the process you had to go through to get them is similar to being a Federally licensed firearms dealer and your guns are registered with the ATF. I was refering to simply walking into a gun store and purchasing one like any other firearm.

    • RonLee

      The National Firearms Act of 1934 outlawed fully automatic firearms, except for those individuals who have applied for and been granted special permission through the ATF. IF there were any "grandfathered" back in 1934 they're long gone by now.

  • mnbbrown1993

    The powers that be are feeding you a line of BS to scare the masses. If you don't belive me then check it out for yourself, go to a gun store and see for yourself. Barrel shrouds keep you from burning your hands, pistol grips are for comfort, flash supressors just keep down the bright light from the bullet exploding out of the barrel. There is a few more but you should get the point by now. How bout they make a law that tightens up supervision of the mentally ill instead of medicating them and kicking them loose. How bout making parents responsible for the irresponsibility for leaving guns unsecured. (heard there trying that so thats good). Did you know there are more overdoses of children from prescription medication than any gun accident? The list goes on and on. Isn't it interesting how our administration jumped immediatley on gun control skirting the real issue? Guns have been around for a very long time and "going postal" is a 30 year old term. The only thing that has changed is how our mentally ill are cared for and criminal prosecution and punishment has lost teeth. Its a plain as the nose on your face!

    • Guest

      I have been a Police Officer in Indianapolis for 18yrs and have spent most of my career detailed to a school. I carry a Glock Pistol and have an Assault Rifle AR-15. we constantly train to repond to active shooters incidents. Thank God we have not had such and incident. I am glad that in Indianapolis for over 50+ years we have had Real, Armed, ILEA Certified Police Officers in there schools. What we do here in Indianapolis WORKS and has Worked for many years. I does cost alot of money but can we afford not to.

      • Citizen98107

        If you've never had a violent incident, why were the police hired to patrol the high schools? What is wrong with the teenagers in your community?

      • mnbbrown1993

        Same here, and the relationships that were fostered with the kids was very productive. We may have even pulled a few kids back over the line. Society can't admit that the thug mentality is everywhere and street cred has replaced academic achievment with many kids. Positive role models are far and few today and I am proud to be part of the few, or at least I try to be.

  • Citizen98107

    Too many guns have led to too many deaths. NRA is just an advertising agency for the gun manufactures. They care more about sales than safety.

    • Guest

      NRA protects our 2nd amendment right to legally own firearms. Just like the LGBT fights for your rights to marry the same gender. You probally have never even shot a BB gun and know nothing about what really causes gun violence. There have been numerous studies done that show the 10 year assault weapons ban 94-04 had no effect on gun violence.

    • joe

      Wrong you are clueless, the right to own guns is to arm the people against the government as the first line of defense, go back to Russia, cubu, china or wherever you like best.

      • Citizen98107

        How come they don't have mass shootings in Japan or hundreds killed every year by hand gun accidents? Did you drop your hand gun in the Oregon movie theater? Gun owners are careless.

        • mnbbrown1993

          Thats comparing apples to oranges. The Japanese culture from birth teaches honor and sacrifice. Not so much here in the US. There murders are also not reported like they are here and usually involve bladed weapons. But did you know Japan has one of the biggest gangs in the world, they push drugs, guns, and human trafficking.

      • john doe

        They dont have mass shootings but a man runs through a school and slices 32 kids and adults. Imagine that. And only the criminals there carry guns and the normal people worry for there saftey

    • Russ

      Have you even read the 2nd amendment. "national guard" isn't mentioned. Idiots like you are exactly the problem.
      It says "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

      Notice " the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
      that's is what is stated and that is what was intended by our forefathers. You can't dance around it and your fear of guns can't and should not be allowed to change it.

      I'm damn sure glad they added this amendment. They must have had some experience with people like you way back then. Unfortunately there is no cure for stupid so they had to add the 2 amendment to keep people like you from screwing our country up!

    • Matt

      you are beyond idiocy. The National Guard is a branch of the military that is a part of the Federal Government. The 2nd amendment was written in the purpose not only for self-defense against burglars and criminals, but the civilian defense against oppressive government actions. Its people like you who politicians use for a blind vote on matters because you do not seek higher learning or understanding of a matter, but choose to believe things that the media spoon feed you. Statements like this are lazy and pointless. You are a primary example of how not being educated can skew the public opinion on matters of great importance. Maybe the government should focus more on the education system so the future generations are not as ignorant as you.

      • Matt

        That is not to say that the banning of high capacity magazines and actual assault rifles is wrong. However, the attempt to ban all semi-automatic rifles and handguns seems excessive. There should be a health balance for this action for higher satisfaction. The attempt to remove such preexisting ownership is another matter that is being pushed. This action is wrong. Although any firearms that I own do not fall under ban criteria proposals, this action is absurd. I believe that a ban of high capacity magazines and firearms such as the uzi, AR's, AK's and actual assault rifles is reasonable. But that is one opinion. It isn't necessarily right, just as others believe the opposite.

  • Citizen98107

    It's easy to visualize the shirtless suburban rambo with bandolero cartridge belts criscrossing his jiggling beer belly. The NRA is a self righteous organization that is out of touch with the general public.

    • Guest

      I would have to say the general public is outta touch, continually giving away more of our constitutional rights. All the while with a big stupid smile.

  • Meghan

    What happened to improving help for mentally ill? This is what the real problem is! These poor people need help and the system is failing! Guns are not the heart of issue here! All of these shooters has one thing in common, mental illness!

    And didn’t President Clinton propose to have armed officers at EVERY school after the Columbine shootings? If a person is hellbent on destroying human life, there needs to be some one to stand up to them, not be another statistic!

    • Citizen98107

      The Republichickens don't want fund health care or mental health treatment. There were armed guards at Columbine when that shooting happened and at VirginiaTech. Most colleges have a campus police force to deal with petty crimes.

  • joe

    I have to go out and spend unplanned expenses to get a couple, because after the libtards disarm us then the Mexican Narco-Terrorists, the gang-bangers, crazy pukes with an axe to bury in the mothers head, and home invaders will be happy to fill the power void. Guns in the hands of Americans protect us; the people are the front line of defense.

    Back yard swimming pools killed more kids last year then the crazy retard did last week.

  • 0591ydnar

    Not only are new gun sales off the chaarts since Sandy Hook , but NEW NRA memberships are at an ALL TIME high since Sandy Hook. Over 8,000 NEW members "PER DAY" have joined the NRA just since a week ago Friday and the Sandy Hook MURDERS of innocent children. The members chose to join on their own in unprecendnted numbers, and show NO signs of slowing down.
    Americans are NOT hearing about the NEW NRA menbers or the NEW "off the chart gun sales" since Sandy Hook… from the left handed news media NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN OR little watched MSNBC.
    FOX news is rhe only place to hear BOTH sides of an issue. Admittedly FOX leans heavy to the right ..HOWEVER THEY will guive u both side's opinions.
    U will not get that from the liberals in the mainstream media like the "TODAY SHOW" for instance. & CERTAIMLY NOT from that crowd on MSNBC evening JOKE. Matthews, ED, the Lez Maddow show the not pastor AL Sharpton, and certainly NOT from Lawrence O'dummy show.
    America is getting wise to the LIARs that tell u the NRA is to blame….WE the PEOPLE are the NRA., and we WANT our CHILDREN TO BE PROTECTED when we send them off to school. We don't want them to become TARGETS by people like Lawrence O'Donnel telling the MANIACS which schools have armed gurards and which TARGET schools do not have protection.
    Armed security should never be in unifrom…the killer will see tham and take them out first , with the eliment of surprise, then proceed to kill whoever they please. Anyone who has a concealed weapons permit should be allowed to carry in schools AFTER being checked out on the local Sheriff's DATA BASE. Teachers , Parents of school kids, grand parents, school employees etc.
    MANIACS who KILL children do NOT BOTHER to get a LICENSE to CARRY. NOT ONE case of mass shootings has been a "Licensed" person. This would NOT cost the schools anything monetarily.

    • Sean

      I don't listen to any news channels, they are all full of it and biased in one direction or another. I am pretty liberal and this issue is beyond liberal or conservative. We have to find a way to prevent these school shootings from happening. Taking away guns solves nothing. I firmly support our 2nd amendment and own over 20 firearms ourselves. Most inner cities schools do not have these shootings happen because of metal detectors and armed guards. Some teachers should be allowed to carry after being thoroughly screened and schools should have an armed security. It's sad that it has come down to this but arming more sane people at the school would really help.

      • RonLee

        On the recommendation that some teachers should be trained and armed, I recently overheard someone saying "what does the NRA want now, the teachers to shoot their own students" . Sad very sad.

    • Deputy Dog

      FOX cable TV news has been a mouthpiece for the right wing conservatives and a not balanced news source. It's sort of a joke. iIn fact, some comedy show, on a different network, is based on their misleading reporting. They didn't get the last election results correct because Mr. Rove was sitting there lying to them on live TV. All lies all day 24/7. Wake up.

  • Full_Clip

    Write whatever laws you want, guns aren't going anywhere. Blame video games, the boogie man , you cat, it doesn't matter, guns are here to stay.

    • Bill W.

      Have you ever shot a gun in your life? Have you even even seen one? Have you ever had to defend your own children from coyotes or cougars that are prevalent in the Mid-West? Well I, and many of my neighbors and millions of my countryman have. It's a scary thing, and having a semi-automatic weapon is a sincere way of securing the lives of your family.

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