Stolen dog sold on Craigslist reunited with family

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PuppyEVERETT — Stolen computers, iPhones, and other electronics are often resold on Craigslist.

But a dog?

According to the Monroe Police Department, a 17-year-old Monroe girl was recently arrested for selling a stolen dog on the popular internet classifieds site.

The girl was scheduled to babysit a 3-month-old black lab while the owner was out of town, police said. But instead of care for the dog, Emma, she sold her for $200 on Craigslist.

Luckily, through a bit social media help, the family got their dog back, police said.

The Everett Herald reported that the 17-year-old posted the dog on Craigslist as a “Great Dane” puppy. A Monroe-area woman bought the dog for $200, and when the original owner returned home, the girl allegedly told the owners the dog ran away.

But when the new owner posted pictures of the puppy on her Facebook page, a friend recognized the dog from the previous family. The dog and was reunited with the original owner at the police station and the 17-year-old was arrested for first-degree trafficking and theft of a pet, Monroe Police said.

The dog was happy and excited when she was reunited with her family, the Herald reported.

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  • andrea

    As being the woman who bought the dog and standing there with the police, broken hearted. I never once heard Hannah ( the owner) saw anything about her (briawna) babysitting Emma. And for those buying animals, on craigslist, there is no way to figure out if a dog, cat, or let alone any animal is stolen. It’s just a risk you take buying off that site. Let it be a lesson, to myself, or anyone else who buys things of craigslist.

    • susan

      If you want another dog, even another Great Dane, I would encourage you to adopt from a local rescue organization or shelter. You will have your choice from 1,000's of dogs that need a home!

      • guest

        Finding a Puppy of your preferred breed is near impossible. Adopted adult dogs have too many issues to deal with unless you are a dog trainer, or health issues that cost a fortune at the vet.

        • Stephanie

          I adopted an adult dog (~age 3) and she was a joy from day one. No issues at all. I am 25 and in no way a dog trainer. Don't just say all adult dogs in shelters have issues. A lot of times people move or just don't want to be bothered any more so they leave them at a shelter, no abuse (though just abandoning your dog should be prosecuted as such).

          • Kay

            My recently-adopted 3+ year old shelter dog is the world's best dog!! He's as cute as can be. Was trained by a previous owner. And is very loving. He's not exactly the breed I wanted, but he's certainly the DOG I wanted!!

        • guest

          It's actually VERY easy to find a puppy of just about any preferred breed. There are breed specific rescues all over this nation………I mean, I can find a Bernese Mountain Dog……one of the rarest breeds out there. So please don't spout off if you have no information what so ever. Thank you!

          • TakeYourOwnAdvice

            I tried for over a year in a city in the top 10 population wise to find a specific breed puppy and was not able to. I ended up with an adult rescue that was in such bad shape I had to spend $800 in vet bills the moment I brought him home. Several years later I wanted another dog of the same breed and again spent months looking. I had to fly a puppy out from an organization 2000 miles away. So please don't spout off if you have no information what so ever. Thank you!

          • JLM

            That is so not true. When I decided I wanted to adopt a German Shepherd after mine passed away, I found a reputable rescue group in the next state. Within 3 months I had a purebred German Shepherd 10 month old puppy,and he came microchipped, neutered, all shots up to date, and fully evaluated to make sure that his temperment was compatible with my family, kids and cats. They put a great deal of time into making suitable matches. It cost more than going to an actual shelter, but you are still rescuing an unwanted homeless animal

    • vhn

      NEVER BUY AN ANIMAL ON CRAIGSLIST! Often times they are stolen, and if not, they come from disreputable breeders and puppy mills. No responsible breeder will sell a dog on craigslist. You wanted a cheap designer dog, and you didn't care if it was stolen or it's parents were horribly abused. People like you have no compassion and should not own pets. You are the reason our country has a puppy mill problem. To you , it is a possession, not a living creature. You lack the empathy and compassion to own a pet. Get a furby.

    • Courtney

      awww. I am sorry that happened to you. You will find the perfect pup that was always meant for just you. I hope it happens soon! I love my two doggies very much and one of them is a craigslist buy. I only got a little hoodwinked because she told me he was Husky/Shepherd but he is really a catahoula leopard dog (which is still cool :) Best of luck!! and I hope you find a pooch!

      • Guest

        If the seller did not even know the correct breed of the dog, then it is a very good chance that the dog was stolen from it's rightful owners. I hope you do the right thing and try and find the rightful owners if for no other reason than to let them know their dog is safe and well cared for. Never knowing what happened to a loved one if the worst thing in the world.

  • Marika1970

    Anyone looking a pet can find one on Petfinder. There are thousands upon thousands of lovable pets that have come from a variety of situations. Sometimes, the owner passed away, family cannot afford to keep their pet, found lost and never claimed, abandoned, neglected, abused by it's heartless owner, unwanted litter of kittens or puppies because the owner couldn't be bothered to spay/neuter their pet.

    All pets deserve to be loved and cared for and given a second chance.

    • Guest

      I agree Marika, There is NO reason what so ever to buy a pet other then from a shelter. There are millions right now setting on death row for no reason other then irresponsible pet owners who doesnt spay & neuter & back yard breeders selling dogs that most end up in a shelter with what cant be sold. Shelters are all over flowing with good dogs of all ages and breeds.

  • jon's lady

    The woman who bought the puppy is an avid animal lover and has rescued many different pets. It was devastating for her to return the puppy, not to mention she lost $200 in the process; she deserved better than this.

    I am glad Emma was reunited with her owner, but I am sorry she didn't get a chance to belong to one of the best dog owners I know.

  • Jesse's girl

    This is very similar to a child being kidnapped and adopted out to a new family…it's wrong. The dog is with the family that has loved and raised it to this point and was not in the market to place her elsewhere. The only thing the person that bought the dog got out of the situation is a $200 life lesson and the dog was not deprived of anything…the dog already had a loving family.

  • Olympia

    Sad to hear that young brain cells are being used to commit such crimes. This wasn't a pair of shoes, but rather a family member. How cold can this little 17-year-old jerk be? How does one have the heart to do this?

    Our society needs consequences….not slaps on the wrist. Hopefully, this girl will get what's truly coming to her.

  • carole

    I also had my dog stolen, in Las Vegas, NV
    Have been posting sense April 2011
    Also my son's dog. Pomeranian.
    He was visiting Vegas and this low life scum girl ripped her off!!!

  • Connie

    Sadly many stolen dogs are sold on Craig's list and please advise owners to always look carefully every day. The nice lady who bought the dog meant well and sounds very nice and is an innocent person who got scammed. The original owner learned a difficult lesson regarding who can be trusted to care for your beloved pet. All owners please microchip and also license (for proof of ownership) and put on name tags carefully. I have done dog and cat adoptions for over 25 years and happily encourage everyone to adopt–shelter, breed rescue group or petfinder. If done responsibly and with knowledge of what your needs are and be sure to make a life time commitment. it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make as well as one of the best lessons you will ever teach your children.

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