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Dick’s Sporting Goods pulls rifles off shelves nationwide

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Photo courtesy of CNN

Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. has stopped selling guns at its store nearest to Newtown, Conn., in the wake of Friday’s school shooting, the retailer said in a statement on its website.

The statement read:

We are extremely saddened by the unspeakable tragedy that occurred last week in Newtown, CT, and our hearts go out to the victims and their families, and to the entire community.

Out of respect for the victims and their families, during this time of national mourning we have removed all guns from sale and from display in our store nearest to Newtown and suspended the sale of modern sporting rifles in all of our stores chainwide.

We continue to extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by this terrible tragedy.

Dick’s, which has more than 500 stores in 44 states, also said that it has suspended the sale of “modern sporting rifles” in all its stores.

Authorities have said that 20-year-old Adam Lanza used a Bushmaster brand semi-automatic rifle to shoot and kill his mother before going into the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, where he shot and killed 20 children and six adults.

There are two Dick’s stores in the Puget Sound region — one in Renton at The Landing and the other in Puyallup at South Hills.

— The Orlando Sentinel contributed to this story

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  • Leos2518

    That's their right! Although I think its a awesome gesture, i don't agree, but its not my business! & Why does it have to be about $? You don't work? You aren't out for any $? /:

  • Ginger

    How come we don't hear about Free Mental Health services for the mentally ill who commit these tragedies? Mentally ill people will always find a way to kill others, poison, pills, contamination, and whatever they can find. Its not the guns that kill people, PEOPLE do.

    • James

      Ginger… you're spewing a tired, old argument. Guns do kill people. And the access to guns makes it easier to kill MORE people than knives, poison, pills. Killing with a gun is as easy as pulling a trigger. Killing 26 people with a knife requires a lot more athleticism and skill than the young Mr. Lanza possessed.

      • Common Sense

        Criminals will always have guns…it is the law abiding citizens that are denied their 2nd amendment rights with gun control…I wonder how different this event would have turned out had the custodian, or principal, or teachers been armed for protection…Isn't interesting how school shootings STOPPED in Israel when they armed their teachers…

        • James

          That's not common sense. What kind of a world is this when teachers have to start packing?! And the kid in Newtown wasn't a "criminal". He was unbalanced with easy access to guns. Even the NRA agrees we need to find a way to keep weapons out of the hands of those that would use them to recklessly kill others.

  • roloaddict

    He drove a Honda to the school and probaby had Lucky Charms for breakfast. Neither Honda or Post will pull thier products off the market in a case of contagious guilt.
    Our society has gone just as nuts as the shooter. We have lost the abiity and the will to look evil and mental illness straght in the eye and see that it is wholly responsibe. Instead we blame inanimate objects like our Neanderthal forfathers did for thier misfortunes. Lets all put on our big boy pants, bury our dead and recognize that unless we lock up everyone, we will have this. More people, more of this. Give people the tools to protect themselves, punish those that mis-behave and commit the ones that don't know the difference. Meanwhile I am going down to Dick's (burgers) and get a Deluxe before someone tries to ban them because 400,000 die due to Heart Disease every year. That is if i can eat after whatching yet another poitical mouth breather push thier agenda while using murdered children as a backdrop.

  • David

    We will just take our business elsewhere. True Americans have never gave up their rights to bear arms and never will. Suply and demand. always has been and always will. That being said there are american gun dealers that feel the same about our gun rights and will continue to supply our american needs and demands in order to protect citizens and you gun haters will need our help too.
    Constitution II Amendment: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.