James Stimson, 16, sought for murder, captured by police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

stimpsonJames Stimson Jr., 16, has been arrested in connection with the murder of a Tacoma man. Stimson and an accomplice have been charged with first-degree murder.

Stimson had been wanted by police — he was finally captured early Sunday morning after being featured on Washington’s Most Wanted Friday evening.

On Nov. 18, shortly after 3 a.m., police responded to the 5400 block of South Lawrence. When they arrived on the scene, they found a man in a truck who appeared to be drunk and unconscious. In the cab of the truck with the man was an agitated pit bull that police had to secure before attending to the man.

Paramedics determined that the man had been shot in the chest and he later died from his injuries. The victim was identified as 45-year-old David Watson.

In their investigation, detectives learned that Watson lived near where he was found and that he had been drinking with a friend. Watson’s dog went missing, and he got in his truck to find the dog.

Watson then pulled into a business parking lot and it was there that video captured what appeared to be Stimson shooting Watson in the cab of his truck. Police released descriptions of Stimson and Marcus Langford and later that day, one of Stimson’s relatives contacted police and told them he had taken one of her husband’s guns. She told police she contacted them because Stimson had returned the revolver he took.

When detectives interviewed Langford, he told them that he and Stimson had been at a party and were walking to Stimson’s girlfriend’s house when they encountered Watson. Langford told police Watson gave Stimson $5 and that Stimson then asked Watson to give him “all you got.” He said that when Stimson stuck his hand in the window, Watson laughed at him and grabbed the gun. He said that he did not know if Stimson pulled the trigger or if Watson’s actions caused the gun to fire.

Police said that Stimson and Langford are known gang members, beling to the 64 Block Crips.

Stimson also faces a second charge of unlawful possession of a firearm.

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  • Ken

    Gang member or not, since when did we start posting kids faces in the news for a crime he hasn’t stood trial for? Or is it because he’s African American?

    • Emily

      Really?! He was on the run and police where looking for him. Kid or not, he shot someone who died and it wasnt safe to have him on the streets.

      • Jim

        Who's the racist here? Ken! He is a obvious danger to the community. There's nothing racist about facts, safety, and discipline.Kid's shouldn't be in gangs, they should be @ home in the safety of their parents. Calling a tragedy like this ( for both families) is just adding insult to injury to a very sad situation. In fact Ken instead of calling it racism why don't you instead get out and get involved in your community and try to help kid's like this in a positive way instead of choosing racism as a scapegoat for sheer and utter laziness and ignorance. But I guess ignorance is bliss right!

        • Kncfederalway

          Hey idiot, I’m African American. And you totally took my statement out of context. Either that or your just ignorant yourself calling the kettle black. I was asking why his pic was being plastered in the media when he’s clearly a minor and hasn’t had his day in court yet. And by the way, I’ve coached youth sports and volunteered for most of my adult life. And you? Take the time to digest comments before jumping the gun.

          • Mr Holms

            Yea a minor a$$ hole GABG BANGER!!~!who needs to tried as an adult and should get a DEATH sentence Being young is no excuse to KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Mr Holms

            Oh and his pic being on the news should be posted all over the world so people will know exactly who he is a Gang Banging MURDERER!!!! Got nothing to do with race or color it has to do with MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your head out yo A$$

      • kylee burdett

        Did you ever stop to think as a child he found his father dead. No body cared about him he had a rough life. If anything he needed help and nobody was there. So he turned to the streets have a heart and a brain at that

  • w paterson

    doesnt matter how old or what race you are,these types of crimes need to stop. has the youth just lost there mind in thinking this is okay?

  • me

    Hes a murder i dont care …show me his face minor or not …would u have a different reaction it this wasa 16 year old child rapist hmmm probably not huh!!

    • Kncfederalway

      Yes my reaction would be the same, cause there’s one major fact that will never change: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! What if, just what if, he’s proven to be innocent of all charges? He’s just a child, and this would devastate his life, and cause him to either committ suicide or be retaliated against. If he did the crime then so be it! He deserves what ever he gets, but there is a little thing in this nation that makes it great and much better than some third world country, IT’S CALLED DUE PROCESS! Or maybe you just believe that every one charged with a crime is guilty, and that there has never been an occasion where they had and charged the wrong person. If so, I hate to be you when someone mistakenly chooses you out of a line up and then they charge you with a serious crime, cause by your standards your guilty right?

      • David

        I agree Due process. Our constitutional rights have to remane protected.If he is guilty then by all means treated as an adult, that might show kids its not wise to kill. In other words they wont get away for being a minor. Murder is Murder.
        Too much media can damage the prosecutions case

      • rtsidecitizen

        Once again the left-side of the state libtards come out to defend a known gang banger, sure take away all the guns from law abiding citizens and more little gang bangers will come out of the woodwork like the rats that they are.

        Prosecute him, convict him, and give him the death penalty…then FRY HIS A$$ IN THE CHAIR or PUMP HIS A$$ FULL OF LIFE ENDING CHEMS!!!

  • Amber R

    This child yes he is still a minor my family has known for a long time. When he was younger a group of kids came on a no school day and hung out. Helped clean the house I made snacks for the kids and then the same boy decorated a tree with me and my children. J.J. was always respectful and then very happy. He lost his father two years ago and I remember being so sad for this boy. His father was the one thing that I know he adored as a role model. I have known a lot of the south end kids and always welcomed them with support and often nagged them. It is a tragedy that this young man as great as I want to remember him made these decisions. I understand he made an adult decision, but it truly reflects back on how terrible he had it at home. As adults we need to help guide these youth who have no direction. I’m sad very because I hear people judging and truly ” it takes an entire village to raise a child”
    Look inside ourselves if we as adults don’t take time to help these kids who will?

  • Kncfederalway

    I really don’t care if he’s white, black, blue or purple! My only point was that he’s a minor and hasn’t had his day in court yet! And if he’s proven guilty, then by all means put up a billboard with his face on it and send his little butt to the worst prison ever! DUE PROCESS FOR EVERYONE! Including the idiots trying to find a reason to jump all over my case, cause without it, we’re no better than IRAN, AFGHANISTAN OR WHATEVER, country that would just take you out back and shoot you in the head rather than to give you a chance to prove your innocence!

  • Xrobinson

    I believe that some of you guys are really ignorant and if you honestly believe that he's a murderer or whatever thats your opinion and your entitled to that but what i dont get is how you can bash a kid because he adapted to his environment his father died his mother has been in and out of prison his WHOLE life. all he was was a product of this Horrible society we live in and his back may have been against the wall. so ask yourself if you honestly had nothing to lose would you take a life because you feel threat'nd or scared?

  • Anthony

    Being charged as an adult in a crime allowed law enforcement to post as photo…First the thing that beggers and strippers do is ask for money; if you are lost thinking they are ok with 5 dollars then you are not thinking correctly – But that man's money belong to him and he offered and give 5.00 out the kindness of his soul. This is a life changing event for both families and these two young boys are going to face some serious time. Too many people (kids & adults) think you crime is a game, well it's not and by the laws of the Land I hope he never sees the freedom again…And to let you know I'm retired military & Black…

  • Sad

    This is all so very sad! Not everyone is strong enough to handle the crap life deals them……. It really is messed up to condemn anyone when only GOD has that right.
    People are a product of their environment and WISDOM shows that some… use the aweful, horrible, disgusting things they might go through (being of a weaker mind) to be aweful, horrible and do disgusting things. There are those who have lived the same road but (being mentally stronger) use it to teach them how they don't want to be. We cannot judge someone for their actions – not knowing where they came from or why they are the way they are. Everyone has a breaking point and James' life was not one that most of us could ever endure. Only God knows what really happened and why… so lets pray for David Watson and his family as well as James Stimson and his. It is the right thing to do! GOD BLESS AND GIVE STRENGTH FOR ALL INVOLVED!