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Anonymous targets Westboro Baptist over threats of Newtown protest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

0330-Military_full_600(CNN) — Hacktivist group Anonymous published what it claims to be personal information of members of the Westboro Baptist Church after the group announced on Saturday it would picket Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where 26 children and adults were killed.

Anonymous published private e-mail addresses, phone numbers and home addresses of various members, and teased the group about the hack on Twitter. Anonymous also posted a video condemning the group for “breeding hatred” and adding, “We will destroy you. We are coming.”

The Westboro group holds protests at military funerals, and targets various cultures and demographics, particularly gay people. The group blames them for tragedies such as shootings, saying it’s God’s punishment for their actions.

Click here to read more from CNN.

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  • Elaine

    OK, so they need to stop breeding hate and encouraging hatred. They need to stop targeting specific groups and hating on them, and need to find better use of their time. Anons and the Phelps' both. What the anons are doing is illegal. We can't forget that.

    • AnonOps

      It depends what country you are in if its illegal, and what we are doing is for the good of all of us, what WBC is doing is breeding hatred and causing pain and hurt for victims of this horrible crime.

      • Elaine

        So is anonymous. Look, anons posted private information of many Phelps members, which is illegal. Lists I saw had their social security numbers on them! Furthermore, at least five of the Phelps on that list have left the family. And many of the members posted were under the age of 18. They cannot help the family they were born in to. How does being a jerk and releasing their private information in order to harass the members of this group accomplish anything but more hate? How is one who uses this information to commit the same act as the WBC any better than the members themselves?

    • Paul

      I disagree. It's called civil disobedience. What they are doing is very similar to a teacher and bully situation. The bully has the legal right to verbally harass any child he wants… But it doesn't make it right… so the teacher steps in and makes his bullying look stupid to others in an attempt to show them that it's not acceptable behavior in this society. So, to the Anons I say do what you must to show this group that while we respect their freedom of speech, they have taken it too far by going to funerals and candle vigils for the dead.

  • Knives

    Why don't people see this as a hate crime? I find it shameful to the human race for people to be so ignorant. You can have your beliefs but when it comes to protesting at the funerals' of children and people who gave their lives for this country and a better way of life is shameful and utterly revolting. I fully support Anonymous and what they are doing to this hate cult. I'm sure one day it will turn violent and I know what corner I'll be standing in when it does.

  • Mark

    Run them out of town. Flatten their tires and then let them try to find someone to fix them. Don't give them hotel space and refuse to sell them food. They are evil. They picket the funerals of our fine soldiers who were fighting for their right to safely sit here, get fat, and spew bile at everyone else, all the while claiming it's their first amendment right. Screw you, Shirley. Now you're targeting kids, and you've now reached my limit. I have no more tolerance for you. You yourself are a sinner and you yourself are not without flaws. And you yourself will be the one in hell for what you did here in your mortal form. God have mercy on your vicious soul.

  • anonymous

    Are you serious about the WBC kids being innocent?? You clearly know nothing about this so called “church”. They stand right with them protesting, wearing shirts of abusive nature. These people are born and bred to hate. Its sad that the children are involved, but they are just as involved as the rest of the phelps family. Its disgusting.