2 off-duty cops arrested for alleged hit-and-run, DUI

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

beerSEATTLE — Seattle police arrested two off-duty officers early Monday morning following a hit-and-run crash in Seattle.

According to the Seattle Police Department, police officers responded to a report of a crash near the intersection of 1st Avenue and Lander Street just south of downtown Seattle.

A witness who called police said she saw a woman driving a Nissan Altima away from the scene with front-end damage. According to police, the witness said a female driver stopped the car in the middle of the street and switched places with a man in the passenger seat.

Officers conducted a search of the area and found the car near the accident with its engine running. Officers contacted the couple in the car and immediately realized the occupants were two off-duty Seattle police officers. Each of the off-duty officers had been drinking, police said, and were arrested for DUI.

According to police, the pair struck a light pole before trying to drive off.

SPD has initiated the Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) complaint process and the officers have been administratively reassigned to home, officials said. The case will be forwarded to the City Attorney’s Office.

Investigators are asking the city attorney’s to consider charges of DUI and hit-and-run for the female off-duty officer and DUI-physical control and hit-and-run for the male off-duty officer.

The couple was released shortly after processing, police said.

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  • Citizen98107

    This is bad news for the SPD. Were they out with the cops from Bellevue? Didn't anyone tell them the Seahawks played in Toronto?

  • Ken

    And people wonder why the public doesn’t trust and in some cases, hate the police. It’s simply put: cause their human too. And they make the same mistakes and hold the same prejudices as the general public. Just cause they put on a uniform and a badge, doesn’t change who they are! And it doesn’t make them better or more law abiding than the rest of us. And in some cases, makes them more dangerous than the general public cause they mis use their authority while wearing their badge.

  • Ken

    Case in point, I was traveling to Seattle from Federalway ,an obvious off duty Seattle officer driving a marked Seattle police car was also heading to Seattle. All traffic was flowing at 70mph all the way. The officer was going 70, changing lanes from fast lane to carpool lane the whole way. I was right by his side pretty much the whole way, also changing lanes ( but not in carpool ) but going with the flow of traffic. As soon as we hit the Seattle line he pulls me over and proceeds to give me a lecture on driving and speeding, when I was just going with the flow of traffic, just like him, simply cause ( I think ) because I changed lanes in front of him twice. But in both instances he passed me up and changed lanes back in front of me. Keep in mind all the traffic was going the same speed and he was off duty and had no one else in his car while traveling in the carpool lane. But he literally chews me out and says how I’m a bad person for going with the flow of traffic and how there is no such thing. And when I mentioned that he too was going 70+mph, he went ballistic and yells and say I can’t do what he does cause he’s a cop. Meaning of course that he’s allowed to travel from Federalway , crossing Kent, seatac, tukwila going over 70mph off duty and how I’m not, when I was ( like stated ) just going with the flow of traffic! Bull crap! Just another officer misusing his authority, simply cause he wanted me to be afraid to pass him on the freeway cause he was an out of jurisdiction cop for most of the travel. I finally told him to just do whatever he was going to do after threatening me several times of having the goods on me to give me over $500 worth of tickets! So what did he do? NOTHING! No ticket! Cause he was full of crap and he knows it! Just wanted to push his authoritive weight around and make me scared, but once he saw I didn’t give a damn and didn’t fall into that ( oh I’m so sorry officer bull crap ) he folded like a cheap pair of underwear !

  • Kncfederalway

    And what does that say about you who responds to them? The point was: officers who think their better than the general public. I think it’s very related and relevant to the news clip and if you don’t agree, guess what? I really don’t give a s***! Everyone has an opinion just like everyone has an ***hole. You just choose to be the latter.

  • Dave

    I would supose it's PAID reassignment because of course they get paid when they break the law unlike us. and how much was there bail $0 but for us it's $1000.00

  • joe

    Now they will know what it's like to be a criminal, to be arrested, catalogued, tagged, processed and routed through the system like an animal and then given a permanent record of criminal behavior.

    • David

      Not to mention having to go to jail and be in a very hostil and unsanitary enviornment. Police break the law and get to go home with pay. They (the police) should be held double acountable for their crimes because if the law breaks the law THERE IS NO LAW!!!!! Where's my M-4 lmao

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