Gunfight at marijuana-grow operation leaves 2 dead

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

2012-12-06_13-44-24_304PIERCE COUNTY– Two masked intruders were shot and killed during a gunfight with a homeowner and alleged marijuana-grow operator Thursday morning in Pierce County.

The men entered a home in the 5900 block of 132nd Street East near Puyallup at around 8 a.m.  Investigators said the home was specifically targeted because it housed a marijuana grow operation.

The homeowner’s 9-year-old son was in the home at the time of the shootout.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Ed Troyer said deputies are sifting through the evidence to find out more about why the crime was committed.

“Two people are dead,” Troyer said. “We have two handguns on the ground, the homeowner’s handgun. We have a 9-year-old who was around when this all happened.”

The incident began with a frantic 911 call from the homeowner who told dispatchers intruders were entering his home. Minutes later a second 911 call came in, this time from the homeowner telling police he shot the intruders.

When deputies arrived at the home, they discovered a loft used as a marijuana grow operation.  The 35-year-old homeowner and his son were not injured in the shootout, but the homeowner is being detained and questioned, on investigation of an illegal pot grow.

“We got out here and found two people in the garage obviously deceased,” Troyer said. “They both had bandannas over their face, hoods on, gloves, backpacks, boots. They were here… they were up to no good.”

Following a quick search of the home, deputies found no other people inside.

The home is in an upscale, suburban area of Puyallup. It’s located on a private driveway with a gate and security system. Detectives said it’s an expensive, secluded home with nice vehicles, boats and motorcycles parked out front.

Investigators plan to look at a home surveillance video for additional evidence, officials said.

“We believe these two were targeting this house,” Troyer said “This is a beautiful home. Secluded, security, private gate. They’re targeting the house, because of drugs.” Troyer said.

Neighbors of the normally quiet neighborhood were shaken by the violence.  An area resident who preferred to be named only as Breanne was housesitting just next door when the shots rang out.

“Maybe a break in but not having them be growing marijuana from the house though.” Breanne said. “I’ve never heard any commotion ever.”

Detective Troyer said investigators will look at the number of bullets and figure out who fired at who. He said with the immense number of bullet holes, he’s grateful no one else was hurt.

“We’re processing the scene as two people have been shot, and we’re also looking at the drug aspect of it,” Troyer said. “So the homeowner may have some issues.”

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  • David Blotzke

    Washington is full of fruits and nuts. Passing crazy laws will incite insanity! Seattle is freekin nuts too with that gay marriage thing. I hope the world does stop 12/21/2012.

  • donny

    this pot thing is going cause a lot of truble its all its fit 4.. drugs drugs drugs i cant belive they made it legal .sad world we live in thesedays

    • Thom

      Just a quick check-in regarding your prediction of trouble this will cause… as it turns out, legalization of marijuana hasn’t caused any additional trouble at all. In fact, it’s done exactly the opposite. Do the research.

  • Ken

    I once read of a country that, when found with drugs, the person was taken to the nearest street corner and executed. That country didn't have much of a drug problem. We have a judicial system clogged with drug cases and the problems drugs cause. I voted against legalization, and would have voted for stiffer penalties if I'd been given the chance.

  • RSH

    I favor prohibiting alcohol AND tobacco. They cause untold numbers of deaths every year. Why are they still legal?? Obviously, lawmakers are getting kickbacks for allowing them to stay legal.

  • laflex

    this story would have happened regardless of legalization or not. Man gets his expensive home broken into, man shoots intruders, end of story.

  • d

    The main thing here is that he protected his family especially his his 9 yr old son!!! Everybody needs to realize he is a hero to go up against these heavily armed men and kill them. Im proud that these losers will not b out there trying to do this to anybody else and this was probably not their first time. This could of gone alot worse!! They were there to do more then just robbed a house. Those losers probably would of killed them if the owner was not there to protect himself and his son. He is a hero!! This was also told to him by a cop at the scene!!! At least he got rid of this trash in the that we do not need!! This was probably not the first and would not of been the last. Im glad they are dead!! With them dead this will most definatly save additional lives in the future!! He did this state a favor by taking them out because they will not be doing anything ever again because these losers will b 6ft under thank god!! These people would probably do this to other nice houses and it could end up with the homeowners dead. Proud you took care of your family!!!

    • RDC

      oh how i would love to find you and KICK YOUR PUNKASS BITCH FACE IN. Those were my brothers. They werent bad guys at all. They did a stupid bad deed in the end but that doesnt make them bad guys. they had their own reasons for what they did, bad or good. You and I dont know what was going through their heads. you have no right to judge them. only God does now. they had good hearts and they will be judged on their hearts and souls. also the homeowner wasnt even protecting his son at all. in fact he took his son into the garage after he MURDERED them and showed his son the bodies. what kind of father would not only show his son two dead bodies but even instigate a gunfight with his son in the house? that is not protecting nothing but his pot. they only targeted him because he did dirty to others including his own family. so because you know absolutely nothing shut your pie hole.

  • d

    These guys were in the military and they came back here and do a homeinvasion and die!! REAL BRIGHT ONES THERE!! A regular home owner protecting his son and himself were he was able to take them both out because if he didn’t they were ready to kill them.

  • alcapone

    i would have shot them to, cheers to that, anyone i know would have done this even my friend that did. come on in and get shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toni Cornell

    Do you really believe everything the media says? How do you know that this wasn't a drug deal that had gone bad? Why was there no vehicle at the scene? There are factors that have not been accounted for. Bad guys to you, a father to my children to me. Regardless of what you think, please have enough compassion not to punish my children. They will read all of this one day and don't need too. They are between the ages of 1-12. Yes, they made a bad choice and it cost them their life. Isn't that enough. Please from a mother please, please, please leave the comments to yourself.

  • Citizen98107

    Well, is there any follow-up to this story? Have the shooing victims been identified? Were they lured into a trap by the home owner? Was the pot operation illegal? The getaway car? New journalism I'd guess – no info.

  • Eric North

    Illegally growing pot or not, a break-in like this could happen to anyone. Kudos to the home owner for being able to protect his home and son, while neutralizing two dangerous thugs in the process.

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