Former Microsoft manager announces plans for marijuana retail chain

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ShivelySEATTLE — A former corporate strategy manager for Microsoft plans to build a chain of marijuana retail stores in Washington state.

Jamen Shively announced his plans to build the chain of stores Tuesday. Shively said he hopes the stores, Diego Pellicer, LLC, will be the first brand in the United States focused exclusively on legal marijuana for “pleasure and creative pursuits.”

Shively said his decision to open the chain came after Washington voters passed Initiative 502, legalizing recreational marijuana in the state. In a statement, Shively said:

“It is important for us to emphasize that everything we do, is and always will be, completely legal. While the federal government has not yet weighed in officially on how it will respond to Washington state’s Initiative 502, we are committed to building our business under the assumption that the federal government will permit us to operate in the states of Washington and Colorado.”

Shively said marijuana should be “consumed responsibly and in moderation,” much like one would enjoy a fine cigar. He emphasized Pellicer stores will sell high quality “product,” and not something to “go get ‘wasted’ on.”

The chain of stores is named after Diego Pellicer, the vice governor of the Philippines from 1890-1898. Pellicer was the largest marijuana grower in the world during the height of the Spanish empire, Shively said.

Shively will hold a private media event and “tasting” is scheduled for Dec. 5 and 6 in Bellevue to “mark the end of prohibition.”

According to the Seattle Times, other entrepreneurs have stepped forward and plan to build stores and invest in legal marijuana, comparing a burgeoning marijuana market to corn crops.  There are already 20 publicly-traded companies that cater directly to the marijuana industry, the Times reported.

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    • GetRealWAnogood

      Good luck. CA passed prop 215 in 1996. The Federal Govt. shut down over 600 medical marijuana dispensaries in CA this yr alone. WA & CO have a long legal battle ahead of them. Nothing more than a moral victory. Besides WA law is nothing more than decriminalization. Sm. possession only legal. Residents can't grow their own. All this law does is provide a window for Rich executives like Mr. Microsoft to come in & monopolize the market. The DUI aspect of the law is horrible. THC stays in the system for months. Anyone ingesting marijuana will be @ risk for DUI for months after consumption. Medical marijuana patients will suffer DUI's because of this poorly written law. Watch WA as what not to do when legalizing marijuana. The CA law didn't pass, because it was poorly written.

      • Brett

        Regardless of your rant, it's still a step in the right direction. You can't run before you learn to walk. The fact that the feds have remained silent on this is a hopeful indication that they want to see how it truly pans out. They want to see what potential revenue it can yield before they make a stance. Granted, it is federally illegal and they know this, but I have a feeling they are using CO and WA as tester states. Furthermore, WA has had medical use legalized for quite a few years now the only time the Feds really get involved is when it gets a little out of hand, i.e. Dispensaries on every corner. The law that was passed here in WA may not be the best written law but it is still a step forward, it could always be amended later to clean it up more.

        As for the DUI laws you really need to educate yourself big time. The DUI laws passed for this in 502 test on immediate use not the very low lingering THC count that lasts for about 30 days. As it does stay in your system, with the test they have created it doesn't test for that it tests for high concentrations in the blood stream indicative of recent use, that usually burns off or eliminated over short duration much like Alcohol in the blood stream. Two different types, non-psychoactive THC (THC-COOH) persists for days or weeks which is normally tested for in Urine tests and Active THC(THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol)) which is a High Concentration which means recent use .

  • mark

    I would like to see a full list of all the meical discoveries ,a description of the exiting studies under way in relation to aids and cancer.To me ,testimonials from medical doctors and patients is powerful proof.Facts like that should be very hard for those opposed to denigh.There have been some powerful stories recently,like the children with brain tumers that disapeared after injesting CBD oil.I almost fell over when a story about doctors using extacy to relieve MS.Are they crazy!

    • idealist707

      For those interested in facts.
      The US government owns the patent on cannibis, citing studies done by the NIH proving its medical uses.
      Thus the propaganda to the contrary is false.
      Also the classification of cannabis as a section one controlled substance with the contrary motivation ie no medical use, is then also false. Thus the illegalization is also false.
      Government speaks with cluven tongue, ie lies.
      See here for patent number.

  • GetRelWAnogood

    16 yrs. & CA still in limbo over 215. People think WA law is slam dunk better put down the bong & wake up to reality. The Feds will shut it down. Especially in a border state like WA. Think of the problems border patrol will have. People used to smuggle BC into WA. Now WA will be smuggled into BC. Don't thnk the Feds will like that. Watch what happens when investors get raided & all their Microsoft money gets confiscated. Zero tolerance US policy. Feds don't like medical. Do you think they'll stand for recreational? No way. The prohibition is alive & strong in much of the US. Recreational weed will take yrs to become a reality.

    • Gustavo Picciuto

      Then why didn't they voice their opposition before the election like they did with prop 19? Why haven't they said anything so far to neither Washington State nor Colorado? Why didn't they file lawsuits immediately after the election like they did with the immigration law in Arizona? In my opinion the scales have tipped and the momentum is not going to stop and the government knows this. It is an unpopular battle for them if they choose to fight legalization; more people voted for Marijuana in Colorado than they did for Obama. Nation wide it will take years for Marijuana to become a legal reality, but not more than 5 and maybe in 2 when the next election cycle comes through in 2014.

      • David

        It doesnt take Stevie Wonder to see that the real reason it was criminalized was because it was giong to cost Dupont corperation millions in losses on their bid for rope production for the government when we were getting ready for war. It is criminalized cause it will take millions away from the FDA pharmicuticles and wouldnt be able to control the money that it can bring, so my youtube friends Wake Up they just figured it out. X chief executive setting up large corperate buisness and give the feds their cut. Screw us, whats next we cant grow our own food? Soon no more seeds for anything what are these QUACKS doing. Ya all need to take a look at the bigger picture. They mentioned CORN great look what they have done to that and most of our other foods, and wtf's up with pink slime. Do you really thust the government????????????????

  • Robert Golff

    The washington State legislators must pass laws regulating the retail sale of marijuana to Washington State residents. It is political suicide to be the first to initiate and forward such legislation. Until this happens, you might as well spend another $5.00 on a copy of "HIGH TIMES"

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