Woman accused of intentionally driving car into 2 teens is charged

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

obrienSEATTLE — The 37-year-old woman accused of intentionally ramming her car into two Chief Sealth International High School students was charged Tuesday with two counts of second-degree assault and one count of felony hit-and-run. She was freed from King County Jail on “conditional release” after posting bail.

Arraignment for the defendant, identified as Amy Lynn O’Brien, is set for Dec. 17.

O’Brien had made her first court appearance last Friday while one of the victims, 18-year-old Cassandra Goodwin, was still fighting to recover in Harborview Medical Center.

“She’s hooked up to a ventilator. She has a neck brace on. Her face is scraped up. I cannot even see who she is; that is not my Cassandra,” said Goodwin’s aunt Ashley Carpitcher.

Witnesses said O’Brien got upset after Goodwin tapped her dog on the head on Thistle SW near the Chief Sealth school on Nov. 28. After a fight, police say, O’Brien drove away, but returned to confront Goodwin and a 17-year-old female student.

“The defendant first chased the girls with a Taser gun allegedly, and then chased them with her car,  striking them,” the prosecutor told the judge.

Chelsea White, Goodwin’s friend, said, “She turned her car and pressed on the gas as hard as you can and hit them both. I ran towards her (Goodwin) and held her in my arms. She was going in and out of consciousness.  She said, ‘Dont leave me.'”

The woman drove off, police said. The 17-year-old was treated at Harborview Medical Center for minor injuries and released.

O’Brien’s longtime boyfriend appeared in court last Friday and pleaded with the judge to show mercy. “I know her real well, she is not a violent person at all.”

The boyfriend told the court the woman is a single mother with a 7-year-old daughter.

His pleas did nothing for Goodwin’s family.

“If she was a single mom, she should have thought about her baby before she ran over my niece,” said Carpitcher.

“I have no mercy for her. Right now, I am thinking about the life of my baby, fighting for her life,” said Goodwin’s mother, Theresa Chun.

O’Brien, who turned herself into police last Thursday night, was ordered held on $250,000 bail in the King County Jail.

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  • Christus Regeln

    Teens must quickly become aware that there are adults who will see them as something to destroy when they step out of line.

  • 2badJustice

    WELL I must admit that this was overkill by the poor woman who had to endur a PUNK KID tormenting a defensless pet….Girl needed to get whooped…but not hit by a car…but perhaps she'll think twice before she gets stupid next time.

      • Jaloney

        Anybody with a brain is going to act to keep a pitbull away. Anyone who wants to announce to the world that they are part of a group of psychopatchic, selfish, nut jobs.. owns a pitbull.

    • Thomas McCartney

      Are you nuts, how in any rational cognitive thought pattern could you begin to believe that pushing away a lunging pit bull was tormenting the mutant undog making her a punk kind deserving of being murdered by this crazy foaming at the mouth Pit Nutter, your comment is insane.

      • Jaloney

        I wonder if the crazy pitbull owner was mad because she wanted to see some one shredded.. Pitbull owners are the craziest people on the planet. A fine way to tell the world: Do not befriend me, hire me.. etc.. cause I am a selfish piece of dirt.

  • Responder

    Adults who see them as something to destroy will quickly find themselves locked up and facing those who despise crimes against children.

  • Amber

    Wow..grow up people. This 37 year old needs to grow the f up. She should act her age. She could of called the police but she thought what she did was right and shame on her and anyone who thinks she is right. Prayers go out to the family of the teenage girl.

  • Matthew Ervin

    I know this girl and I really do want to hurt this women but I am not going to do that because I am going to let the court and police take care of it but why would you hit two teens when the dog charged Cassandra got on top of her and that is why Cassandra hit the dog this 37 year old really needs to F grow up and realize that she is now a felon and has lost her daughter to CPS.

  • joe

    It's true people who have pit bulls are either compensating for being small or they have a barking, snarling vicious biting personality or they are guarding their crack house shooting gallery. Pit bulls are nothing but weapons against people.

    • Anonimous

      That's such horse shit pit bulls are loving dogs and only act the way they are treated or in defense of their owner. You sound really stupid. I know this for a fact cause I own one so don't even bother to have a come back.

    • Jaloney

      Yes several studies have shown that pitbull owners have more aggressive and hostile personalities and engage in crimes more often. A great too for employers to screen out bad apples. Ask what kind of dog someone owns…

  • sherita

    She desevres to b in jail..that was really wrong of her to do something like that without thinking of her own child…adults need to realize the consequences before f%$&#@*with these kids…

    • Ashley

      For the person who was talking about crack town. It says her mom spoke. Duh. It doesn’t Matter you shouldn’t talk bad when her mom could of passed away.

    • stevie

      really talking about someones parrents has nothing to do with why the kids where hit by an idiot that shouldnt own a car! the kids dont need baby sitters they where enjoying there break time, the girls that got hit have parrents, why do they have to be in "crack town" if u knew cassandra u would know she has a mother and father good people! who are u to judge someones parrents all because a lady hit them with a car, that lady over reacted makes me wonder what kind of up bringing she has for her daughter? obviously not a good one if she treats other peoples kids like that. she belongs in jail! its not fair justice that lady's dog is fine and she is fine! while cassandra is in and out of the hospital with a long road to recovery, she will have the scars for the rest of her life!

  • anonymous

    I known “p-nut” and I’m almost positive that she didn’t “tap” the dog on the head but most likely punched it. If you ask me the parents need a shorter leash on these kids.

    • stevie

      It shouldn’t matter if cassandra hit the dog it wasn’t on a leash and it was a pit bull most people are scared of them, she didn’t know who’s dog it was it jumped on her, the owner of the dog should of let it go, but I guess hitting cassandra back and chasing her like a wild animal with a taser, then gets in her car to run them over at 35 miles per hour in a 20 mile per hour school zone just wasn’t enough, her intentions was to kill them if u ask me, it was also dangerous for the other students that where around. What if someone did that her daughter! She knew she hurt them badly and just drove off like it was nothing!

      • anonymous

        Fine I agree it was bad of her to act the way she did with her car and all but I’m sure this could have been avoided by both of them. If you provoke a dog it probably will snap at you but if you think you’re some kind of awesome kid that has bad morals and hits an innocent dog then what comes to you next was avoidable.

  • stevie

    why would the kids have to be on any kind of leash when there enjoying there break time at school? how do u controll a dog that isnt on a leash. its not the kids fault for the way someone else acted out. i would smack punch push anyones dog off me if it jumped on me and got my clothes dirty, and i didnt know who the owner was, the dog didnt suffer any damage like the cassandra and her friend did. im sure that lady abuses her dog, if she acted that way about someone pushing her dog away. if u had a kid in the same situation u wouldnt be saying all of this.almost killing somone over went too far, she is a grown woman who should of thought before she acted like a idiot! so by u saying "a shorter leash on these kids" if u know cassandra she is 18, she can make her own choices she was at school like she was suppose to be. she is allowed to go on lunch break along with all the other students that witnessed her getting hit, that woman needs to be on a shorter leash! speeding in a school zone pets off a leash, hitting 2 people with a car thats also assult and then running off thats a hit and run she seem to break alot of laws within 15 minutes. the adult isnt very smart in this situation.

    • anonymous

      so you think it is okay that they are constantly on some drug or drinking all the time? Because it is what they do and I vouch for that. If that is okay with the parents then i dont have much sympathy for anyone in this accident. and if you dont believe me, find the girls, meet them. you’ll see.

      • Jaloney

        You are remaining anonymous cause you know you are just trying to diffuse the reality: Another pitbull nutter went nuts. Nothing stopped this 37 yr old from calling 911.. Excuses for pitbull owners are just that.. excuses. We were all kids once and hitting two people with a car and causing serious injury is much more immature, and out of control than any normal behavior for anyone of any age. Perhaps the pitbull owner was the drug user.

  • Lisbeth

    It seems from the level of intelligence in many of these comments that the pit nutters are showing up in force. If you touch my pit, even if you're worried it's attacking you, you deserve to die.
    Fact is that this 37 year-old woman tried to commit premeditated murder. She almost succeeded. She needs to be charged with attempted murder, not mere assault. Hit and run charges are reserved for true accidents, not for attempts to kill a child with a car. I wonder what's wrong with the judge here that the charges were accepted and this woman allowed bail.

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