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Longtime couple to be among first in line under same-sex marriage law

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

coupleSEATTLE — On Thursday, counties across the state will start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  Among the first in line will be two women in Seattle who have been together for 35 years.

“I`m just thrilled to death,” Pete-e Petersen said Monday as she sat next to her longtime partner, Jane Abbott Lighty. “I think, is it really happening?  I wanted to marry her for a long time.”

As the day approaches, Petersen and Lighty are fighting back tears just thinking about it.

“It’s so unbelievable. Careful what you ask, because we`re so close,” Lightly said as she started to choke up with emotion.

“Don`t,” Petersen said to her.

“I won`t.  It`s a watershed moment.  It’s pure joy,” Lightly added.

The two will be heading to the King County Courthouse at midnight Wednesday to be among the first in line to apply for a marriage license at 12:01 a.m. Thursday.

“People are very excited and they should not be denied the right to have that license for even one moment longer,” King County Executive Dow Constantine said.

Constantine plans to be there Wednesday night to issue licenses after the tick of midnight.

“I`m excited to sign the first licenses with the pen that the governor used to sign the marriage equality legislation earlier this year,” Constantine said. “And I will stay and greet the happy couples as long as they continue to show up” in the early morning hours of Dec. 6.

Petersen and Lighty will be married Sunday on the stage at Benaroya Hall, during a performance of the Seattle Men’s and Women’s Chorus, where they have been members for years.

The two had their first blind date 35 years ago.

“She was so interested, she wanted to hear what I had to say,” Lighty said. “And I picked that up right way.”

How quickly had she fallen in love?

“I did that day,” Petersen said. “I did that minute.

“She`s just part of my life,” Petersen said of Lighty. “I mean, I can`t think of a day without, you know,” she added, choking up with emotion. “It’s hard.”

“She`s my life,” Lighty said.

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  • Hannah

    Im proud to have seen this in my lifetime. I’m proud to have voted yes on 74. I’m sooooooo happy for this, and other) couples. <3 That's too long to have to wait, and you made it. <3

  • George Bakan

    Can't say poster children … but it is so thrilling to see this couple who have done so much good work for this cause get married. We are all CHEERING and the hug and tears are fro sheer joy, indeed. GB / SGN

  • Drew Emery

    Jane and Pete-e have the epitome of what all couples hope to have. I've shared their story with a lot of people and never once has anyone questioned the sincerity, love or commitment they bring to their relationship. In fact, the response is quite often envy.

  • Smidgeroo

    May you lovely ladies have the most wonderful wedding day! I'm so glad you'll get to look at each other and be able to call each other your wife for real! 'Bout darn time!

  • Wes Baggett

    I am what has been described as a southern redneck but i have always been of the mind "Do what makes you happy" No one can define another's happiness so mind your own damned business. With socalled traditional divorce rates at well over 50% they lose their point about "Family Values"

    • Mr Holmes

      Well here's family values for you! 2 gay women married went to sperm bank and one became pregnant through artificial insemination had the baby thay split up and now the state going after the sperm doner Oh and Wes if your gay keep it behind closed doorsfor Child Support from the biological father. So tell me and my childrenhow 2 wrongs ever made a right! Oh and Wes if your gay i dont care just dont flaunt it in public!

  • Toronto Guy

    What a great story!
    We have had marriage equality in Canada since 2005 and the world is still spinning
    I wish these ladies and everyone in Washington who voted "yes" all my best.

  • Mr Holmes

    Nice to see so many people happy too bad ist something CHILDREN SHOULD NOT SEE! In the privacy of your own home is one thing I dont care. But when you flaunt gayness in front of children it is totally wrong! Its not natural boys are boys and girl are girls. Pay ATTENTION! The bees dont screw each other and the birds dont either or the lions , tigers , fish, elephants should i go on only dogs and retarded humans and the ones sexually molested when they were children and prisoners. have these tendancies All I can say is God bless your faggety asses. Im so glad my kids are grown and NORMAL HUMANS! Gay is short circut in the brain! Not tryin to be funny its just the Truth!

  • Mr Holmes

    None of these retarded gay folks would be here if it was woman+woman or Man+Man NOT FOR CHILDREN TO SEE!!!!! Keep that shit disclosed in your own home!

  • Mr Holmes

    What goes on behind closed doors is your business. Nobody can say shit about it but when you flaunt it in public it is unacceptable. I remember 10th grade highschool , walked my girlfriend to class gave her a kiss the teacher came out and took me to the principle's office where i recieved a SWAT. So if a man and a woman cant express thier love for eachother in public then faggety asses should not be allowed to flaunt their crap in public. Makes me sick to my stomache to see that shit so widely publicized!
    Very concerned parent!