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Is Boeing opposed to gay marriage survivor pension benefits?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — The issue of whether the surviving spouse of a married gay couple should be given an employee’s  pension benefits has come up in contract talks between the Boeing Co. and its 23,000 aerospace engineers and technicians in the SPEEA union.

The issue arose last week. SPEEA Executive Director Ray Goforth said Boeing made it clear it wants to do away with pensions for all new hires starting Jan. 1 and does not want to add any new individuals to the plan.

“We had what we thought was an administrative issue: How are we going to fold R-74 (the gay marriage initiative) into the pension? And it turned into a half-hour debate with the company,” Goforth said.

The union chief said Boeing negotiators discussed the issue with their lawyers and came back to the table with an answer on R-74.

“They said because pensions are governed by federal law, they didn’t have to recognize state law in this matter and they weren’t going to,” Goforth said.

Attorney David Ward with the group Legal Voice said that while Washington state can’t force companies to give federally regulated pension survivor’s benefits to gay spouses, companies can choose to do so on their own.

“We recognize that federal law does not always require equal treatment because of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, but there is nothing that prohibits companies from treating same sex couples fairly,” Ward said.

The U.S. Supreme Court is preparing to meet behind closed doors Friday to decide what, if any, cases to hear challenging the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Boeing spokesman Doug Alder issued the following statement: “Boeing has informed employees that the company is taking a closer look at R-74 and its impact on current policies and benefits once the law goes into effect in Washington state in December. We’re studying how any change to our pension plan would impact our growing pension obligations, and we’ll continue to discuss it with SPEEA.”

The gay marriage law goes into effect in Washington state Dec. 6.

SPEEA and Boeing plan to resume contract negotiations Tuesday.

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  • mike

    It’s funny.
    2straights living together cannot insure the other. But 2fags living together can insure the other.

    Something is wrong when homo’s get special treatment.

    There is the “gift” for the fags.

  • Katei Murphy

    shame ont them. I wonder whether the biz of no pensions for any new hires was motivivated by bigorty on the part of Boeing executives?

  • ClearEyes

    Personally, I feel pensions are the result of poor planning on our part so we have shifted our responsibility to someone else, in this case an employer, and then we call it a "right", when it was only ever a privilege!

    My thoughts aside, this is a cost question. Its about whether the cost of a pension payment, will strengthen or weaken a company against world competition in the years ahead. Pension payments are made from future profit. As such, an employer must look ahead, and pre-analyze its position to make these payments. With the growth of China as a competitor (oh yeah, in 5 years, just wait baby) Boeing is looking ahead, at the impact of global aerospace mfrs. on the price of planes, and the cost of labor to make them. We've had it good, Its now no longer just us and Airbus baby. Time to pull your own boots on, just like the rest of us.

  • M.J.Churlin

    The unions will not be satisfied untill they have driven all Boeing design and production, to right to work states, or China. A pox on the on the unions and their progresive enablers.