Zoo lights attraction a concern for neighbors

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Seattle —  The Woodland Park Zoo flipped the switch on its new holiday event called WildLights Friday night. There are 375,000 LED lights on display thru January 1st, but not everyone is excited about the new attraction.

Diane Duthweiler is the President of the Phinney Ridge Community Council and lives near the zoo.  She represents a handful of neighbors concerned about the new electric attraction nearby.

“The thing we find problematic about WildLights is that it’s a 40 night event. At commuter hours. Starting early enough that there are kids coming home from school activities,” Duthweiler said.

Duthweiler also said the lights might snarl traffic and cause parking problems.

Jim Bennett has been the Director of  Marketing at the Woodland Park Zoo for almost a decade. He says this concept didn’t come about with the flip of a switch.

“It’s something we’ve been kicking around for a long time. We’re finally doing it,” Bennett said.

Bennett understands that some residents aren’t happy about the new attraction.  He said the zoo is working with them. Still, Duthweiler said when she moved here she didn’t have such a wild and rowdy neighbor.

“When I moved in 20 years ago they didn’t have these kind of events and they keep adding events and adding events,” Duthweiler said.

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    • l

      Why can’t people just let things be, its once a year lighten up. THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES TO SPEAK YOUR MIND ABOUT! What are you going to do next complain about the zoo and try and close that down also, so ridiculous !

  • Caitlyn

    Zoo lights is a fun event. I live in Tacoma and the zoo is miles away but I try to go every year, It is so awesome to see the lights. But people need to stop complaining and just deal with this once a year thing.

  • Lee Hobbs

    Things change in 20 years – period. We are not a stagnant society and I would think adjusting to a once a year celebration of joy and family would be the least of someone’s worries in regards to the many, many things one can and should expect would change in a neighborhood across a 20 year span.

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