Weekend closures, lane restrictions impact SR 99, I-5 and I-90

Shelton woman shot, in critical condition; police believe she was targeted

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Mason County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene of a shooting near Shelton about 3:38 a.m. Wednesday. When they arrived at the scene, they found a woman who had been shot; she was transported to St. Peter’s Hospital in Olympia and is in critical condition.

Two male suspects are believed to have fled the scene on foot. Police said they used assault rifles in the shooting. Deputies said they do not believe the shooting was random.

Investigators said the woman was woken by two men knocking on her door and when she opened the door, they shot her. The woman is said to be in her 30s.

“This is a targeted incident and the public would be much more concerned if this was a random incident where somebody is just running through a neighborhood, knocking on doors and shooting people, but this is not the case. It’s one or two individuals that were targeted at one residence, so I think the public remains reasonably safe,” Mason County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Dean Byrd said.

Two other individuals were in the home at the time of the shooting and barricaded themselves in a room in the house.

Officers searched the area for the two suspects, but did not locate them. Police called off the search shortly after 6 a.m.

Police said the men are armed and dangerous and anyone with information about the incident should contact the Mason County’s Sheriff’s Office at 360-427-7761.

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  • Nicole

    Any new details? An update or anything…the mason county community would like to know some details so that we may be able to help and get these people off of the streets and help seek justice for the victim.

  • jimmy

    im sure glad when someone gets shot dean bird uses there past drug use for the reason. i dont know why she got shot, but she shouldnt of and i dont like how dean bird acts as if its no big deal because of her past. so us sheltontonians know theres two men in the area who will kill you and dean bird and his crew arnt looking for them.

  • Copblock

    Most police departments have a motto like " to protect and serve ", Mason County Sheriff's motto is " if their's no gun, we won't come ". Mason County just calls you on the phone six hours later and say's their is nothing we can do….

  • anonymous

    I will agree with all comments its been well over 12 hrs and no info. Just like all the other cases its to much paper work for masons county so let’s not look for them…this county needs to be investagated..and its ok for the cops to park on roads and sleep while there working well supose to be working..and cops that wreck there patrol cars and are still working for department when they were racing and screwing off but let’s not help people that need it and keep all of us people safe…shelton is a joke…

  • Fam

    Justice will be served to those involved In this terrible crime and my heart goes out to her family having to go through this during a family based holliday

  • Karen

    I think this is bullshit what people are saying about Barbie Giles!!She has not been in trouble with drugs in over 12 years that is in her past. What about the fact that she was an amazing mom trying to go to college while taking care of her children even rasing one of Mitch's. She is an amazing woman. They need to find out who did this and get the scum off the streets..

    • Stella

      There are many people who know her and totally agree with you, Karen. This is the only media report (out of many) that refers to drugs. People are assuming that since she is "known by the police" and Fox news article say it, it has to be for drugs. She is a wonderful mom and I am so angry that people are running their mouths while we try to make sense of this. My heart goes out to the kids. I know how much they love their mom and how much she loves them. I will be in court to face the scum who did this. There is a special place in h-ll for the people involved in this heinous act. This should be a top priority for LE in Mason County. Anything less and they are not doing the job we pay them to do.

  • Charmain

    No it is more thrilling to tell of her "past" not who she has become for more than a decade. Prayer for the family (her children)

  • onlyme

    Sad the way the media portrays people-known to the police–it could be domestic violence –anything–but makes the woman look bad and out here in Shelton too many druggies so people always jump to that conclusion. Special prayers for the children and the family. We live about 5 crow's fly miles away from where this happened–we have tried to find any news to know whether we are safe or not–no luck. Yesterday my husband saw an unusual site at Limerick–a fellow walking down the street in the rain (drenched) with a back pack and turn to walk into the woods up the street. Then my husband went into town a few minutes later and saw another person carrying a backpack walking drenched down the street about 3 miles away –a cop in front of him nearly hit him turning around to question the guy–weird–we can't find out any news of what happened–it makes everyone edgy.

  • worried

    all i have to say what a joke the cops are here in shelton its so sad the cops are so use less we the town folk need to stand up and fight back for our selfs