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  • Kenneth Conrad

    Concerning voter fraud, I would suggest visiting any drivers Iicense office. I noticed that clerks are required to offer voter registration, yet not allowed to question citizenship or immigration status.

  • Dan

    Regarding your story on Meat. Most any long term cook will refer to the Meat of a fruit or vegetable as the portion of flesh that exists just under the skin and not to include the seeds or other material at the center…

  • Kyle Hooper

    Dino Rossi is claiming responsibility for passing the laws for the current state of affairs in the matter of tough laws on sex offenders. This will lose him the election.

    Level 4, sexually violent predators are being let go free from McNeal Island into the community unsupervised while Level 1 Least Likely to ever re-offend are being forced into Lifetime Supervision or incarceration.

  • Charlie Kirry

    Two human bodies found on West Bay Drive in Olympia at the abandoned Reliable Steel building moments ago, one in a concrete box labeled “cat man.” West Bay Drive is being closed for investigation.
    This is the emergency radio news traffic.

  • Justin Mann

    To whom it may concern,

    Franklin Pierce High School wants to spread the holiday cheer and give back to our community. For years our school has participated in Winter Wishes program. Originally we gave out gifts to FP students, but last year we realized that the holiday season is more about giving to others. So this year on Friday,December 14th 150+ students from FPHS will be going to Collins Elementary School and giving back to the students there. FP students have been collecting and will be giving out a gift to every student in the school in the spirit of generosity and selflessness. We would love your help in promoting our efforts.We hope our actions will inspire others to find opportunities to build a greater sense of community in the local area.
    We will be starting the event at Franklin Pierce High School (11002 18th Ave E, Tacoma, WA) on December 14th where we will be loading students and gifts onto buses. We plan to start loading at 1:00 and to depart at 1:20 PM. We should arrive at Collins Elementary (4608 128th St E, Tacoma, WA 98446)short thereafter. At that point FP students will deliver gifts to the individual classrooms and lead an arts and crafts project with the elementary students.
    This is an amazing experience that we would love to share with you, and others. If you have any questions please contact our leadership advisor Mr. Bryan Zagar at We appreciate your time, and hope you’ll be able to join us!

    Sincerely, FPHS Leadership

  • Abiodun Jimoh

    If you are really interested into news and journalism career, then you should focus on staying updates from the every single local and national information. Make sure the information that you are acquiring is from valid source. Authentic data, valid source and trusted references are the key points. To improve your journalism efficiency by visiting news websites then check out 247 Nigerian news for current updates.

  • Elvis Presley

    This might be an interesting story for you:

    for the last two days and going on strong, volunteers from King County Search and Rescue have been transporting emergency personnel and equipment across King County to the EOC in Renton, 911 centers, medical facilities and various locations. This is because King County hardly has any abilities to transport anything in inclement weather. The Sheriff only has a dozen chain sets for hundreds of vehicles, especially the patrol and squad cars.

    This major shortcoming on County management and the Sheriff’s Office seems to go unnoticed, so there is very little reason for them to fix this. In the meantime, volunteers are manning positions in the EOC and in their own HQ (near Snoqualmie Hospital), trying desperately to keep the County emergency systems going..

  • james j johnson

    drought emergency. What a fucking joke! all of your experts predicted warmer and drier jan. feb & march. all were colder and wetter. Inslee is full of shit!!!!

  • June

    What would you do about workplace bullying? It seems that some associates at the Fred Meyer in shoreline, Washington on 185th and Aurora, it seems that certain associates are being bullied by customers and some associates, and this has been an ongoing thing and it hasn’t stopped, so if nobody is going to do anything about this, then someone could commit suicide or something else can happen! So please make sure these associates are safe and nothing will happen to them! Thankyou for your time.

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