Q13 Cares has set up a fund with 100% of donations going directly to those affected by WA wildfires

Our high wind warning remains in effect until 6pm. Winds near Shelton were recorded at 64 miles per hour and similar strength up and down the coast. The average gusts across Puget Sound has been in the 40s, although Everett recorded a wind gust of 61 mph just before 1:00pm.
Rain has been scattered and heavy in some spots while others are sheltered under the infamous Olympic Shadow. We have another system heading this way and will dump heavy rain tonight and then a secondary system that will give spotty showers overnight.
The wildfires have received small amounts of rain today, but are expecting up to .25” more with this next round tonight. Tomorrow calls for light “left over” rain with scattered showers through mid-week.

~Parella Lewis