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We will see little change in weather this Memorial Day weekend. A strong ridge of high pressure to our west is stirring up our onshore flow creating a nice, thick marine layer for the overnights and morning hours. Meanwhile, to the east, we have the opposite taking place. An area of low pressure that is sending strands of rain and squalls up the mountains and even into the lowlands every now and then.
Both systems are set to stay in place for the next 2-3 days. This means that we will see morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine for Sunday and Monday. Then on Tuesday, we expect to turn a corner and break back into the lower 70s, but still no big changes even then.
If you have travel plans this weekend, once you make it over the Cascades, the sun will be in large supply with highs closer to 80 degrees. The key is to not camp in the mountains this weekend unless you’re prepared for the occasional down pour.