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Shooting at pot grow operation leads to charges

An Eatonville family was charged with growing and selling pot after a shooting took place at their farm. The shooting was reported to have been related to a business dispute between one of the family members and a business associate.

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EATONVILLE — A lot of retirees look for creative ways to make a little extra money once they stop working full time, but not many elderly couples turn to growing pot.

potgrowPolice said a mother, father and their adult son and his friend were happily cultivating hundreds of marijuana plants. But things took a turn for the worse recently and instead of selling pot, it looks like the Bussanich family will be paying a pretty stiff price for it.

According to court documents, Sandi Bussanich’s 64-year-old husband, Louis, shot their son’s prison buddy, Scott Sheldon, as he was trying to make off with some of the pot in May.

“You shouldn’t shoot people over pot,” neighbor Madison Lant said.

Lant lives across the street from the Bussanichs and she had no idea what was happening.

“They’re 60 and they’re smoking pot?” asked Lant. “That’s not something you usually shoot people over.”

Sandi Bussanich didn’t have any interest in answering any questions.

Court documents say Sandi’s son Jason and his friend Sheldon came up with the weed scheme while they were in prison. When police arrived to the Bussanich home, they found lights, fans, scales and packing material in sheds on the property –- plus 60 gallons of frozen marijuana.

“I guess they feel they have to do something illegal to live after retirement, it’s kind of sad to me,” Lant said.

The Bussanich family and Shelton all face charges of manufacturing a controlled substance. Each of them did eventually get medical marijuana cards, but they’re growing way more plants than what is allowed. They all will be back in court later this month.

potEATONVILLE, Wash. — Four people are charged with growing and selling pot in Eatonville after one of them was shot in the leg during an attempt to steal marijuana.

Louis Bussanich is accused of shooting his son’s friend in the leg as he tried stealing pot from his Pierce County marijuana farm. Police say Bussanich worked alongside his wife, son and his son’s friend, Scott Sheldon, who would sell the pot.

Bussanich and Sheldon got into an altercation, and authorities allege Bussanich shot Sheldon in the leg with a .22 caliber rifle as he was attempting to flee.

Look for a full report on Q13 Fox News today at 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Marijuana may be legal to smoke and grow in Washington, but not if you shoot somebody in the leg while growing it.

The Tacoma News Tribune is reporting four people are charged with growing and selling marijuana in Eatonville, after one of them shot his alleged business partner and pot distributor in the leg.

potThe Tribune reports Louis Bussanich, 64, allegedly shot his son’s friend in the leg as he tried to steal pot from an Eatonville marijuana farm.  Police say Bussanich had teamed up with his wife, his son, and his son’s friend, Scott Sheldon, 35, who would sell the pot.  But when Sheldon came to the property and asked for marijuana, Bussanich refused because Sheldon hadn’t paid for the last batch he’d taken.

The men got into a fist fight.  Bussanich grabbed a .22 caliber rifle and shot Sheldon in the leg as he was running away.

When police arrived, they found jars of marijuana, 256 pot plants and growing equipment.

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