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Scouts debate on allowing gay members

Scout leaders debate whether or not to allow gay members into the institution.

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boy scoutsIRVING, Texas — Several hundred Boy Scouts, parents and supporters gathered outside Boy Scouts of America national headquarters in the Dallas suburbs Wednesday to rally against lifting the ban on gays in Scouting.

They came toting American flags and homemade signs that proclaimed “Don’t invite sin into the camp!,” “God votes no on gays!” and “Save our boys from homosexual acts!”

When news broke that the group’s national board, meeting at a nearby hotel, had voted to postpone a decision on the ban until May, organizers made an announcement that was greeted with applause. No one emerged from the building to address the crowd, but a security guard standing outside next to a statue of a Scout distributed copies of an official statement.

“The BSA have decided not to change their policy,” organizer Jonathan Saenz, president of the Austin-based Texas Values conservative advocacy group announced. “We still have a lot of work to do.”

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boy scouts(CNN) — The Boy Scouts of America is considering changing its longstanding policy against allowing openly gay members, according to a news release from the organization.

The organization, which has 2.7 million members, is “potentially discussing” doing away with its policy after months of nationwide protest, including hundreds of angry Eagle Scouts renouncing their hard-earned awards and mailing back their red-white-and-blue medals.

Many parents of Scouts across America found the national policy excluding gays confusing — and at odds with basic scouting ideals.

Social media were abuzz with outrage over the policy; gay men who used to be Scouts spoke out in first-person blogs. On her TV talk show, Ellen DeGeneres featured a California Scout who had been denied his Eagle rank because he is gay.

The Seattle Council of Boy Scouts for America referred all inquires to the national office, citing that since the policy is determined at the organization’s national offices, they could not comment.

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