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Lake Chelan Fire

A fire in early July threatened structures in the Northwest corner of Lake Chelan.

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Crews make progress on 25 Mile Wildfire

lake chelan1

Photo courtesy of Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

CHELAN, Wash. — Crews working against the 2,098 acre wild fire near Manson, Wash., announced Thursday the fire was 70 percent contained.

Fire activity and smoke has significantly reduced since the fire began July 4. However, the fire is not considered controlled until the area receives significant rain due to a large amount of unburden fuel remaining in the area.

“There remains to be large pockets of un-burned green brush, grass and small trees within the fire area,”  Incident Commander Chad Schmidt.

Fire lines will remain in place until a significant amount of rain falls.

Isolated smoke may be visible from these pockets of fuel by residents and visitors to the south shore of Lake Chelan as well as from the Grade Creek Road north of the fire area. Visible smoke in the Chelan valley is minimal. Lake Chelan remains open to recreational and commercial boating. Businesses in the Manson, Chelan and Stehekin areas continue to welcome visitors.

A red flag fire warning is in effect through Thursday night for increasing winds and low relative humidity.



Local News

Fireworks from boat may have sparked 25 Mile Fire

lake chelan wildfire 07-05-13CHELAN, Wash. — Police are looking for information on a boat that was spotted speeding away from the origin of the 25 Mile Fire July 4 on Lake Chelan, believing that fireworks shot from the boat may have started the blaze, the Wenatchee World reported.

Investigators said fireworks likely started the fire. Police believe a boat spotted near Dutch Harbor, north of Manson on the lake’s north shore, may have had a hand in the blaze. Anyone with information on the boat or the fire is asked to call lead investigator Alan Lawson at 509-925-8510.

As of Monday, the fire burned more than 2,000 acres and was 50 percent contained. Crews had a good handle on it’s progress barring any unforeseen changes in the weather, the World reported.

However, level 1 evacuation notices were still in effect for residents in the Emerson Acres and Greens Landing communities. Level 1 evacuation notices do not require people to leave their homes.



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Lake Chelan wildfire more than 1,550 acres; crews working to contain

lake chelan wildfire 07-05-13MANSON, Wash. — The wildfire that started July 4 north of the city of Mason and across from the Lake Chelan 25 Mile State Park has expanded to more than 1,550 acres and is contained 10 percent, the Washington Incident Management Team said.

The fire is burning above the Dutch Harbor area and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

A Level 1 evacuation notice for residents and visitors in Mason’s Emerson Acres and Green’s Landing communities and the Antilon Lake Campground area has been issued.

A Level 1 evacuation notice warns residents of the danger that exists in the area and that they should monitor local media outlets for further information. Residents who are sensitive to smoke or have special needs should make arrangements to evacuate, officials said.

Forest Service Road #8200 (Grade Creek Road) has been closed beyond Antilon Lake. On Friday, two 10-person crews provided structure protection for private residences within the fire perimeter and at the Mitchell Creek Campground. The Mitchell Creek Campground, accessible only by boat, has been closed.  All campers within the fire perimeter have been evacuated.

Fire crews were able to keep the fire west of the Mitchell Creek drainage, east of Grade Creek and south of the Grade Creek Road on Friday. The fire burned most actively along the northwest and west flanks of the fire. Steep terrain and the potential for rolling debris will increase fire spotting potential, officials said.

Fire crews are keeping an eye on shifting wind patterns which could impact the fire. The area is expected to have a temperature of 83 degrees and only 27 percent humidity.

Firefighters are working with public safety officers and the Chelan County Sheriff’s Department to keep the public from harm. Crews are also working to keep the fire within the current “box” west of Mitchell Creek, east of Grade Creek and south of the Grade Creek Road.

An Incident Command Center hs been set up at the Manson High School.

Officials are requesting that visitors to the area view firefighting efforts from the south shore of Lake Chelan and suggest that 25 Mile State Park is a good vantage point. Recreational boaters should be alert to stay clear of firefighting helicopters dipping water from the lake. Boating safety is being monitored and enforced by the Chelan County Sheriff’s Department.

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Lake Chelan wildfire spreads, evacuations may be necessary

lake chelan wildfire 07-05-13LAKE CHELAN — The wildfire near Lake Chelan has spread to more than 500 acres and officials said that evacuations could be necessary if the fire isn’t contained soon.

The fire started late Thursday after and quickly started burning, spreading to the lake where a number of homes and campgrounds are located. It was first reported north of the town of Manson, which is located on the southeastern shores of Lake Chelan. The fire was burning on private and U.S. Forest lands.

What concerns officials are the dry conditions and westerly winds that are pushing the fire closer to Mason. The area is currently under a Level 1 evacuation, meaning that it is not mandatory to leave, but residents should be prepared to leave at a moments notice. Area residents with health problems or special needs have been urged to immediately vacate the area.

“It’s steep and it’s rocky so it’s very difficult to access the fire areas along Lake Chelan,” Elka Missal with the U.S. Forest Service said.

The area is also popular among campers and tourists — a number of whom headed to the area for the long holiday weekend.

“Our vacation’s fine — we’re not fazed too much,” April Tussey said.

And for most, it’s been a typical vacation — the only thing that’s different is that they have a firsthand view of the wildfire. “It’s something to look at and when you’re camping — entertainment’s entertainment,” she said. “Every time the wind blew, the fire connected and it just lit the mountain up.”

“Within about 10, 15 minutes we just watched it progress,” Shanna McGinty said.

Firefighters continue to arrive in the area — about 250 of them will be on the fire lines before the end of Friday. Helicopters are currently doing the heavy lifting, dipping into Lake Chelan and dumping water on the flames.

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Lake Chelan fire grows to more than 500 acres

lake Chelan

Photo by Sara Thomas from

MANSON, Wash. — Firefighters struggled to contain a large fire that threatened structures Friday near Lake Chelan.

Firefighters said the fire, called the 25 Mile fire and located near the town of Manson, Wash., had grown to more than 500 acres by 9 a.m. Friday. The fire threatened structures and homes to the east.

A level 1 evacuation notice was posted for residents in the Emerson Acres area north of Green’s Landing in Manson, Wash. A level 1 evacuation means residents should be aware of the dangers that exist, and monitor local media outlets for information.

A Washington Department of Natural Resources Type 3 Incident Management Team has been ordered to the area to manage the fire suppression efforts.

Currently, a 250-person fire crew and two helicopters are on scene. The Forest Service has closed Mitchell Creek campground as a precaution. Forrest service road Number 8200 is closed beyond Antilon Lake.

Fire managers are concerned about the predicted wind forecast for the weekend and will focus their efforts on keeping the fire west of the Mitchell Creek drainage and south of the Forest Service Road #8200

Local News

450-acre wildfire burning near Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan FireMANSON, Wash. — Firefighters are battling a 450 acre wildfire burning on private property near Lake Chelan, the US Forest Service reported.

The 25-mile fire was reported Thursday afternoon and local fire crews, USFS fire crews and Department of Natural Resources responded to s state park north of Manson, Wash. The Forest Service reported that the fire is burning on both private land and Forest Service land, and was moving down toward the Mitchell Creek drainage.

A Washington Department of Natural Resources Type 3 Incident Management Team has been ordered to the area to manage the fire suppression efforts.

Currently, there are a 20-person fire crew and two helicopters on scene. The Forest Service has closed Mitchell Creek campground as a precaution.No evacuations have been ordered for residents.