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Infant’s body found in the woods

An infant was found dead in the woods April 6 in Ocean Shores. Police are investigating the child’s mother and the mother’s boyfriend.

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OCEAN SHORES, Wash. — The mother of an an infant found dead in the woods told police she gave birth while sitting on a toilet in a motel last Thursday, and that the baby’s father told police he didn’t think the newborn was alive and took the body and left it in the wooded area, court documents showed Monday.

The mother, Brittany Taylor, 21, and her boyfriend, Patrick Parnel, 22, were arrested Saturday and were being held in Grays Harbor County Jail in lieu of $250,000 bail each.

The county coroner said the child died from blunt force trauma.

The Grays Harbor County prosecutor’s office said in the documents that there is probable cause to believe that Parnel and Taylor committed the crimes of first-degree assault and first-degree manslaughter “by inflicting great bodily harm to a newborn infant child and recklessly causing that child’s death.”

According to the court documents, Taylor told the officers “that this was her first pregnancy and that she had lied about the pregnancy because she didn’t want anyone to know. She told officers that Patrick Parnel was the father and that she had given birth around 1 a.m. on April 4 at the Oasis Motel in Ocean Shores.

“The baby was born while she was sitting on the toilet and Parnel assisted wearing a latex glove and using a pair of scissors to cut the umbilical cord. Parnel told law enforcement officers … that he dropped the baby as it was being delivered in the toilet,” the documents said. “Parnel indicated that he slapped the baby on the side a little, but the baby did not appear to be alive. Neither he nor Taylor made any attempt to give the child CPR, revive the child or call 911.”

Parnel told officers that he wrapped the baby in a towel, took it to his car and and drove to a wooded area near the airport, where he set it down and put brush over it.

The causes of the infant’s of death were listed as skull fractures and brain injuries. The manner of death was ruled a homicide.

Charges in the case are expected to be officially filed on Wednesday in Grays Harbor District Court.

A woman out for an evening walk in Ocean Shores discovered the body Saturday.

baby foundHoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers said, “She looked into the woods beyond the rag and saw what appeared to be the body of an infant and she summoned a local paramedic who lives around the corner. He checked and paramedics responded and verified that it was, in fact, a deceased infant.”

Investigators are sending DNA and blood evidence to a lab for analysis.

OCEAN SHORES — A woman out for an evening walk in Ocean Shores discovered the body of a dead newborn baby. Police believe they have the 21-year-old mother and her boyfriend in custody.

Residents in the small community of Ocean Shores can’t believe the investigation going on in their back yard. On Friday night, a rag dangling from a wooded area on the 200 block of Fisher Avenue caught the eye of someone walking.

Hoquiam Police Chief, Jeff Myers said, “She looked into the woods beyond the rag and saw what appeared to be the body of an infant and she summoned a local paramedic who lives around the corner. He checked and paramedics responded and verified that it was in fact a deceased infant.”

Police said the infant was found in the fetal position and had sustained some sort of trauma. Detectives searched the scene while law enforcement began the search for the baby’s mother.

“It was key getting the word out with the media so that people were aware of the situation and that’s why the tips came in and why the case broke so quickly,” Chief Myers said.

Police began questioning a 21-year-old woman and her boyfriend. The couple led them to the Oasis Motel where detectives believe the baby was born.

Residents like Lori Nowitzki, say the news is very troubling.

“It’s an innocent life. It’s a child that didn’t have a chance,” she said.

Police are investigating this case as a homicide unless new details prove otherwise.

Chief Myers said, “There was visible trauma to the body. That’s why it’s going to be very important to get that autopsy and the results from the Grays Harbor County Coroner’s office to see how this case proceeds from here forward.”

Police said the couple is cooperating with this investigation. The mother was taken to a nearby hospital to be checked out. Possible charges against her and her boyfriend depend heavily on the autopsy of the infant.

crime-scene-tape-police-lightsOCEAN SHORES, Wash. — Police have located and interviewed the birth mom of a newborn baby found deceased in a wooded area of Ocean Shores Friday night.

Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers said that a citizen’s tip lead police to the mom’s home in Grays Harbor County.

Police are now in the process of obtaining a search warrant to enter a motel room, where the infant was reportedly born.

Myers said that a woman walking her dog in the 200 block of Fisher Avenue NE around 6 p.m. Friday noticed a rag handing from a tree branch in a wooded lot.  The woman moved closer and spotted the body of the newborn baby.  Police and paramedics responded; medics

determined that the infant was dead.

Myers said that the baby appeared to have been recently delivered, and the body was dumped in the woods. Police want to find the mother of the infant because they are worried that she may need medical assistance. The Grays Harbor Coroner will perform an autopsy on the infant’s body.

Ocean Shores Police Department, along with Hoquiam Police and Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department are investigating the infant’s death.

Police have a tipline for anyone with information about the death at (360) 289-1263.