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Thousands of kids will be headed back to school next week. Q13 FOX News brings you “Back to School U,” a quick university for parents in hopes of getting them ready for that first school day.

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‘Back to School U’: Stay safe on the roads

SEATTLE- Some 21,000 kids ride the school bus in the Seattle Public School district each day during the school year, and the number on goal is to get them to and from school safely.

For the largest school district in the state, teaching the kids how to be safe is key.

“The bus is an extension of the classroom,” says

Bus drivers and teachers go over the rules every year, just as a reminder.

“We have a 3-point approach, two feet on the floor and one hand on the railing so they are not jumping off the bus, and the same way getting on the bus.”

In Seattle, all 381 buses are equipped with cameras and they also have a safety program called The Check Mate Program; it forces driver to check and double-check the bus after the last stop, to make sure no kids are left behind. School officials also to remind drivers to be patient with the school bus drivers and the kids, give them space and please slow down.

Also, drivers need to be aware of all the kids walking to school. To learn more about the walking routes in the district, click here.


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‘Back to School U’: Teachers get help with school supplies

FIFE, Wash. — According to the National School Supply and Equipment Association, the average teacher spends $356 of their own money on school supplies each year. But, World Vision is helping those teachers with their Teacher Resource Center.

“They can shop and when they leave, they leave with $600 to $700 worth of product,” said Jim Peterson, with World Vision.

Really anything one can find in a classroom, one can find in the resource center. Families will spend an average of $634 on back to school shopping, according to the National Retail Federation.

“The sad truth is that more and more students are coming to school without supplies and it starts to single them out,” Peterson said.

But the Teacher Resource Center is helping. Last year, 3500 teachers took supplies from the center, helping 50,000 students in our area.

“I really believe that we are merchants of hopes and if a child leaves with more than they came with we have accomplished something,” Peterson said.

Teachers who work at a school with more than 70 percent of the kids on free or reduced lunch can take advantage of the program.

To learn more, click here.



‘Back to School U’: Preparing for the first school day

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‘Back to School U’: Healthy snack ideas from Amber

Local News

‘Back to School U’: Kindergarten jitters

SEATTLE — There’s only week of summer break left until it’s back to school time for most students in our area.

The first day of school can be fun and scary, especially for those kids who are going to school for the first time. Thanks to a program called Jump Start Kindergarten, it doesn’t have to a frightening experience for kids. This year, 32 Seattle schools are offering the program. In the program, kids learn how to properly line-up, how to get the teacher’s attention, where the bathroom is and how to play. It helps them be more comfortable on the first day of school, officials said.

“They get a jump start on kindergarten and really get a taste of what it`s like to be in school,” Claudia Conroy, a teacher at Dearborn Park Elementary, said.

The teachers get hands-on time with each student, gauging where they are academically and that puts them ahead of the game.

“The start of the first day is not just a blank slate. We have an idea and tailor our lessons to that,” Conroy said.

Jump Start is not mandatory, but it is suggested parents enroll their children in the program. Parents also get the opportunity to meet with school teachers and principals, so they feel more comfortable on the first day.

Thousands of kids will be headed back to school next week. Q13 FOX News brings you “Back to School U,” a quick university for parents in hopes of getting them ready for that first school day.  Linda Criddle, an internet security expert, gives us six tips for kids and their back to school devices Monday.