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Man shot, killed in officer-involved shooting

Police shot and killed an armed man who barricaded himself July 5 inside a Capitol Hill apartment. After an eight-hour standoff, police stormed the man’s apartment and shot him.

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StandoffSEATTLE – Seattle police said the man who was killed after an eight-hour standoff with police was mentally ill.

Police had contact with the 28-year-old man as many as seven different times before Friday’s standoff. His identity has not been released.

For hours officers urged the suspect to come out of his 5th floor condo unit, but instead he flashed a handgun outside his balcony and repeatedly said he was prepared to defend himself against “zombies.”

“Nobody said what he was shooting at — I guess just random shots fired,” neighbor Julie Poliak said.

The standoff started  around 3 a.m. after neighbors called 911 saying they saw the man walking around the building with a gun and heard up to five shots inside Marq Condos in the 100 block of Bellevue Ave East.

“I looked outside the peephole and there were over 20 swat and SPD crews and they told us to get dressed and get out,” neighbor Richard Oh said.

As police tried to talk to the man through the door, he used furniture to barricade himself in. They also heard something else that was disturbing.

“They heard video or TV describing how to disassemble, probably clean a handgun,” Seattle Interim Chief of Police Jim Pugel said.

Negotiations went nowhere and then about 10:30 a.m. police say they were forced to fire back.

“He pointed the gun in their general direction and then fired a shot. Every one clearly heard the shot, one officer fired back,” Pugel said.

The man appeared again with the gun in hand and a second officer fired once. After the man fell to the ground SPD sent in a robot in case the unit was booby trapped.

After the scene was secure officers confirmed the man was dead.

“He has YouTube postings and Facebook postings that show a very ill person who needs help,” Pugel said.

In April a local business reported the man to police after he allegedly tried to mail a suspicious package. The crisis intervention team with SPD that works with the mentally ill also came in contact with the man. Several members took the man to Harborview Medical Center for a mental evaluation.

Pugel said every police department across the nation struggles with the mentally ill everyday. “We are not demonizing people who are ill,” he said.

Last year Seattle police shot a 21-year-old man who came after an officer with a metal rod. The man’s family indicated he was mentally unstable.

“It’s always unfortunate police officers are at the very end of the line and, unfortunately, are forced to do something that ends like this,” Pugel said.

Pugel went on to say that officers on the streets have a very good record of dealing with people under mental stress. He said they deal with hundreds of cases everyday and most are resolved peacefully.

There is no word on what Harborview’s evaluation of the man turned out to be and no charges were filed in the suspicious package incident.

The two officers involved in the shooting were put on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure in officer-involved shootings.

StandoffSEATTLE  – The man shot and killed in a police standoff Friday morning has been identified as a 28-year-old who was known to police.

Police said they had run into the man multiple times in the past because he was mentally unstable. His identity has not been released.

The incident began about 3 a.m. after neighbors called 911 saying the man had a gun and that he shot it at least fives times on the fifth floor of the building.

Another caller reported seeing an armed man in the elevator.

When officers arrived on the scene in the 100 block of Bellevue Avenue East, no one was injured. But when they got close enough to the man’s unit, they heard what sounded like video instructions on how to use a gun.

The SWAT team and negotiators rushed to building, but the man would not come out or cooperate with negotiators.

The man was seen by a window holding a gun in his left hand and the building was evacuated during the standoff and nearby roads were shut down for safety.

During the standoff, the man called a few local news stations. including Q13 FOX News. He sounded calm but irrational and requested that his story “get out.”

After an eight-hour standoff, police said the man got into what looked like a shooting position and pointed the gun at officers. Police said he repeatedly told officers he was defending himself against “zombies” and refused to surrender his guns.

Shortly before 10:30 a.m., the man fired through an open window onto Denny Way. Two officers returned fire and the man dropped to the ground. He was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Police sent in a robot before going into the unit because they thought the place may have been booby trapped. It is not known whether or not the man intended to be shot and killed by police or not.

Earlier this year, police were called to a business after the man was trying to ship a suspicious package. Police also said there is Youtube video of the man that shows his mental instability.

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Police shoot armed man following long standoff

SEATTLE — Police shot and killed an armed man who barricaded himself Friday inside a Capitol Hill apartment.

Police first approached the suspect after an apartment resident in the 100 block of Bellevue Avenue East called officers shortly after 3 a.m to report a man carrying a gun. Police arrived and the man barricaded himself in his room, police said.

Police evacuated much of the building around 6 a.m. and engaged the man in a long standoff, with SWAT Team negotiaters and others trying to calm the him down. During that time, the man called at least two area news stations — including Q13 FOX News — and requested “his story get out.” The man sounded calm, but irrational.

Officers entered the man’s apartment around 11 a.m. and shot the man dead. No officers were injured in the incident.

A few Seattle streets were closed Friday morning as a SWAT Team negotiated with the man. Denny Way between Olive Way and Melrose Avenue were closed at 6 a.m. Other streets in the area were also blocked, officials said. Bus routes weren’t immediately affected, and the roads were slated to reopen following the investigation.

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