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Attempted child abductions, lurings

A number of of attempted child abductions and lurings have been reported in the Puget Sound region.

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Child Abuse GenericSEATTLE — Police are investigating a possible abduction of a child near a school in West Seattle, but had not confirmed anything had happened as of 3:30 p.m. Thursday

According to the West Seattle Blog, unverified reports allege a man was seen putting a child in a pickup truck near Gatewood Elementary School in the 4300 block of SW Myrtle Street. The truck was a silver. The man was wearing a black robe and blue jeans.

All students at the school were accounted for at 1:19 p.m.

The incident was being reported by a 6-year-old girl, who said she saw a man “duct taping” a child and putting her into a pickup truck.

The allegedly abducted girl was listed as wearing a pink top, 6-to-12 years old, with long black hair.

Again, this report of an abduction is not confirmed.

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Police: Sex offender used Xbox to meet teens

xboxSEATTLE – A 22-year-old, Level 3 sex offender is back behind bars after police said he tried to meet a teenager for sex.

According to court documents, Brennon Cloud of Lynden was communicating with a 14-year-old boy via an Xbox live account. He also contacted the boy via cell phone. The communication between Cloud and the teenage boy began on Oct. 1 and when the boy’s parents became aware of the communication between the two, they contacted police.

Investigators, posing as a 15-year-old girl named Stacy, began communicating with Cloud. Over the course of the investigation police said Cloud became sexually explicit in their conversations.

Police then said Cloud asked to meet with the girl at a cheer competition in Bellingham. Investigators staged the meeting and when Cloud showed up expecting to meet the child, police put him in handcuffs.

According to court documents, Cloud allegedly admitted to police that he knew he was communicating with an underage girl. He also allegedly told police he was aware the communication violated his Department of Corrections restrictions.

Cloud was added to the sex offender registry after being convicted of third-degree rape and second-degree assault in 2008 and 2011. The terms of Cloud’s probation require that he does not contact with any juvenile females.

King County Sheriff Deputies have Cloud in custody. Bail has been set at $200,000 and he is scheduled to appear in court Friday.

porttownsend1PORT TOWNSEND — Port Townsend police are investigating a second attempted child luring in a span of eight days.

The latest happened Thursday morning just blocks from Blue Heron Middle School on San Juan Avenue, police said.  An 11-year-old girl riding her bike says a man in a white van blocked her path. The suspect told the girl her mother told him to give her a ride to school.

Police say the child did the right thing by asking the man a series of questions, such as her mother’s name. When he didn’t know the correct answer, she rode away.

On Oct. 2, an 11-year-old boy said he was approached by a man in a white van who offered him candy.

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Alleged child luring has parents on alert

Talking to your kids about bullyingBALLARD — The latest in a string of attempted child luring cases happened this week at the corner of 85th and 23rd NW in Ballard.

Police say a man in a dark blue car, wearing a dark hoodie, pulled over and asked a boy if he needed a ride early in the afternoon. The boy refused and ran home to tell his parents. His parents then alerted authorities at Whitman Middle School which is just blocks away.

The father of the victim says he son is fine but he wants parents in the area to know about what happened. This is the third attempted luring in the last week near Seattle. There have been almost a dozen in the Puget Sound region since the beginning of school.

Authorities say children should walk to/from school with a friend. Suspects typically target children walking alone.

SEATTLE — Nearly a dozen attempted child lurings have been reported across the region since the beginning of school. Just this week, there have been three separate cases.

Parents say they are overwhelmed.

whitman middleThe latest incident on Tuesday hit home for Jennifer Taylor, who received an e-mail from Whitman Middle School that a stranger in a dark blue car offered a student a ride at the corner of 85th and 23rd in the Olympic Manor neighborhood not far from the school.

“I told my daughter to fight if anyone tries to grab her — to fight, fight,” said Taylor.

The Whitman Middle School student was not hurt and told a parent right way after running home.

“You just wonder, are people reporting it more these days? Or is it happening more?  It’s hard to decide,” said Taylor.

Retired Seattle police detective Myrle Carner believes it’s happening more.

“They are getting more bold,” said Carner.

Since May ,there have been more than a dozen attempted lurings in the Puget Sound region.

“They said no and started running,” said one mom.

The mom didn’t want to show her identity to protect her 11-year-old son and 12-year-old niece. Police say the kids escaped an attempted abduction as they were walking to Truman Middle School in Tacoma.

“The bad news is it’s happening a lot,” said Carner.

Last week, a 10-year-old girl at Hope Lutheran in West Seattle ran from a man who told her to get in his car. Then just this past Saturday, 8-year-old Neveah was walking across the playfield at Brigadoon Elementary when a stranger came up to her

“I heard a guy that said you want a candy, I screamed no and ran down the hill and tripped,”said Neveah.

The man grabbed her but the brave little girl fought back.

“The guy caught me by the waist; I started screaming, I started to scratch and bite, he let go,” said Neveah.

The suspects in all of these attempts are still out there and experts say it’s crucial for kids to speak up if it ever happens to them.

“We look at it like a puzzle, 10 pieces, maybe eight of them we know, maybe two pieces are missing, that’s your piece, please call the cops and let us know,” said Carner.

They are happening everywhere from Tacoma, Aberdeen, Marysville, Federal Way, West Seattle to now Ballard.

Parents at Whitman Middle School on Wednesday say they are not taking any chances.

“We got the email and decided to take the extra precaution to pick her up after school,”
said parent Nomi Winderbaum.

The suspects are getting more aggressive more creative when approaching kids. Experts say to tell your kids to run the other way, no matter what, anytime they see a stranger coming towards them.

SEATTLE — Whitman Middle School sent out an alert to parents that a student reported being approached and offered a ride from a stranger Tuesday afternoon, The My Ballard blog reported.

whitman middle schoolThe student was walking home about 2:40 p.m. from school when the incident happened. The school said the student reported being approached near the Olympic Manor sign at 85th Street NW and 23rd Avenue NW.

The student ran home and told the parents what had happened. The parents then went to the school to alert school staff; the school then contacted police.

Whitman sent the following statement to parents: “We encourage you to take this opportunity to talk with your students about how to keep safe – never get into a car with a stranger, avoid walking alone, and if a stranger approaches – run way and notify a parent or school staff member.”

The sex of the student is unknown at this time.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Seattle police.

CreeksideSAMMAMISH- Parents near Creekside Elementary School are on alert after an email they received from the Issaquah School District Friday.

The message said there were reports of a man in a white van approaching children on the street and even ringing doorbells, inviting children to see the chickens he is selling from his van. When adults have approached, he has hurried off.

In the email, the principal said, “While this may or may not be an innocent incident, it does raise concerns. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to please have a stranger-danger conversation with your children about safety. Here are some general safety reminders and tips from the Issaquah School District website:

Things to discuss and ways to help safeguard your family
• Talk about family safety rules.
• Make sure children are well supervised. Know where your children are and check on them periodically.
• Teach children not to go anywhere with strangers. If strangers approach in a threatening manner, children should loudly yell for help and make certain that onlookers know the stranger is not a parent. Run to the nearest home of a trusted person.
• Give children the skills to distinguish between good touch and bad touch.
• Teach children to be assertive-to say no to a touch that doesn’t feel right and talk to someone they trust about the situation. Children who know they have the right to say no to behavior they don’t like possess valuable skills which can help them avoid exploitation and danger.
• It is better for children to play and walk to school in groups than alone. Schools are one of the safest places for children to be because of the large group situation and the many adults around.
• Make sure your young children know their names, parents’ names, addresses and phone numbers

We’ll have more on this story on Q13 FOX News at 4 and 5 p.m.

FEDERAL WAY — Juli Goodrich lives across the street from Brigadoon Elementary School. She saw police in the area Sunday, but didn’t realize it was because there were reports of a man trying to lure children.

“That’s terrifying and awful and creepy and gross,” she said Monday.  “Not what I would expect from my community.”

suspectFederal way police interviewed 8-year old Neveah on Sunday. She said she encountered a strange man Saturday evening.

“I heard a guy who said do you want some candy? And I screamed no and I ran down the hill and I tripped,” the girl said.

Police drew up a sketch of the man she described: Hispanic, between 30-50 years old, wearing a ball cap and a red bandana. She says he tried to grab her when she fell, but she fought back and got loose.

“I started screaming.  I started to scratch and bite and then he let go,” she siad.

Sunday night, a 7-year-old boy told police that he, too, had been approached on the playground.

“We’re still working through his statements, trying to get more finite details from him,” said Cathy Schrock, the public information officer for the Federal Way Police Department. “We need to determine for sure if these are related.

Police say both children are OK, but these incidents are a reminder that parents need to talk to their kids about being safe, even when they’re in their own neighborhood.

“The buddy system, we’ve talked about it since kindergarten,” Schrock said. “Don’t go out without a buddy. At 7 or 8 years old, you need to have that second person with you.”

Police are working with the school, trying to see if there’s any surveillance video that may have captured the incidents this weekend. They’re also checking the sketch of the suspect to see if it matches any registered sex offenders that live in the area.


Eight-year old Neveah, left, told police that a man grabbed her on Saturday.

suspectFEDERAL WAY — Federal Way police on Monday released a sketch of a suspect who reportedly tried to lure and grabbed an 8-year-old girl Saturday as she was crossing the playfield at Brigadoon Elementary School and who may also have tried to grab a 7-year-old boy on Sunday.

The girl told police she was crossing the playfield at 3601 SW 36th Street at about 5:20 p.m. Saturday when an unknown Hispanic man between 30 and 50 and wearing a reddish/purple baseball cap sideways, a red bandana around his neck, a blue T-shirt, tan pants and black shoes asked if she wanted candy.

The girl told police she said no and tried to run away but stumbled. She said the man grabbed her from behind, but she scratched and bit his hands and was able to escape. The girl told police the bandana worn by the man had a similar pattern to the one pictured below.

Police said that, in a separate incident, a 7-year-old boy told officers that at about 11:30 a.m. Sunday, a similarly described suspect attempted to grab him from approximately the same location. The victim reported that the man fled the area on foot. Patrol officers used a K-9 unit to try to find the man, but were unsuccessful. “The victim was unable to provide a starting point for the track,” police said in a news release. “The incident is still being investigated and evaluated by detectives to determine if the two cases are related.”

Federal Way police are asking for the public’s help in trying to identify the suspect or provide information on these incidents. Please contact detective Michael Coffey at 253-835-6777 or at