Parella Lewis

Parella Lewis


I have forecasted hurricanes in Louisiana and was the primary storm chaser — and anchor —  for the NBC affiliate in Little Rock, Ark. One of my most memorable days was in May 2003 when we had 13 tornadoes touch down in one day.

After that I moved on to forecast heavy snow and ice storms in Indiana and was on the air during  the infamous “Race Day” tornado at the Indy 500. Now, I spend my time trying to predict the weather inside the ever-changing micro climates in Washington state. I’m also a member of the National Weather Association.

I’m known in the newsroom for…

My versatility. I previously worked in law enforcement as an undercover cop in Louisiana.

What keeps me going…

I’d have to say that my desire to be effective — to use the media to educate and build our communities while influencing change. Of course, a tall Americano also does wonders.

I give back to my community by

Being involved with local organizations that fight human trafficking.

My greatest TV moment

This isn’t my greatest, but it is probably my most popular time on camera. It happened during my second week at the station. I was sitting next to my co-anchors, waiting for them to come to me for weather, when I started listening to the story they were reading. It was about a police officer who called 911 while he was high. I started laughing off camera, but I laughed so hard that I snorted, and the YouTube video of this has been viewed more than a million times.

If I had free time I would…

Travel more, write more and play more practical jokes.

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