John Hopperstad

John Hopperstad


It’s a thrill to be back in the Northwest, telling stories to the great people who live here.  I grew up in Lake Forest Park, went to the University of Washington and then promptly moved 3,000 miles away to Maine. I thought I would be there one year — it turned into 10 and along the way I met my wife and had three sons.

We loved New England, but nothing beats a boat ride on the Sound, a hike in the Cascades, a Deluxe burger at Dick’s Drive-In or rooting on the Seahawks and Mariners in person (not to mention the Sonics when they return).

I’m known around the newsroom for… 

Being the resident geek. I love comics, zombies, sci-fi and i’m usually involved in covering the Emerald City Comic-Con when it rolls into town.

What keeps me going… 

The challenge. Crafting a well-told, creative, TV story is tough stuff — at least for me. Thankfully, I work with a group of great photographers, producers and writers to help bring it all together. When it really works, it’s magic.

I give back to my community by…

Volunteering. I have worked with Red Cross, Easter Seals and have been a Wish-Granter with Make-A-Wish.

My greatest TV moment… 

Filming a segment on the edge of the Space Needle. I had dreamed of walking out on the saucer since I was 5 — getting a chance to finally do it was thrilling, terrifying and just plain cool.

TV moment I’d like to forget… 

Covering a snow storm in Lewiston, Maine. The snow wasn’t falling that morning where I was but I was still giving live updates every 15 minutes or so.  After an hour, I leaned down, touched the ground and said, “bone dry.”

If I had free time, I would… 

Travel with my family on ski trips, fishing trips.

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