Jeff Van Sant

Jeff Van Sant


I grew up all over the place — I was born in Phoenix, but grew up mainly in the Northwest and I now call Edmonds home. I started working in Great Falls, Mont., where I was a reporter, weather man and photographer. From there I took a job in Omaha, Neb., where I met my beautiful wife Sara.  I actually did a story there on miniature cows – yes, they do exist.

I am known around the newsroom for

My interest in all things military — I take a lot of pride in covering our military presence here.

My greatest TV moment…

This job is it can take you anywhere – and sometimes all over the world. At one time, I was embedded with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan for a month and it was a life changing experience. I saw how soldiers lived, I went on missions with them, I experienced combat, an ambush and the nerve-racking experience of finding and destroying IEDs. I met some amazing men and women over there and I’m happy to say many of them are my friends today.

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