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I have been a broadcast journalist and storyteller for more than a decade. I got my foot in the door by running audio at a TV station and I later got the chance to tell stories using video as a photographer. I then jumped in front of the camera to start reporting.
I’ve spent my career in my home state of Arkansas, but Seattle feels like home because my wife, Sydney, is from Oregon, so there are plenty of friends and family nearby.
I’m known around the newsroom as…
“The Guy from Arkansas,” and I take pride in that.
What keeps me going…
The opportunity to work with incredibly talented people who work hard to perfect their craft. A Christian from the Bible Belt, I always look for opportunities to serve people in need.
My greatest TV moment…
Winning an Edward R. Murrow Award.
TV moment I would like to forget…
I was caught on live television calling the Texas Rangers a “Sinking Ship”. The blooper lived in infamy online for several days and made lots of people laugh. I’m just glad I was able to laugh at myself too.
If I had free time I would…
Spend every minute of it with my family, out and about in the Evergreen State. Washington has to be one of the most beautiful places in the country, and I am so happy to call it home.
Contact me at tom@q13fox.com

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  • I-5 Traffic

    What can we do? Seattle traffic is getting much worse, new report says

    SEATTLE — An annual report by the state shows drive times around the Puget Sound continue to grow and roads are becoming more congested. The annual Corridor Capacity Report shows drive times in just the last few years are growing by a wide margin. Commuters driving their own vehicle from Everett to Seattle took 62 minutes on a regular basis back in 2011. In 2013, that same commute grew to 80 minutes. Drivers from Federal Way are also spending more […]

  • US Vice President Joe Biden (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

    VP Biden in Seattle to talk growing jobs but will stall traffic

    SEATTLE — Vice President Joe Biden  is in Western Washington for a speaking event in Renton and a private fundraising event in Seattle before he takes off later this afternoon from Boeing Field. Biden spent thee night at the Westin in downtown Seattle on Wednesday night. From there, he will head to Renton Technical College to talk about the importance of investing in our nation’s workforce and growing the economy. That event is at 11 AM. Then the VP is […]

  • Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

    Do you have a child care back up plan?

    SEATTLE — Child care experts say working parents need to find a back-up child care plan in the event of an early morning emergency to give them peace of mind that their children are in safe hands. Matt Eriksen and his wife both work odd hours and spend time with family when they can. They had a part-time nanny watching their children but issues kept popping up. Eriksen said, “Sometimes the nanny could just call at like 7:30 or 8 […]

  • KCPQ

    HARROWING ESCAPE: Massive apartment fire traps residents, forces some to jump from third story

    KENT, Wash. — Residents had to jump to safety from their third story window as a massive fire burned through a Kent apartment building early Friday morning at the Mosaic Hills Apartments in the 237000 block of 108th Avenue SE. Firefighters say ambulances had to transport two victims to the hospital who suffered injuries while jumping to safety. Kent Fire department spokesman Don Barbarie told Q13 FOX News that the fire broke out just after 2 a.m. and that when […]

  • i-5

    WSP to target trouble spots in effort to save lives

    SEATTLE — Washington State Patrol has identified a number of areas throughout the Puget Sound area where it is seeing a number of fatal and severe injury accidents so patrols will increase and troopers hope accidents will screech to a halt. Troopers say they have located a number of TEA zones. TEA stands for Traffic Enforcement Areas. WSP says staff members analyzed five years of crash and 911 call data. According to troopers, they noticed many coincidences on the locations […]

  • Ebola a world away, but on the minds of many in Seattle

    SEATTLE — A recent study shows four out of 10 Americans fear an Ebola outbreak in the U.S., putting air travel is under the microscope as the Centers for Disease Control tries to keep travelers from getting sick. Alicia Pera is taking a pilgrimage to Rome. She was in SeaTac recently, describing her excitement.  “I am so excited. I cannot wait. I`ve been looking forward to it for a long time,” Pera said. But the Ebola outbreak is not far from her […]

  • Some of the damage in Cabo.

    Area family describes ‘nightmare’ experience in Cabo when hurricane hits

    SEATTLE — Heather Villers hugged her mother as if she hadn’t seen her in years after returning from a horrific trip to Cabo that left them stranded without money, food and water. The Villers family had a wonderful couple of days at a resort in Cabo before Hurricane Odile hit landfall. The category three hurricane destroyed their hotel. The hotel had enough generator power to last only a few days and staff had left. The Villers’ and another family pooled […]

  • SPD Finalists

    Are the bad guys winning? Crime on the rise in Seattle, numbers show

    SEATTLE — Seattle Police released new findings on the number of reported crimes in Seattle. And they’re not good. While some crimes have fallen, statistics show many crimes are on the rise in the Emerald City, contributing to why some people say they don’t feel safe. Police say crime is up about 13 percent overall compared to 2013. So far in 2014, 29.554 crimes have been reported in Seattle. Police say homicides are up 21 percent, and aggravated assaults are up […]

  • Search and rescue crews gather to search for missing hiker

    Rescue crews find hiker missing overnight near Middle Fork Campground

    SEATTLE — The King County Sheriff’s Office said searchers found a hiker Monday who had been missing for 24 hours following a Sunday morning hike. The sheriff’s office spokesperson says they received a call to 911 around 8:30 Sunday night when a group of seven hikers said they lost track of one of their group members. KCSO ATV search crew spent six hours searching for the Seattle man, reportedly in his 40s, late last night and well into the morning but couldn’t […]