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I have been a broadcast journalist and storyteller for more than a decade. I got my foot in the door by running audio at a TV station and I later got the chance to tell stories using video as a photographer. I then jumped in front of the camera to start reporting.
I’ve spent my career in my home state of Arkansas, but Seattle feels like home because my wife, Sydney, is from Oregon, so there are plenty of friends and family nearby.
I’m known around the newsroom as…
“The Guy from Arkansas,” and I take pride in that.
What keeps me going…
The opportunity to work with incredibly talented people who work hard to perfect their craft. A Christian from the Bible Belt, I always look for opportunities to serve people in need.
My greatest TV moment…
Winning an Edward R. Murrow Award.
TV moment I would like to forget…
I was caught on live television calling the Texas Rangers a “Sinking Ship”. The blooper lived in infamy online for several days and made lots of people laugh. I’m just glad I was able to laugh at myself too.
If I had free time I would…
Spend every minute of it with my family, out and about in the Evergreen State. Washington has to be one of the most beautiful places in the country, and I am so happy to call it home.
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    Q13, WMW viewer tips lead Snohomish County detectives to vehicle, driver in brutal hit-and-run case

    CASE UPDATE February 11, 2016 — Snohomish County Detective Marc Lewis and his partner have located and impounded the vehicle that hit Scotty Becktell in Everett. Detectives say a tip from one of our viewers after we aired the video of the SUV on Q13 and Washington’s Most Wanted was extremely helpful in identifying it. They also located the driver of the vehicle at the time of the collision. He is cooperating with the investigation. Charges will be referred to […]

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    SEATTLE — Neighbors in a large section of Capitol Hill complain that commuters invade their streets, park in front of their homes all day and leave residents with no place to turn. Seattle Department of Transportation officials say they have heard multiple complaints on the issue and held a community meeting on Tuesday night. Jessica Ackers is a mother of an infant and said it’s hard to juggle her child and hunt for parking spots around her home every day. […]

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    BOTHELL, Wash. — The Washington State Department of Transportation says it will work with lawmakers on changes to the 405 toll lanes after almost a dozen legislators sent an email insisting on changes to the system. WSDOT spokeswoman Patty Rubstello said, “We knew that change was going to be hard and learning how the system works in the area people are in. And we know some people don’t like tolls at all.” Rubstello told Q13 News that access point changes […]

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    Searching the streets: How many people are homeless in King County?

    SEATTLE — Teams of volunteers searched the streets overnight to determine how many people are homeless in King County. The Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness  conducted a “One Night Count” early Friday morning and determined 4,505 people were without shelter.  Organizers say that’s up 19% from last year. “This is surely what an emergency looks like,” said Alison Eisinger, Executive Director of the Coalition on Homelessness. “We’re grateful for the significant attention and increased resources Mayor Murray and Executive Constantine have […]

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