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  • Girl calls 911 from back of SUV as parents overdose

    CINCINNATI, Ohio — A terrified Ohio girl had to call 911 from the backseat of an SUV after her parents overdosed on heroin. The call was made to a 911 dispatcher in Cincinnati last Saturday, WLWT-TV reported. “I’m scared,” the girl told the dispatcher. “I know you’re scared, but you’ll be o.k. It will be alright,” the dispatcher responded. The girl was unable to tell the dispatcher where she was – so they kept her on the phone until they […]

  • Mom’s Facebook post goes viral after 4-year-old suspended for shell casing

    COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – An Illinois mother is speaking out after administrators suspended her son for bringing a shell casing from a fired bullet to preschool. Hunter, 4, had been at the preschool for about a year, she said, and the incident brought him to tears.  From his perspective, he found something he thought was pretty neat and he took it to school Tuesday to show his friends, his mother, Kristy Jackson, said. She said neither she nor Hunter’s father knew that he had […]

  • Woman arrested after 3-year-old left in car shoots out window

    DELTONA, Fla. – Police arrested a Florida woman Monday after a toddler allegedly fired the woman’s loaded handgun inside her parked car, shattering a window. Abbie Maldonado, 30, left the 3-year-old in the back of the vehicle outside the Good Shepherd Academy, an elementary school in Deltona, so she could pick up her son, according to authorities. “Maldonado got out to walk around and left the boy unsecured in the back of the vehicle with the rear passenger door propped open so she could […]

  • Murder suspect said he came to New York City to kill black men, police say

    NEW YORK — Police say a man traveled from Baltimore to New York City with one thing in mind – to make a statement in the media capital of the world by killing black men. James Harris Jackson, 28, took a Bolt Bus on Friday to Manhattan, police said Wednesday. He found his victim Monday night  — Timothy Caughman, 66, who was rummaging through the garbage outside 462 Ninth Ave. when the suspect allegedly stabbed him. Caughman, bleeding heavily from multiple stab wounds, managed to […]

  • Supreme Court overturns Gorsuch ruling against student with disabilities

    By Meg Wagner Suing for the cost of private school While U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch answered questions about his judicial career during his Senate confirmation hearing on Wednesday, the justices whose ranks he hopes to join unanimously struck down a prior decision of his against a student with autism. All eight Supreme Court justices sided with a special-needs Colorado student Wednesday in the case Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District. Endrew’s parents sued his public school for the […]

  • This is probably why you will fall for a fake news story on Twitter

    By Ese Olumhense And the biggest indicator that a viral tweet is a hoax is… You’re most likely to be duped by a rumor or hoax on Twitter if the message shared has many retweets, a study published Wednesday found. Lots of retweets serve as a sort of “normative cue” for users to both trust and further share the info, Hyegyu Lee, PhD, and Hyun Jung Oh, PhD, researchers at two South Korean universities, found. And frequently retweeted tweets are […]

  • Trump labor pick Acosta grilled about deal with billionaire sex offender

    By Meg Wagner 40 alleged victims but only 13 months in prison President Donald Trump’s labor secretary nominee, Alexander Acosta, is facing criticism for what many see as him having once cut a deal with a billionaire accused of sexually abusing dozens of teenage girls, which allowed the man to serve just months in prison when he had been facing the possibility of life behind bars. Acosta, whose Senate confirmation hearing began Wednesday, was serving as a U.S. attorney in Miami when, […]

  • ‘If I’m not back by 6:00, come looking for me.’ Missing teen’s family shares her parting words

    MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. — It has now been 9 days since 15-year-old Mary Catherine Elizabeth Thomas disappeared. For Elizabeth’s family, her absence is excruciating. The last time anyone in her family saw Elizabeth Thomas, it was early Monday morning. She left with a somber warning. “She woke up her older sister and said ‘Hey I’m leaving, but if I’m not back by 6:00 come looking for me,'” Thomas’s sister-in-law Danielle Thomas told WHNT News 19. She said they didn’t even know anything […]

  • ‘Vicious gang of kids’ beat man with autism

    Viewer Discretion is advised: The graphic video may be difficult to watch RICHMOND, Va. – A young man with autism and his friend were viciously attacked and beaten as they walked home from a grocery store in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday. The whole attack was captured on camera. The victim said he hoped people who saw the video would recognize what he called “a vicious gang of kids.” “A bunch of kids just jumped him,” the victim’s father said. CBS […]

  • Firefighters make a dream come true for Walmart greeter

    EUREKA, Mo. – Christopher Echele has had a lifelong dream of being a firefighter.  The Eureka Fire Protection District in Missouri helped turn that dream into a reality Tuesday night. Echele uses a wheelchair and has been a greeter at Walmart for 25 years. Firefighters say he’s expressed a great deal of interest in firefighting.  That prompted several of the firefighters to coordinate a surprise with the store’s managers.  They arrived at the Eureka Walmart and made Echele an honorary […]